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It do be like that.





u/elite_memster Oct 17 '21

a street cat actually reacted positively to pspsps meanwhile my cat at home doesn’t react to anything but her food bowls getting banged together.


u/mintberrycthulhu Oct 17 '21

Yeah, some street cats are friendly, come to me to pet them, and even purr!


u/Darth_MurderJr Oct 18 '21

I feel like street cats are more better than cats that you adopt


u/mintberrycthulhu Oct 18 '21

What if you adopt a street cat? Will it keep it's nice personality?


u/Darth_MurderJr Oct 18 '21

Most of my cats i have all my life are street cats i can't say all of them will keep the nice personality but mine did as long as you feed em and show em love they'll love you back


u/[deleted] Oct 17 '21



u/LongPersonality5 Oct 17 '21

This is bot it copied u/Robinslillie


u/SPIDERHAM555 Oct 17 '21

mann vs machine


u/Robinslillie Oct 17 '21

Idk man street kitties usually can sense that I'm friendly. Even when I was a kid, they'd run from my bestie when we came across them but then come to me for pettins.


u/Ikari_21 Oct 17 '21

You have the gift


u/ImAPaperPoster Oct 17 '21

You got the touch, you got the power


u/Robinslillie Oct 18 '21

Sure feels like a superpower to me. Little furry creatures approving of my snuggles in a world where their ancestors used to eat us.


u/Baron_NL Oct 17 '21

Same here, cats love me


u/Robinslillie Oct 18 '21

Nice. Hugging a kitty who doesn't mind at all is super blissful.


u/-TheArchitect can't meme Oct 17 '21 Wholesome

Cats be like: Worship me you peasant


u/perhaps_Dank_memer Le epic memer Oct 17 '21

Dogs think: They’re feeding me, petting me, and giving me shelter? They must be god. Cats think: They’re feeding me, petting me, and giving me shelter? I must be god.


u/Superkiplays Oct 18 '21

that yt video am i right?


u/Rictus_Grin Oct 17 '21

This couldn't be more accurate. But you can't blame them. Cats have been literally worshiped for thousands of years since the Egyptians


u/Red-Panda9077 Oct 17 '21

You didn't do the psss psss


u/Soumajeetb Oct 17 '21 edited Oct 17 '21

I read it somewhere that since cats are under constant threat from both animals above and below the food chain thus this makes them less trusting and so agile and well.. cat like..

Both cats and dogs are cutie pies .. all animals are cute and unique in their own ways


u/mintberrycthulhu Oct 17 '21

What do you mean by threats from below the food chain? Are cats threatened by animals who are below them in a food chain, who they normally predate on?


u/Wallflowersun Oct 17 '21

I haven’t had that experience with street cats they are friendly, friendlier that my cats at home. Spain here


u/Rxthless_ Oct 17 '21

Oh gosh. I lived in Spain for half a year and I miss the stray kitties so much. I fed the ones in my backyard and one of them got close enough to me that she let me pet her after a couple months. Unfortunately I had to leave only couple weeks after she started trusting me :(


u/xXVeronaXx Oct 17 '21

And yet I had a black cat jump into my car when I was heading home from work a few days ago and it scared the fool out of me. She was nothing but bones. Damn right I took her home.


u/OvenGroundbreaking99 Oct 17 '21

Unless you give food to the cat


u/Jacksepticeyefan1545 Oct 17 '21

I saved a lot of stray cats and all of them payed attention to me


u/Juanivan79 Oct 17 '21


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u/dank_dishita Oct 17 '21

i love dogs!!!!!!!!


u/Human-13 Oct 17 '21

The street cats are like me we avoid people


u/itchyunicorn666 Oct 17 '21

Dog is a whore hell let anyone pet him, my cat will scratch your eyes out, sometimes mine too


u/ScottishSubmarine Oct 17 '21

You haven't read "A street cat named Bob"


u/DemonicEntrepreneur Oct 17 '21

I should try one day doing so.


u/AverageGamer2607 Oct 17 '21

With street cats you need to act friendly. If they don’t run the second they see you just crouch down and slowly hold out your hand for them to sniff. That way they can tell if you mean harm or not.


u/ihavethebigschlong Oct 17 '21

Pls stop ket discrimination there are epic ket!


u/ManzTony03 Forever alone Oct 17 '21

"I have just met you, and I love you."


u/irodoku Oct 17 '21

Street cat: [It's dead]

Street dog: [bites you]


u/KA1378 Oct 18 '21

I remember petting a dog who then stared at me motherfuckerly like I had insulted him in some way. Dogs are the assholes here for some reason.


u/[deleted] Oct 18 '21

Bruh cats are ducks sometimes


u/Shr1mpramen Oct 18 '21

Street cats in Egypt are amazing they will let you pet them and never bite. They’re used to people giving them food a lot so maybe that’s why


u/Eddie_SantaVenom Oct 18 '21

All ya gotta do is pull out a packet of temptations cat treats and shake them


u/Godhole34 Oct 18 '21

What do you mean, street cats and street dogs? They're also like this even inside my home.


u/Sapphire-Hannibal Oct 18 '21

I’ve had 5 encounters with street cats my life, only once have they run away, the other 4 times they’d come to me. Now on the other hand, the 2 encounters I’ve had with street dogs, I was attacked by one of them, and the other one ran away. Soooooo….


u/yilo38 Thank you mods, very cool! Oct 18 '21

Sorry man in all of my years (26) every single time i pspspsps the cats come running to me for pets. I guess you just dont have the power.


u/Aurum264 Professional Dumbass Oct 18 '21

I dunno, I've seen videos of street dogs attacking people on sight, while cats just vibe with you. Same time, I've seen cats attack and dogs vibe. Very much a case by case kind of thing.


u/Morphized Oct 18 '21

In places where the cats are seen as pests, they'll take any attention they can get. One look and those guys are your best friend.


u/New_Said Oct 18 '21

Pussy Cat


u/PsEggsRice Oct 18 '21

Pspsps I laughed.


u/Schnitze Oct 18 '21

Try slow blinking and sitting.


u/Less_Ad7399 Oct 18 '21

My dog isnt like that


u/FaisalSaifii Oct 18 '21

Depends on the cat tbh. Majorly, cats are scared of people and run away when someone comes close to them it is in their instinct.


u/Nop_Uzumaki Oct 18 '21

Street cat run away from me


u/djdhxuxbb Oct 18 '21



u/isreallyhurt Oct 18 '21

Human: Come he..

Dog: Congratulations. I'm your new homie now. tail wagging vigorously


u/SujathaVenugopal https://www.youtube.com/watch/dQw4w9WgXcQ Oct 18 '21

Once I did pspspsps to a street cat and it opened it's mouth & showed me its canines as if it was going to attack me

And I tried this because of REDDIT


u/ungaii Oct 18 '21

How are you finding shibas in the street?


u/ogneoa Oct 18 '21

I think my friend's dog even loves me more than him


u/pingus-foot Oct 17 '21

God dogs are the fucking best


u/RoofusRoof19 Oct 17 '21

Or the dog will just bite ur leg off...


u/J0NVIC Oct 18 '21

If its a chihuahua or rabid


u/sterile_spermwhale__ Oct 17 '21

That's valid, till the good doggo bites u. And now u have to get 14 injections just to be sure u don't get rabies.

Sorry, I had to disturb the wholesomeness


u/Mysteryboi21 Oct 17 '21

Yea, the street dogs either come to you for pets or just start barking and trying to attack. But luckily most dogs are nice as are cats. Also, I feel bad for you for the injections.


u/sterile_spermwhale__ Oct 17 '21

Oh no, I hadn't gotten any injections, cause I was sharp enough to be not bitten lol

Some PPL I knew had gotten those injections

Tho I have been chased by stray dogs countless times. Even at midnight. It's honestly terrifying.


u/PlsTurnAround Oct 17 '21

It used to be 14 injections, now it's 'only' 5-8 (depending on schedule) for post-exposure prophylaxis. Not to say that you would still have gotten bitten by a dog and still have to take multiple injections both of which are probably quite unpleasant (though less unpleasant than dying of rabies).

Edit: And afaik PEP rabies injections use the *big* needles, so it's better to avoid being in a situation where you could get bitten all around


u/sterile_spermwhale__ Oct 18 '21

Thx for the info, didn't know about that


u/mintberrycthulhu Oct 17 '21

Is it true that the rabies injection is a long-ass one into the belly/stomach and very painful? I heard that as a kid so I don't know if it's true or if it was just how my parents made sure I stay away from stray animals, lol.


u/IFuckedYourCats Oct 17 '21

Street dogs despises me


u/sorrymabad Oct 18 '21

i can tell by your username



i live on 7th floor, each time i open the window, all 4 of the street cats look up and wait for me to throw them food, they walk with me to the car and walk with me back to the building, they are loyal/


u/Mental-Couple-5509 Oct 17 '21

street cat best

i never see street doggo

Stray cats are very cute :)


yeah no my cat doesnt react to pspsps


u/mazydudePOG Oct 17 '21

I once had a random cat pet me when I was walking to my house, but it had a collar. (if u dumb and don't know what a cat petting you Is, it's just when they run their fur against ur leg.)


u/TurkishStreetCat Oct 17 '21



u/Subject_Release Oct 17 '21

pussy = bad


u/sawcondeesnutz Oct 17 '21

I assume you’re more of a tiddy guy?


u/E_Celestial Oct 17 '21

Or more of a guy guy


u/momopoly52 Oct 17 '21

Go straight


u/InFinite_Uue Oct 17 '21

people say that street dogs r rlly mean but they are just confused and want a hug, and u can slowly and gently and only if they dont have fleas lmao also just pat and rub no hug hug bad i am confused help