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Neuroscience Psilocybin therapy increases cognitive and neural flexibility in patients with major depressive disorder

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Neuroscience Scientists found repeatedly listening to personally meaningful music induced brain plasticity and improved cognitive function for patients with mild cognitive impairment and early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

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Neuroscience Hexadecanal, a molecule excreted by humans, found in abundance on the scalps of babies, sparks behavioral changes in adults who are exposed to it. In women, the molecule decreases connectivity in parts of the brain associated with social decision making, but increases connectivity in males.

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Neuroscience Children who are diagnosed with autism before 2 and a half years of age show greater gains in their social skills, on average, than children who are diagnosed later, according to a new study. The findings underscore the importance of referring children for early intervention.

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Neuroscience A research team found that men who had boxed in their youth were twice as likely to have Alzheimer's-like impairment as those who had not boxed. It was also linked to an earlier onset of dementia by about five years

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Neuroscience Big data study suggests the human brain navigates by taking the “pointiest path” rather than the shortest path

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Neuroscience A brain imaging study found evidence that missing out on math education can alter neural development. Young adults who had chosen not to pursue math had lower levels of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid within the middle frontal gyrus when compared to students who were continuing math.

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Neuroscience Scientists discover potential cause of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Neuroscience Study: Eating a diet rich in fish had the greatest protective effect on people younger than 75 years old. Healthy older people who eat two or more servings of fish a week, including salmon, tuna and sardines, may have a lower risk later in life of developing vascular brain disease.

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Neuroscience The mushroom-derived psychedelic compound psilocybin reduced alcohol-seeking behavior in a rodent model of alcohol use disorder, likely through an effect on mGluR2 receptors.

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Neuroscience The social isolation and reduction in physical activity caused by COVID-19 lockdowns appear to have negatively impacted brain metabolism, according to new neuroimaging research from France.

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Neuroscience Antibodies designed to destroy old cells could help slow down aging process according to researchers

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Neuroscience By two months, 50% of infants begin to appreciate humor, researchers report. 50% of infants being to produce humor at 11 months. Children under one appreciate auditory, physical, and visual humor. Two-year-olds appreciate humor based on language development.

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Neuroscience Millions of people take selfies with their smartphones or webcams to share online. Now researchers have developed software that can predict with remarkable accuracy whether a person who takes a selfie is likely to develop Parkinson’s disease—as reliably as expensive, wearable digital biomarkers.

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Neuroscience This Is Your Brain Under Anesthesia - "For the first time, researchers were able to observe, in extra-fine detail, how neurons behave as consciousness shuts down."

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Neuroscience Four weeks on a diet of highly processed food led to a strong inflammatory response in the brain & behavioral signs of memory loss in aging rats, a study found. Supplementing the diet with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA prevented memory problems & reduced the inflammatory effects almost entirely.

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Neuroscience Landmark study shows one dose of psilocybin induces new neural connections

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Neuroscience Next generation of deep brain stimulation aims to tackle depression - "Case studies spotlight personalized approaches to tweaking brain circuits"

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Neuroscience Research has found if your diet is loaded with pro-inflammatory foods, you may be up to three times more likely to experience memory loss and issues with language, problem-solving and other thinking skills as you age

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Neuroscience Studying at university in later life slows cognitive decline: A long‐term prospective study

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Neuroscience Researchers in France have found a link between eating more fish and a lower risk of vascular brain disease. People who consumed fish as a regular part of their diet had a lower risk of vascular brain disease, a condition that can lead to stroke or dementia.

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Neuroscience Jellyfish have more complicated mental lives than we imagined. A new study in Cell used transgenic jellies to probe nervous system function, and found a surprising degree of organization for a critter without a brain.

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Neuroscience How neighborhoods may protect the cognitive health of older Americans. Those who had access to intellectually stimulating places such as museums, higher education campuses and libraries had about a five-year difference in cognitive age compared to those who had little to no access to such places.

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Neuroscience An analysis of data from 1.5 million people has identified 579 locations in the genome associated with a predisposition to different behaviors and disorders related to self-regulation, including addiction and child behavioral problems.

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Neuroscience Psychedelics effect on depression have an epigenetic basis, study shows

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