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Canine hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention share similar demographic risk factors and behavioural comorbidities with human ADHD Animal Science


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u/maxfortitude Oct 18 '21

This is funny because I remember a guy talking about having two hunting dogs on here, one of which was absolutely useless as such if he didn’t let it run amuck in the woods for an hour before he expected it to do anything worthwhile.

As a human with adhd, I really related to that dog.


u/NextTrillion Oct 18 '21

I spend a lot of time in the bush. Can relate as well.

I also come across a lot of healthy, happy pups running down the trails.


u/CunningHamSlawedYou Oct 18 '21

This is how productive my morning is:

Arrive at work. Clock in. Clock out 5 minutes later to have a smoke. Clock back in, clock out to have breakfast. Clock in. Bathroom break.

On the other hand, I gain incredible momentum towards noon and in the last part of the day I outperform everyone. Gotta get the groove in first, though.


u/kippertie Oct 18 '21

I don’t know if I have ADHD or not but I really resonate with a lot of stories from people who do. My two solutions to this morning futzing are 1) exercise before work to get the wiggles out, and 2) leave some work unfinished from the day before, so that I have something to jump straight into.


u/CunningHamSlawedYou Oct 18 '21

Solid techniques. The issue is that I work irregular hours, and as considerate as my boss is I often end up closing at night and then starting in the morning the very next day. I'd have to cut sleep to get exercise in due to how much of my time is eaten by commute.


u/Tarquin-Lim-Pin-Bin Oct 18 '21 edited Oct 18 '21

The lack of attention element is interesting. Left alone dogs clearly suffer. Very interesting read. My dog spends 24/7 with me and is astonishingly calm and collected and never trained, rather just learned to fit in with my schedule. Mixed breed female. Her level of focus and ability to communicate constantly amazes me. I use eye movement to give commands that I never taught her. I guess all animals have intelligence we underestimate en mass. Dogs are expert mind readers no doubt about it.


u/SacredGay Oct 18 '21

I was recently wondering if it's possible for a dog to be diagnosed with adhd. I had a moment of reflection where I was wondering if my dog at full mental capacity had mental advantages over me with ADHD disabilities. And honestly, when it comes to what her context gives her and her goals I think she is more mentally capable than I am.


u/ZSpectre Oct 18 '21

Haha, I can't wait to see a similar study on cats. I've been wondering if mine have something like or if it's just "normal" for cats in general.


u/Semi-Pro_Biotic Oct 18 '21

Makes me wonder if it's more of a feature than a disorder.