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Literally shaking rn

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Selfie I got myself a trans flag I love it!!!!!! 💙💖🤍💖💙

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A GOOD MEME (rage comic, advice animals, mlg) S o c i e t y

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Cowherd: “To me, the MVP officially goes to Jokic now. You gotta be able to show up in a big game. The Sixers chose the playoffs…and it’s a regular season award. Sorry. Nobody said it’s Embiid’s fault. It’s Embiid’s reality”


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DISCUSSION Is Henry Cavill overrated as Superman?

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Discussion This Sub has lost its purpose


This sub is useless and unusable now, full of Messi fans (not PSG fans, they're fans of one player, they have no team to follow) being toxic and just being obnoxious fanboys just saying whatever (outside of licking Messi they don't post about anything else)

This sub has become shit and it will be shit until Messi leaves PSG of course (probably happened in the barca subs as well as the United sub when CR7 went there, the fans of these two are parasites). I think most real PSG fans would agree with me. Just let's join the PSG French sub or create anoter one for the anglophones real fans/supporters

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Guys now really think being a misogynist is cool

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NRA convention protest?

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I saw this billboard yesterday and haven’t stopped being pissed off thinking about it. How many kids have to die before something changes. I don’t even mean in school shootings exactly. I mean, how many kids are killed by guns that aren’t properly stored etc. I just feel tired and hopeless. America has a gun fetish. I think Indy letting the NRA have their conference here is a bad look. Advertising 14 acres of ~gUnS n’ gEaR~in the face of all these mass killings is gross. I plan on protesting outside the conference on 4/14 @ 10a.m. if anyone wants to join!

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Meme [ALL] How it feels being a long time fan right now

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Discussion Adrenaline should not be lost when signing


This sucks and usually leads to death. Please let us keep adren when signing Jagex.

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Sub Meta Yall are driving away new players and hyped people


I get it, you don't like the nerfs, but c'mon there's so much to be excited about

Let people have fun and at least try the patch before calling it garbage

EDIT: apparently this post got me into /r/ControversialClub by being one of the most controversial on reddit this hour. "Just try the patch before calling it garbage" is now an incredibly controvesial take on this sub, lmao

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If the homeless face no legal action here like many talk about, do you face any if you defend yourself from them?


I was smoking a blunt while walking around at night yesterday, and 3 methhead-looking guys walked up asking for a lighter. One of them was holding a crackpipe and I said I didn't have one on me because I've seen how long methheads hold the flame while lighting and I didn't wanna waste lighter fluid. His hand also had cuts and bruises or something and I didn't wanna risk getting STD-infected blood on my lighter. They said it was obvious I had one because I was smoking something, and I said I blazed at a friend's place and someone else gave me the lit blunt. They then started berating me and I responded, and then they said "shutup bitch" to my female friend while she was trying to deescalate and I reflexively told them to stfu or I'd fuck them up.

One of the guys then charged at me and I kicked his chest to send him falling backwards, then a second guy tried swinging and I dodged and right-hooked him. I then walked away while turning around occasionally to make sure they weren't following us, they were talking shit but didn't do anything more so we left peacefully.

I realize it was to stupid to engage with them and they could've had knives or guns, but if they report me would the police arrest me for assault? I've already been to jail a couple of times in BC and really don't wanna go back, especially not somewhere like Calgary where there aren't many brown guys like me and the guards might be racist and make my life hell in there. I was trying to be polite with them at first, but started getting heated because in my experience people like them typically take it as a sign of weakness when they get aggressive and you don't respond back, especially when they're tweaked out. I didn't wanna get robbed or risk my friend getting hurt.

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Anyone else interested in going?

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LILLEY: Trudeau Liberals now blaming $6,000 per night hotel costs on RCMP


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[CANON] No: "Somehow Palpatine Returned" doesn't undermine Vader's Redemption...


...because Vader's choice to Return to the Light and become Anakin Skywalker again had no bearing on whether Palpatine lived or died.

There's an all-too-common take online that I fundamentally disagree with, and today I am going to address it... WITH TIMESTAMPS!

The take goes something like this:

"The return of Darth Sidious undermines Vader/Anakin's decision to kill him, because now that choice has no consequence."

or, even more extreme:

The rise of the First Order undermines Vader/Anakin's decision to institute the New Republic, because now that choice has no consequence."

There's a problem with these positions, though... they ascribe way more impact to Vader's choice than it ever originally had.

Let's rewind to Return of the Jedi. Luke surrenders to the Empire on Endor for two reasons:

  1. He fears that his presence will lure Vader to the Rebels, and endanger the mission.
  2. He hopes he can convince his Father to defect.

The moment he leaves the Rebel Pathfinder group, he has achieved objective 1.

He has full faith that his friends will down the shield, and destroy the Death Star. HIS DIALOGUE MAKES THIS CLEAR.

After his surrender, the stakes of his actions are PURELY PERSONAL. He might redeem Vader, save his own life, the life of his father, or he might not... but he won't impact the mission. He cannot. Nothing he does from that point until the end of the film has ANY IMPACT on galactic politics. It's all personal stakes. When Vader elects not to take Luke's initial offer, Luke accepts that he will die, his father will die, and that there will be no redemption.

But what about the Emperor himself, I hear you ask?

He'd have died anyway. He makes it 100% clear that he had no intention of leaving, nobody could or would tell him that the situation has changed, and the space station he is standing in was about to turn into rubble.

1 hour, 32: minutes: Luke tells the Emperor, in explicit terms, that both of them will soon be dead.

"Soon, I'll be dead, and you along with me."

The emperor disagrees, citing the legion of troops on Endor, and the operational nature of the Death Star.

Crucially... if he doesn't learn that this is incorrect with enough time to leave, he's going to die. The explosion will kill him.

I'll repeat that.

If the Emperor had not left the Death Star before it exploded, he would have died no matter what Vader did or didn't do.

So, the question then becomes: would he have left?

I argue that he would not have.

As Luke rightly points out (again, this is all EXPLICIT DIALOGUE):

"Your overconfidence is your weakness"

The emperor has absolute faith in his soldiers, his ships, his weapons. He is sure they cannot fail him. So sure, in fact, that he never indicates any plan to leave. So sure that he conducts his attempted conversion of Luke aboard the very structure that is under attack.

1 hour, 55 minutes: the shield generator explodes. Lando IMMEDIATELY realises the shield is down, and so, presumably, does everyone else with functioning sensors. The Emperor? He continues to speak slowly and calmly (albeit with notable contempt), and chooses a very slow and tortuous method to kill the unarmed and defenceless enemy before him.

He either does not know that the shield is down, meaning that his underlings have orders not to disturb him, which is plausible, as he sent even his guards away (technically, it's possible that they could tell him, but refuse to, for fear of his retribution; I think this is possible, given how scared Jerjerrod was of him); or he knows and doesn't care! In either case, there's no indication that he was going to do anything different!

1 hour, 57 minutes: Vader turns on, and kills, his master.

1 hour, 58 minutes: Rebel ships actually enter the superstructure. If ever there was a time to alert the Emperor, it would be now. And yet... no alarms in the Throne room.

1 hour, 59 minutes, 42 seconds: Luke and his dying father have left the throne room. Tie Pilots are scrambling everyone is at battle-stations, but there are still unattended shuttles. This is not a full evacuation. There has not been a call to Abandon Ship, because they are able to have a full conversation before Anakin finally dies... and nobody pushes past them, or tells them to board the shuttle. The Empire is still fighting, the people aboard the Death Star DO NOT EXPECT TO DIE.

Luke -alone- recognises the need to leave, because he has, as the Emperor puts it:

"faith in [his] friends"

Luke believes the Alliance will destroy the Death Star, but nobody else, including (especially?) the Emperor does.

And... that's it.

2 hours, 3 minutes: The explosive shockwave from the Death Star's reactor reaches the surface. Anyone still aboard is dead.

Palpatine was going to die there no matter what. Had Vader allowed him to torture Luke to death, Darth Sidious would have sat in his throne cackling for six minutes until the resulting shockwave turned his bones to splinters and ruptured his stomach.

Vader's last words to his son were purely personal. No "here is how you should run the new Galactic Government", or even "here's how you should run the Jedi Order".

"Balancing the Force" meant redeeming himself and saving his son's life, not killing his master or replacing the Empire with the New Republic, because THOSE THINGS WOULD HAVE OCCURED ANYWAY.

Thanks to Vader, his child lived a full lifespan.

Thanks to Vader, the ideology of the Jedi triumphed, and the prophecy was fulfilled.

Thanks to Vader, sinners found hope of atonement, and the new regime was one built on an ideal of mercy.

None of that was undone by the First Order, or the cloning experiments on Exegol.

But to act as if the events of the sequels undermined Vader's sacrifice is to ascribe to them entirely too much weight!

That story thread in RotJ was a personal and spiritual one. It NEVER had direct astropolitical consequences!

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Feedback The self revive not being automatically replaced is bullshit.


Just died and lost a game because I forgot to equip my second self revive. Can we all agree that this mechanic would be better if it auttomatically put itself there?

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Discussion Swifties, we need to talk about the complaining.


For a long time now I have been seeing all of the top comments on Taylor Nation’s social media in posts about her accomplishments. I will not name any names, and please do not try to find these people if you get offended by them, but these are some of the quotes from the top comments within the past week:

  • “she needs to speak now”
  • “every time you post i think it will be intentional your dates and i'm wrong every time”
  • “I'm only voting if Hits Different is released Friday 😭”
  • “Latin America is not in its Eras Era
  • “dont be shy announce international dates”
  • “being the argumentative, antithetical dream boy that i am, it'd hit extremely different if we had a certain song out on streaming platforms this week.🤓”
  • “If she doesn’t release Hits Different I’m going to unfollow”
  • “petition for hits different to be released on spotify its been way too long”
  • “Okay cool but we NEEEEED International tour dates! We really need them 🥹”
  • “Do you know who loves listening to Taylor on playlists? International swifties be we don't have tour dates </3”
  • “Taylor needs to drop speak now, 1989, and reputation now it’s getting so annoying”
  • “I NEED Taylor to sing some more songs from debut it’s ridiculous”
  • “hey taylor nation I have a great idea to tell Taylor how abt she announces speak now tv 😍💜”

I get it, we all want more content from Taylor, we all love her, I would love it all to come out at once, but we need to stop berating her comment section. She is performing 44+ songs with full dances, no breaks, multiple nights in a row, for multiple weeks. In the past three years, she has released five entire albums (folklore, evermore, Red (TV), Fearless (TV), and Midnights), and many singles. Taylor is working her booty off and she deserves some more credit. I know it comes out of love, but that shouldn’t be every single comment. Congratulate her when she releases songs like AOTGYLB instead of asking for more, don’t say you’ll only vote if she releases what you what, and don’t whine that she didn’t pick your favorite song when she performed for three hours with little to no breaks. Over half of the comments are like this, it’s getting ridiculous. Show some respect for our queen.

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Controversial Why did Nato Bomb Serbia so brutally, and has NATO ever issued an apology?


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Discussion Hot take: Chris is right about Ruthless being a better experience for new players.


Disclaimer: I always regret posting here because regardless of what side of a discussion I take it gets mass downvoted but what the hell, doesn't mean I shouldn't share an opinion right? So here it is.

One of my best friends is not a PoE guy, but we've tried playing the game together multiple times and he had some fun with it. When Ruthless came out I figured it was an excentric enough idea to share with him so I showed him the patch and explained how it's a game mode that drop 90% less items, has no movement skills, no bench crafts, no this, no that, much less of both this and that.

He looked at me and said: Oh, that sounds a lot easier, I think I'd probably like that a lot.

At first I was pretty shocked at his conclusion about a game mode that's so ridiculous and punishing but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. As long time PoE players we've learned through years of experience to make best use of the ginormous amount of mechanics and content in the game, but for a new player that's all just fodder that complicates everything. A new player is never gonna mix smoke bomb, flame dash and onslaugh to fly through act 1 at macht speeds, or think about how they're gonna "get this item from legion, this from a chayula breachstone then unlock this craft and find this base to do this thing". All of that is just a bunch of complicated mumbo jumbo that makes things more complex than a fresh experience can handle at once.

As much as Ruthless decreases player power by taking away a lot of the tools the normal game has, the simplicity that comes with that greatly reduces the amount of "brain malfunction" people tend to get when first trying out path of exile, and is bound to be way less overbearing than the base game.

Another way to look at it is, the ruthless playstyle actually resonates a lot more with the way new players approach the game - taking their time, clearing mobs, looting every item that drops and reading the stats on each item, then moving on to right clicking more monsters. To seasoned players that's a limitation of the things they can do, but to new players that's just what they were gonna be doing in the first place. It also makes it so that when they eventually move to the base game, they can appreciate all the cool things available and have a more full experience of the power fantasy in path of exile. Think of a kid with rich parents who gets a sports car with his driver license, just to crash it into a tree.

I know this is gonna be a very unpopular opinion but hopefully some people will be willing to discuss the topic and try to think about how different a new player's experience in PoE is compared to ours.

r/pathofexile 5h ago

Sub Meta Overreaction much?

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[TRIGGERED] As one of the Ukrainian viewers, I happened to remember people who run around defending russian invasion of Ukraine on russian state propaganda channels. And now on H3 podcast.

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Discussion What if these advanced craft are highly sophisticated holograms or projections?


I know i'll get immediate pushback on this, if it's not already a well known or dismissed theory.
Apologies if this is an old topic.

I'm not proposing that we're living in a holographic universe or simulation, although that's certainly plausible as well. What I mean to say is that these craft that appear to break all known laws of physics are advanced massless projections/holograms accompanied by unique special effects that are used to make the illusion work. It's essentially a magic trick, but one that uses technology far beyond anything we're known to have. I'd argue that the same entities behind this illusion have been doing similar things for a very long time.
This idea came to mind after hearing about the Pentagon UFO Mothership report that outlines the implausibility of craft that can exceed our known laws of the universe. What sort of craft can break the sound barrier without causing a sonic boom? One without mass. How can a craft accelerate and stop on a dime, then hover indefinitely? This would be simple with a projection. What about all the countless times that these craft have shown up on radar? There's probably several ways to trick radar, but one method is that they simply take control of the electronics and force it to display whatever they like. There's several reports of pilots claiming that they lost control of their ship and something else took over while all the electronics went offline or didn't respond. It's not a stretch to assume that they could also just target the radar. If that's too implausible, there are likely other known radar deceiving methods which we're not privy to.
What about the massive UFO that left a hole in the clouds after it ascended? There's many ways to do this as well, it's already assumed that these craft possess nimbus manipulation tech. Besides that, something simpler would be a device floating in the clouds that pushes the clouds out into a perfect circle.
Radiation exposure? This can be targeted from a distance, it's technology known to exist.
What about craft that people claim to have had physical interaction with or were seen crashing? These may be the ones that actually exist, but don't have the same flight capabilities that break physics. These craft could be the projectors that make the impossible happen.

Or maybe this is all wrong and our understanding of physics and the universe is flawed and these craft are actually doing these things that appear impossible. I believe our understanding of the universe actually is flawed - we don't have a theory of everything, we don't know what dark matter/energy are, or how to manipulate them, and we've certainly not found every possible use for exotic elements and metamaterials. There's so much more we don't know, it may outweigh what we do know. The Dunning-Kruger effect is very strong when it comes to this topic in the field of science.

Assuming they are projections, why trick us? I don't know, but it would certainly make the owners of these craft appear to be far more capable in flight technology than they actually are.

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Image I got level 1000 a 2nd time on this game, my stats could be better :)

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Creative Nieve in the gnome stronghold - created from making my own model with mostly ingame screenshots and then photoshop by hand

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Discussion Data Nullifier Encounter is Unfun, Unfair, and Poorly-designed


I was okay with Neomuna and other legend+ difficulty setting, but Data Nullifier on Legend Avalon is an absolute nightmare and can only be compared to pre-nerf Reckoning bridge encounter.

The issues with this encounter are:

  1. Adds and snipers everywhere (snipers can go immune as well)
  2. Time limit
  3. Punishes the player for playing the objective (wyverns shooting you in the pit)
  4. Powerful enemies designed to mess up the player actions (wyverns, again)
  5. Physics on the data motes that causes them to go all over the place
  6. Server latencies that causes to just walk over the motes
  7. Buff/Debuff UI that hides the number of motes you currently hold
  8. Animation differences between depositing full motes vs. partial motes
  9. Bullet sponge boss
  10. The encounter set is motes/motes/boss/motes/motes/boss

1, 2, 3, and 4 are literal reincarnation of the bridge encounter from the Reckoning and power cap on Legend is basically glass but worse.

This encounter has so many questionable design choices. Why are we being punished for playing the objective? I deposited the motes, but if I evacuate into the pit I get bombarded by the wyverns. Ok cool, so I am supposed to get in there at around 5 seconds left? Oh well, the wyvern just kicked you off course and now you are out of time.

One of the worst design choice is to put the boss between the mote phases. The boss is just a giant hydra with metric fuck ton of health. The boss also spawns all the harpies in the town as well. After you get the boss to 60%, you gotta to that stupid mote phase again. Oh you died during the 4th mote phase? Too bad, start over from the beginning.

Once you get stuck in this encounter, it gets more unfun and even more infuriating. It's not better with other players as well. The boss is so tanky that it will take an eternity to take the boss down.

This encounter needs these changes:

  1. You can call for the data deletion early (add a button for that in the pit)
  2. Make it four phases of mote collection and then the hydra fight (no immune phases)
  3. Remove physics on the motes