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A microRNA signature that correlates with cognition and is a target against cognitive decline Neuroscience


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u/TheManInTheShack Oct 17 '21

So they can identify people who are young and will be at greater risk for Alzheimer’s via a blood test and have a treatment that works in animal models.

Sounds promising.


u/burtzev Oct 17 '21

Hopefully it pans out. The quest for the Holy Grail of a blood test for Alzheimers has been ongoing for some time, and several hopeful avenues have come to a dead end.


u/zerooskul Oct 17 '21

"...is a target against cognitive decline."

What do these words mean?


u/burtzev Oct 17 '21

I would say that it is a hope that they can identify a molecular pathway that can be 'targetted' such that therapy can prevent said decline. Yes, I'll agree it is clumsily worded.


u/f4dyguy Oct 17 '21

miRNAs are so awesome. With right sets of miRNA bio markers and a simple qPCR machine you can do soooooo much


u/Ilovegoodnugz Oct 17 '21

That sounds like the sales pitch for theranos


u/Ok-Kaleidoscope-5289 Oct 17 '21

Theranos was not wrong, just not being honest about quality issues and actual progress