r/oddlyspecific Dec 01 '22

Skrillex? In 2022?

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u/Cayowin Dec 01 '22

This repost is so old it was made in 2010


u/non_stop_disko Dec 01 '22

Yeah but I’m still laughing at skrillex boy


u/Kikmi Dec 01 '22

Its a desperate attempt for some xmas internet points *shrug*


u/big_papa_geek Dec 01 '22

Not sure why you woke up this morning and decided to to be mean on the internet, but 😐👍🏼


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

That’s okay sweetheart just ignore them it was funny :)


u/big_papa_geek Dec 01 '22

I mean this all seriousness…how is this a repost? I can’t find any evidence of it on this sub.


u/Cayowin Dec 01 '22

Dude, you mentioned in your title the date "In 2022?"

I just brought it up that - no its not from 2020, this image is from around 2010 when skrillex was big. If this image was made now that would be like "hey thats a lot of weeknd"


u/big_papa_geek Dec 01 '22

The joke was about listening to his music in 2022.


u/RonamusMaximus Dec 01 '22

I genuinely don't understand people's hatred for reposts. If it's something I've seen before, I ignore it. If it's something I've never seen, who cares if its a repost, its new to me.

Just like I don't care if something is fake or if someone is "karma farming". Did it make me laugh or start a conversation? Then why do we care about its authenticity?

Just enjoy it, or ignore it.


u/VanillaCookieMonster Dec 02 '22

Agreed. Except when it it the 10+th time I've seen it in 24 hours. Then it gets annoying... and I start downvoting the reposts.


u/No_Statement440 Dec 02 '22

Is anything original anymore anyway? I fully agree with you as I don't scour the internet looking at everything, a lot of this stuff is new to me and I still find it amusing. I'm also not going to research to find out if it is a repost lol.


u/IJustAteABaguette Dec 01 '22

r/repostsleuthbot can probably help with finding reposts


u/IJustAteABaguette Dec 01 '22

Woops, I meant u/repostsleuthbot


u/RepostSleuthBot Dec 01 '22

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u/IJustAteABaguette Dec 01 '22

Well, I guess it isn't on this sub


u/New-Ad-5003 Dec 01 '22

I mean, definitely fake


u/tevocabral Dec 01 '22

Skillex is old but gold