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News Medical abortions after seven weeks are now a felony in Texas

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Politics Gov. Greg Abbott's social media censorship law struck down in federal court

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Political Opinion I have been contemplating children, I will not have one until I move out of this state


We are at a point in our lives where we are ready to have children.

Now the new obstacle:moving out of Texas. I refuse to have a baby when it can put my life at risk or where I’m forced to give birth to a child with significant medical needs or suffering. The risk is too high. I hope these politicians realize what they’ve done when even fertile and willing women refuse to give birth in Gilead.

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News Federal judge blocks Texas social media “censorship” law

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Snapshots 67% of Texans want to legalize it. So why don't our senators? It's a good question...

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Snapshots Giant presidential heads in the storage yard of David Adickes Art Studio in downtown Houston, TX [OC]

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News Wag! Killed Our Dog and is Trying to Sweep it Under the Rug


If you or someone you know uses WAG! www.wagwalking.com please read.

This weekend my son was coming home to Arizona from Texas for the holiday weekend. He needed someone to care for his dog Bailey while gone so he went on WAG! and found a pet sitter that would keep Bailey at her home and care for her while he was gone. The sitter had good reviews and with the promise that WAG! would help in any instances of emergency, he felt confident he had secured a good place for Bailey to be cared for while he was gone. He dropped Bailey off on Wednesday evening and things seemed to be going well into Friday morning. The sitter stayed in communication with Jake, sending pictures and videos of Bailey on her walks. Friday evening WAGs corporate office called Jake to inform him that during a walk Bailey had somehow gotten away from the sitter and took off, Bailey ended up on the freeway somehow and was ran over, killing her. He was devastated. This was his baby, a dog he has had since he was 11yrs old. WAG! cut off Jakes communication with the sitter and wanted us to communicate only with them. We were then told that Bailey was still on the freeway and that WAG!was trying to find someone to recover her body for us. This was very confusing, I didn’t understand why Bailey wouldn’t have been removed from the roadway after the incident and taken to a vets office to await our decision as to what we wanted to do with her. We definitely wanted her to be cremated so that Jake could have her ashes. That was Friday evening, today (Monday) Bailey still has not been recovered from the freeway. This is devastating to us. The WAG! rep that is communicating with us has said there is no one willing to remove her from the roadway, the Dallas sheriffs office, animal control and department of sanitation have all refused to go retrieve her as of tonight. No one in a management position above the Rep I am communicating with have offered any solutions, they have effectively wiped their hands of the situation. This is infuriating to me! No ones beloved pet should be left laying on the roadway. We were promised a copy of the incident report detailing what happened and how Bailey was able to get free of the sitter. We have yet to get that report even though we’ve been promised it was being sent multiple times. Bailey would’ve been 11yrs old in January, she has arthritis in her legs and hips and she has never taken off while on walks. I would love to see the report and know truly what happened. I had to ask the WAG rep if Jake would be receiving a refund for the boarding services and only after asking was a refund request submitted. We both understand things happen that sometimes are beyond our control. Bailey getting free and being hit and killed could be one of those freak accidents. We understand that completely. What we don’t understand is the lack of action by WAG! to ensure a proper resolution to this incident. They claim on their website that they are there to help if any incidents or emergencies arrive while you pet is in the care of one of their endorsed pet sitters. This is certainly not the case. I was promised they were working on recovering Bailey and they would keep me updated but I have had to call daily to get updates only to be told they still haven’t found anyone willing to pick her up. Three days past her accident I am beginning to think we won’t get her back. This is heartbreaking for us all but especially for Jake. He had to fly home yesterday and go home to an empty apartment filled with Baileys toys and bedding. My point in all this is to let everyone know if you use the pet sitter, boarding or walking services you find on WAG! be mindful that if something happens to your pet WAG! will not be there to provide any assistance like they claim they do. I am sharing our tragedy to hopefully prevent other pet owners from suffering a similar situation as ours.

WAG! needs to be held accountable for their response and lack of action in this incident. Please feel free to share this post to get our story out there!

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Texas History Mark Cuban just bought a Texas ghost town with gruesome past

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Sports Go Coogs

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Food How great is our state and our store? Selling Barbacoa and big red kits.

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Moving to TX Fishing jobs?


I work excavating in Iowa. We get laid off once the ground freezes in December and don’t start back up again until March. Is it possible to get a fishing job down there that fits this time frame? Or any other job really. I’m partial to labor jobs.

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Moving to TX Why do Californians who move to Texas because of their failed politicians vote for same damn party in Texas? Especially in Austin.


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News How I-45 between Houston and Dallas became the nation's premier test track for driverless big rigs

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News Smokable hemp ban returns as Ken Paxton appeals to TX Supreme Court

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Texas History Fun fact: Grew up in Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas and attended Jefferson Davis Elementary


I never thought about the significance of the name of my elementary school until the events in the past couple of years when tearing down confederate era statues became a thing.

I love the security question for credit card websites “what was the name of your elementary school?” Of course I type in “Jefferson Davis”.

It’s even better when some customer support person asks me that question to verify who I am. I say “Jefferson Davis, do you know who he was?” They’ll usually say “not really” and I’ll respond, “He was the President of the Confederacy that tried to overthrow the United States during the Civil War.”

And then I’ll hear a long silence and then, “Uh, what is your father’s middle name?”

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Moving within Texas Freeport / Jackson Lake a good place to live?


Thinking of moving up the coast from Corpus to the Freeport / Jackson area. Any insight on areas to avoid or how it is living there?

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Snapshots My friend took this picture of the Baker Hotel in our hometown of Mineral Wells.

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Questions for Texans I’m trying to verify this information: Is it true Texans are being sent a “Chronic Condition or Critical Care Residential Customer Status” form in preparation of another possible winter storm?

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Weather Here’s What Lies Ahead For Texans This Winter

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News Texas Woman Wins Round One in Lawsuit Challenging SWAT Team’s Destruction of Her Home

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Questions for Texans Driving from Nola to LA this weekend. What’s the most scenic route to take across Texas?


I dabble in a bit of photography and I’m curious if there’s any good places to photograph be it landscape or architecture. I’m not in a hurry so I can take the back roads if needed.

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News update: Karen has been arrested

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License and/or Registration Question Renew driver's license by phone error?


I'm trying to renew my expired license by phone and after inputting all the information, it's telling me there's a technical difficulty in the system or something and tells me to try again later. My question is, is this temporary or just telling me that I'm not eligible to renew by phone?

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A very Texas car. Spotted in the suburbs of North Dallas.

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Political Opinion Texas corruption keeps getting worse…and I’m fed up


So today, here in San Antonio, we have new details of a major corruption case involving the local public utility, that happens to be owned by…well…the public. On top of that, we have so many examples of corrupt Republicans in the statehouse as well as corrupt and inept Democrats along many border communities, that I’ve just lost count.

I’m just sick and tired of this dual party system and would love to see this whole scheme burn down.

I’ll be voting for ANY third party that gets created that truly represents Texas values.