r/oddlyspecific Nov 30 '22

Ikea has bags I thought they only sold furniture

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u/Known-Advance-7352 Nov 30 '22

I love these bags! In the UK almost every household has one to carry laundry, spare blankets, camping equipment etc


u/arthurdentstowels Nov 30 '22

I came here to say the same thing. They’re as prevalent as the two gallon Sports Direct mugs.


u/Imtryingforheckssake Nov 30 '22

So useful for moving house.


u/BillyBobBarkerJrJr Nov 30 '22

Well, furniture and skeletons.


u/The_JokerGirl42 Nov 30 '22


u/Lil_Jazzy Nov 30 '22



u/The_JokerGirl42 Nov 30 '22

so tell me what's "oddly specific" about this to make it fit the sub?


u/thmonline Nov 30 '22

It’s oddly specific to mention that it’s I-K-E-A bags. Like that’s the information that’s relevant for the topic. Woman finds IKEA bags. Oh, and there is unimportant stuff in them.


u/The_JokerGirl42 Nov 30 '22

i don't think that's oddly specific. had it been "found in half torn, but still usable IKEA bags that were sprinkled with wall paint", that would've been oddly specific.


u/thmonline Nov 30 '22

That’ll be even more oddly specific! I like it!


u/The_JokerGirl42 Dec 01 '22

"even more" something can't be "even more" oddly specific than something that isn't oddly specific at all.


u/thmonline Dec 01 '22

Of course! And if they had added the product ID number of the IKEA bags and at what price these sell that would be another oddlification.


u/not_gerg Nov 30 '22

Its like your buddy telling a story and they say it happened at 6. Then you're like "WELL NOW THATS SUSPICIOUSLY SPECIFIC!"


u/unscannablezoot Nov 30 '22

Actually yes.


u/Unforgiving_Eye Nov 30 '22

How about yes?


u/IBelieveIAmBi Nov 30 '22

Oh, so that's what happens when when you get fired from Ikea...


u/Hobdar Nov 30 '22

So you are not talking about the 80 Skeletons in the bags...... :( i find that more surprising.


u/Lil_Jazzy Nov 30 '22

I am i just decided not to spoil the shockingly specific part in my title post


u/Moms4Crack Nov 30 '22

Damn. Those are going to be hard to assemble.