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Discussion All Space Questions thread for week of January 23, 2022


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In this thread you can ask any space related question that you may have.

Two examples of potential questions could be; "How do rockets work?", or "How do the phases of the Moon work?"

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Megathread James Webb Space Telescope Megathread - Deployment & Journey to Lagrange Point 2


This is the official r/space megathread for the deployment period of the James Webb Space Telescope. Now that deployment is complete, the rules for posting about Webb have been relaxed.

This megathread will run for the 29 day long deployment phase. Here's a link to the previous megathread, focused on the launch.


This morning, the joint NASA-ESA James Webb Space Telescope (J.W.S.T) had a perfect launch from French Guiana. Webb is a $10 billion behemoth, with a 6.5m wide primary mirror (compared to Hubble's 2.4m). Unlike Hubble, though, Webb is designed to study the universe in infrared light. And instead of going to low Earth orbit, Webb's on its way to L2 which is a point in space several times further away than the Moon is from Earth, all to shield the telescope's sensitive optics from the heat of the Sun, Moon and Earth. During this 29 day journey, the telescope will gradually unfold in a precise sequence of carefully planned deployments that must go exactly according to plan.

What will Webb find? Some key science goals are:

  • Image the very first stars and galaxies in the universe

  • Study the atmospheres of planets around other stars, looking for gases that may suggest the presence of life

  • Provide further insights into the nature of dark matter and dark energy

However, like any good scientific experiment, we don't really know what we might find!. Webb's first science targets can be found on this website.

Track Webb's progress HERE

Timeline of deployment events (Nominal event times, may shift)

L+00:00: Launch ✅

L+27 minutes: Seperatation from Ariane-5 ✅

L+33 minutes: Solar panel deployment ✅

L+12.5 hours: MCC-1a engine manoeuvre ✅

L+1 day: Gimbaled Antenna Assembly (GAA) deployment ✅

L+2 days: MCC-1b engine manoeuvre ✅

Sunshield deployment phase (Dec 28th - Jan 3rd)

L+3 days: Forward Sunshield Pallet deployment ✅

L+3 days: Aft Sunshield Pallet deployment ✅

L+4 days: Deployable Tower Assembly (DTA) deployment ✅

L+5 days: Aft Momentum Flap deployment ✅

L+5 days: Sunshield Covers Release deployment ✅

L+6 days: The Left/Port (+J2) Sunshield Boom deployment ✅

L+6 days: The Right/Starboard (-J2) Sunshield Boom deployment ✅

  • ⌛ 2 day delay to nominal deployment timeline

L+9 days: Sunshield Layer Tensioning ✅

L+10 days: Tensioning complete, sunshield fully deployed ✅

Secondary mirror deployment phase (Jan 5th)

L+11 days: Secondary Mirror Support Structure (SMSS) deployment ✅

L+12 days: Aft Deployed Instrument Radiator (ADIR) deployed ✅

Primary mirror deployment phase (Jan 7th - 8th)

L+13 days: Port Primary Mirror Wing deployment & latch ✅

L+14 days: Starboard Primary Mirror Wing deployment & latch ✅

L+14 days: Webb is fully deployed!!

L+29 days: MCC-2 engine manoeuvre (L2 Insertion Burn)

~L+200 days: First images released to the public

YouTube link to official NASA launch broadcast, no longer live

03/01/2022 Media teleconference call, no longer live - link & summary here

-> Track Webb's progress HERE 🚀 <-

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Milky Way and its meteors

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Timelapse of the Soyuz spacecraft docking with the International Space Station


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image/gif What should be the first words when we land on Mars.

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Timelapse of extensive northern lights shot by French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet

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image/gif One of my most detailed images of the Cygnus region of our galaxy, shot in Colorado under extremely dark skies!

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Four galaxies colliding and merging (N-body simulation)

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image/gif I captured the Atlas V Upper Stage Centaur Venting Propellant at 35,786 km away after its launch on Friday


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A small watercolor serie I did of Saturn visited by the « Cassini-Huygens probe »

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Scientists Discover Black Hole That’s Creating Stars Instead of Devouring Them

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image/gif The Pleiades

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image/gif I made a little James Webb

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image/gif Not my photo, but it was beautiful enough to share.

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image/gif The first Full Moon of this year 2022 [OC]

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image/gif A Space X Rocket Launch Below Orion the Hunter | Composite/Panorama

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Not coming out of black hole Hubble Captures a Black Hole That is Forming Stars, Not Absorbing Them

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image/gif "Ingenuity Looks West" (Mars)

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NASA upgrades its asteroid hazard software to use sunlight

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image/gif What gets left behind in the aftermath of a massive star's death explosion? This is the Vela supernova remnant - the shredded remains of a star that blew up over 11,000 years ago and left chaos in its wake. It's an image I captured over a few nights earlier this month from my backyard

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Last week I got to visit and use my university's 80 year old 1.22m telescope at the Asiago Astrophysical Observatory in northern Italy

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image/gif Ariane5 VA256 launching from Kourou on Christmas Day 2021 with JWST on-board.Image Credit:ESA

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image/gif A Martian Sunset. Perseverance Rover acquired this photo. NASA, JPL-Caltech, Kevin M. Gill, ASU

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image/gif Orion's Belt Region in Gas and Dust

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image/gif "The Reaper" (LDN 673, 684 Region) shot in LRGB

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An actual photo of Mars (6. January 2022) [Mars Express VMC]

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image/gif "This image of Titan was taken from the Huygens probe as it descended to the surface of the huge moon. The probe successfully landed at about 11:30 UTC on January 14, 2005." NASA, ESA, Daniel Macháček

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