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Warm milk makes you sleepy — peptides could explain why Medicine


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u/Successful-Grape416 Oct 17 '21

This explains why I often dream about eating a cellular peptide cake.


u/craigerator Oct 17 '21

Came here for the TNG reference; was not disappointed. Enjoy that mint frosting.


u/spilledLemons Oct 17 '21

Is it proven that warm milk makes you sleepy?


u/mycatiskai Oct 17 '21

My first year psychology teacher said milk helps you sleep but warm milk makes you cozy and sleepy.


u/EatYourGodDamnGreens Oct 18 '21

My intro psych instructor also said this in a lecture about two weeks ago, so I can second that.


u/mycatiskai Oct 18 '21

My teacher said it 20 odd years ago. I wonder if it is in a teaching manual or something they all read and it is still in circulation.


u/freon Oct 18 '21

It was a TV staple cliche as far back as the 40s and 50s that someone with insomnia could be found in the kitchen in the middle of the night stirring a saucepan of milk on the stove. Even then it was considered an old fashioned home remedy.


u/well_hung_stable_boy Oct 18 '21

Anecdotal evidence from my late great grandmother, and great great grandmother. They would have a glass of warm milk at bedtime every night. As a 10 year old back in the 1960s this seemed to be a crime against nature.