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Found! Is there a subreddit where I can ask questions about what's normal in College?


I'm looking for a sub where I can ask things pertaining to college such as the consequences of failing a course, if graduating in 4 years is normal, is there such a thing as getting delayed one semester, etc. I'm NOT looking for things like admissions, social/party tips, or specific things like 'what universities are good' etc.

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Unanswered Anyone know of a community with positive articles for mental health?


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Found! Sub for sharing your creations


Basically whatever it is that you're making, a place to share it. Like a film you made, or a painting, or whatever. Without those no self promotion bs rules that most subs have.

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Found! Is there a subreddit where you can ask if someone can edit something out of a photo?


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Unanswered A sub where we can post excerpts/prose


Similar to r/OCPoetry but for excerpts or prose
Perhaps even similar to r/UnsentLetters but less depressing?

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Is there a subreddit where people just show stories they wrote?


I’m looking for inspiration for future D&D campaigns, and I think a subreddit (or subreddits) like that would be the best way to get some.

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Hey everyone. Do you happen to know a sub to discover incredible music?


Honestly, I feel like I’ve been listening to the same tracks ever from the mid 70s to late 80s (I’m 32). I love the music I hear but it gets tiring sometimes to listen to it all over again. Do you know any subs with music recommendations about great tracks or artists? I’m willing to listen and discover but please don’t point me to those subs that recommend Kanye, Rihanna and that stuff. Thank you.

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A subreddit that can tell me how does a VHS cassete can be watched in today's time.


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What is a subreddit for posting crappy ads?


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Is there a subreddit where meme creators discuss about making new meme templates?


Is there any subreddit where people can post the weird videos they find online and other creators make meme out of it? Like a community for memers where they share templates with each other.

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A sub where you have a material and people suggest what to do with it?


I have these little plastic containers and I'm wondering if any crafty people have any ideas what we could do with them.

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Unanswered Is there a subreddit for weird units of measure?


Kinda like when an ad claims a car can fit 200,000 rubber ducks in the trunk or when something is 70 burgers tall

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Is there a sub where I can post my ideas about a new game someone should make?


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Is there a sub for people that don't want to use a mouse for their PC or laptop?


I'm on a quest. I know my most essential keyboard shortcuts, but I'm trying to go mouse-free. Is there a subreddit for that? Thanks for your time!

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Grammer sub where people can help review


Like you have a sentence your not sure is gramically correct and people tell you whats wrong with it?

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Unanswered Looking for backup software.


Is there a backup program for Windows that satisfies the following requirements:

  1. Capable of doing eternal incremental backup
  2. Backup must be in native format
  3. It should be possible to preserve file permissions

I just can't find anything that meets all these requirements.

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Where can I find russian woman to text with?


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Whats a sub for trying to find good products for your hair?


I need something like r/skincareaddiction for my hair. I'm not caring properly for my hair and ik its because i have no clue where to start. Whats a subreddit that can help me?

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Unanswered Is there a subreddit that can help me get information about s tiktok scientist?


I'm debating against my friend about transgender and non binary genders, I want to use the tiktok creator @renegadescienceteacher to support my arguement. (He's against and I'm for) I want to insure that he is a credible source, if I can find official documents for his classes or his degree, that'll help a lot.

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Unanswered Looking for internet sleuth private investigation page?


I'm hoping to find someone's social media based off a picture and their first name! Not wanting any contact in real life.

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is there a sub discussing idiots who dont know the difference between “lose” and “loose”?

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Found! A sub that shows how mechanical things work?


Something like r/mechanical_gifs but more to do with how things work?

It can be pics, vids or gifs

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Alternatives to /PointlessStories sub?


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Found! I broke my house. Where can I get advice?


Ok, I didn't exactly break the house - the walls are intact so far. But I managed to get something wedged behind a door and now I can't open the door to the room. I'd prefer to ask the hive-mind for advice before breaking a window or cutting into walls.

What is the best subreddit for my situation?

Edit - Thank you for all the comments - useful suggestions and otherwise. My husband was able to solve the problem while I was typing up a post for /r/homeimprovement so I never ended up posting. For those that are curious, here are some more details:

The door in question is a hidden/secret bookshelf door - it's a bookshelf mounted into an 8" (maybe 10"?) custom-made doorframe, which is why the door is so deep and also why breaking the door was not a path we wanted to go down. Similarly, there's no doorknob to remove - the bookshelf IS the door and from the side we were on you just push the whole bookshelf into the next room. Since the door is so deep, the hinges on the inside of the room were not accessible, as they were 8"-10" away.

The problem was caused because the room on the other side of the door has a 4' wide entryway where the door swings open. We had been storing a card table up against the wall that the door butts up against when it's open. The last time someone used the room they shut the door a little too fast, which created a partial vacuum in the entryway which sucked the card table forward off the wall, and it fell onto the floor. So what was blocking the 4'x4' entryway was a 3'x3' card table laying flat on the floor, tabletop-down.

Due to the depth of the door, we weren't able to use a v-shaped lever to just slip under the door and push up the table. We needed to find something that was long enough to reach under the width of the bookshelf-door, but that we could still lever upward on the other side. Eventually we found a prop sword that was thin enough to get under the door, strong enough to push up the weight of the card table, and flexible enough that we could bend it a little to get some leverage.

Unfortunately since the table was top-down against the floor, there wasn't any hardware for the sword to catch on to allow us to drag the table away from the doorway. We ended up slicing through the padding on top of the table and using that to pull the table forward, damaging the $40 card table but allowing us not to need to break the expensive custom door (or the walls, or the windows).

Moral of the story - don't store anything that's "just the right size to be stored here" in a spot that can just as easily become "just the right size to get wedged in here."

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Subreddit to ask for ideas to upcycle ill fitting dress


Something sewing or diy related, where i can post a photo of the dress and ask for ideas as to how to make it look better.

Thanks in advance!