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Cat Picture Bf thinks she’s ugly. I think he has no idea about cats. What do you guys think?

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Cat Picture This street hardened stray cat we feed

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Cat Picture This is not what I bought this crib for 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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Cat Picture My girlfriend allows this…it scares me

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Cat Picture Guess her name because I'm bored. Begins with M :)

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Cat Picture I Ditched Going to my In-Laws so I Could Have Thanksgiving With The Stray Cat That Lives in my Garage

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Cat Picture This is my old man, Manny. Eyeless, three teeth, bad hips and no upper lip. Still the sweetest cat I've ever owned.<3

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Cat Picture One of these two will be coming home with me. The other will go home with my coworker. Both will be spoiled af.

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Cat Picture Jazzy (11 y/o) politely requests turkey, her favorite food ever. Swipe to see how it went for her

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Cat Picture I met Criminal a month ago when I walked out of the shower at 4am and found her in my apartment. She was living in the woods behind my building and very scared of humans. I slowly built trust to coax her indoors, and now she is an extremely aggressive cuddler who will not leave my side.

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Cat Picture From my abusive moms house, living in the car, staying in a hotel, to FINALLY out own place 🤍 she’s been there through thick and thin. My partner in crime 🥲

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Cat Picture Found in the dumpster tied in a trash bag. What a sweet soul as well. Poor thing.

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Cat Picture None of these are my cats.

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Cat Picture This little 10 week old guy came up to us on my parents patio during thanksgiving. No chip, no missing post, so he ended up coming home with me. Aside from being underweight and a small flea problem, he’s a sweetheart. No name yet.

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Cat Picture What breed do you think my cat is?

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Cat Picture Why does he sit like this?

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Cat Picture My girl has vitiligo. She was solid black when we got her, and every year she gets a few more spots!

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Cat Picture This poor kitten appeared on my doorstep yesterday. Guess I am finally chosen. Any name suggestions? First time cat mum here.

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Cat Picture Name this band

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Cat Picture I had a guy come dressed as Santa to take photos with my baby because I’ve completely lost my mind

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Cat Picture My sweet dear souls. Poisoned by a neighbor.

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Cat Picture Name suggestions one eyed cat

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Cat Picture This moggy is a hero. After the barn went up in flames, she woke up the family, not only saving their lives but most of the animals too.

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Cat Picture Chose your quest, do you 1.) Touch the forbidden paw. 2.) Rub the magical belly. 3.) Join for a Sunday nap or 4.) Something else explained in the comments?

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Cat Picture Cat ran away in 2013 found her in my front yard today! Honestly astounded. I wonder where she was all this time? Anyone else have similar stories ?

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