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Psychology Parents and children who were separated under the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy have shown lasting psychological trauma -- even after being reunited

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Psychology 1 in every 8 polish parents (13.6%) said that if the could travel back in time, they would choose a life without children. % is significantly higher compared to countries where similar studies have been done- the US (7%) and Germany (8%). Disparity may be due to Poland's strict anti-abortion laws.

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Psychology Children are unsuspecting meat-eaters: More than a third of children in the US (aged 4-7) think cheese, bacon, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, shrimp, and hamburgers come from plants. According to a new study, nearly half of the children in this age-group also think French fries come from animals.

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Psychology Study finds conservatives with a need for chaos are more likely to share fake news

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Psychology New study shows that people who believe in astrology tend to be more narcissistic and less intelligent than those who do not believe; the researchers suggest the link may be “due to the self-focused perspective” at the core of both astrology and narcissism.

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Psychology Taxes on sugary drinks only reduce consumption if the price tags mention the tax, a new study shows. The findings suggest that price tags should mention the tax, but not the amount, because consumers tend to overestimate how much the tax is.

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Psychology New research (N=95) shows when people exercise with their romantic partner, compared to when exercising alone, they are more likely to experience positive emotions during exercise and during the day, and also experience more relationship satisfaction.

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Psychology Gay and bisexual men who move from a country with high stigma toward LGBTQ people to one more accepting of LGBTQ rights experience a significantly lower risk of suicide and depression, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. The study used data from 48 countries.

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Psychology Americans' love for individual billionaires affects their views on economic inequality -- and makes them less likely to support wealth taxes on the super-rich, a new study finds.

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Psychology Red wine induces psychological states characterized by bliss, a focus on the present moment, an enhanced fascination with one’s surroundings, and a softening of the differentiation between oneself and the environment when consumed in a tranquil environment, according to new research.

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Psychology New study: Conservatives feel more comfortable around non-mask wearers, especially if they are Asian

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Psychology People who eat meat (on average) experience lower levels of depression and anxiety compared to vegans, a meta-analysis found. The difference in levels of depression and anxiety (between meat consumers and meat abstainers) are greater in high-quality studies compared to low-quality studies.

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Psychology COVID-19 conspiracy theories thrive on social media platforms *except* Twitter. While engagement with Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Messenger were all associated with an increase in expressed conspiracy beliefs, engagement with Twitter was associated with a reduction in conspiracy beliefs.

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Psychology News avoidance during the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with better mental well-being

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Psychology A study of 1,035 mothers estranged from their adult children found that nearly 80% believed that an ex-husband or their son- or daughter-in-law had turned their children against them.

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Psychology Most people over 50 consider the ages of 30–34 to have been the best years of their lives.

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Psychology UK cohort study finds that people with lower cognitive ability show a higher probability of being vaccine hesitant.

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Psychology 55 out of 100 people with gender dysphoria who de-transitioned say they did not receive an adequate evaluation from a doctor or mental health professional before starting transition.

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Psychology Moral judgment condemning drug use and casual sex may be rooted in our genes. Those who have negative views regarding sexuality and drug use in a veneer of morality may, deep down, actually be looking out for their own reproductive strategy by shaming others in order to control the environment.

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Psychology Trust in social media linked to heightened susceptibility to COVID-19 conspiracy theories

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Psychology Trump’s presidency coincided with a rise in extreme mental distress among LGBT people, according to a massive new study. The increase in extreme mental distress among LGBT people was larger in states where Trump won.

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Psychology Psychedelics might reduce internalized shame and complex trauma symptoms in those with a history of childhood abuse. Reporting more than five occasions of intentional therapeutic psychedelic use weakened the relationship between emotional abuse/neglect and disturbances in self-organization.

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Psychology Brain scans of Black women who experience racism show trauma-like effects, putting them at higher risk for future health problems

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Psychology Meta-analysis estimates that 4.5% of the general population (or 1 in every 22 persons) is a psychopath. The prevalence of psychopathy in samples of men is more than twice than in those of women.

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Psychology Researchers showed infants 2 physics-defying events : toy passing through wall and toy hovering in mid air. Infants who stared longer at one event (at 11 months old) also stared longer at the other (at 17 mo). Time infants remained fixated predicted their explanation-based curiosity at 3 years old.

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