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Spillover Effects of Scandals on Exits from the Catholic and Protestant Churches in Germany: Sexual abuse and financial scandals in the Catholic Church contributed to increased exit rates not just of Catholics but of Protestant Church members as well Social Science


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u/officialbigrob Oct 17 '21

This may come as a surprise, but sexual predators, cover ups, and hypocrisy about the whole thing is kind of widespread and not limited to any one sect of Christianity.


u/iamnotableto Oct 17 '21 edited Oct 19 '21

It's widespread wherever secrecy and lack of meaningful oversight exists.


u/N8CCRG Oct 17 '21

It's not even limited to religion. It just seems to be a natural feature of some organizations, and I don't think I'll ever understand it.


u/bust-the-shorts Oct 17 '21

Luther complained about this centuries ago


u/Maennerbeauftragter Oct 18 '21

Leaving in 2 days too. Too much money for my taste. Their tax is really expensive.


u/dukeofmadnessmotors Oct 17 '21

Removing the hold superstition has over people is a good thing.


u/merlinsbeers Oct 17 '21

Is "exiting" correlated with "realizing it's a scam?"


u/umataro Oct 18 '21

People in Germany exit to stop financing the Church. Most of them would still go to church and consider themselves Catholic. However, if you're "officially" Catholic, you pay to Church (by law).


u/KanadainKanada Oct 18 '21

However, if you're "officially" Catholic, you pay to Church (by law).

While true - church taxes are 100% deductibles. So - you pay taxes either way ;)


u/Amogus_Bogus Oct 18 '21

What do you mean?


u/KanadainKanada Oct 18 '21

Let's say you have income to pay taxes on. So maybe 500$ income tax. But you pay 200$ church tax and thus you only need to pay 300$ income tax.

(This is very, very much a simplification and depending on your income it won't be 1:1 but for 'normal incomes' it pretty much boils down to this)


u/nosnowtho Oct 18 '21

Biggest pedofile club in the world