r/oddlyspecific Dec 02 '22

Got mad mid-listing

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u/HeroOfHearts Dec 02 '22

This is peak comedy.


u/tisnik Dec 02 '22

We actually had the last situation here in our house... New young couple came here, he had his own son, she had her own daughter.

The guy was extreme perfectionist, he made the owner fix the things that even didn't need to be fixed. It took two weeks to make the apartment as perfect as he wanted.

After cca 10 days they lived here, she broke up with him via SMS, he was left to pay the entire huge rent for this 4 room apartment and he eventually moved out too... They didn't last even one month.


u/No_Statement440 Dec 02 '22

Sounds like my kind of landlord, I didn't want the fucking place anyway you old coot, now when I can move my shit in?


u/fireandicequartz Dec 02 '22

I laughed my ass off reading this hahaha


u/Mario_cy_83 Dec 02 '22

But I want to rent it