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Discussion Catlendars! ITS VOTING TIME!!!


You have three votes, use them wisely. To vote, on this post I have a stickied comment and on that comment please submit your votes, and yes you can vote for yourself.


Hi, I would like to vote for A, B, C, thanks!

A: marysa-xo

B: potatisoldlarnen

C: martiannemma

D: Taftser

E: ajor88

F: nunoi

G: WERElektro

H: cberries46

I: peewee84

J: Barredbecard

K: roawr123

L: galrax

M: bluemellow

From this point I just started linking comments.

N: N

O: O

P: P

Q: Q

R: R

S: S

T: T

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/r/cats NEWS A few things to note about the subreddit...


First and foremost:

Thank you for making this sub the premiere place to talk about cats on the front page of the internet. We, the moderators, are working extremely hard to listen to all of your concerns and address them and that's what this mod-message is about.

We have heard your complaints about mourning posts. Depending upon how you look at things, they can be good or bad threads. The moderation team has collectively decided that because more people favor these threads, than dislike them, we are going to continue to allow them.

That being said, we're actively looking for a way how to make them not visible for people who do not want to see them (which is understandable). The problem we're running into is how to make it compatible with both old and new reddit because the way the site operates on the moderator side of things is so different between the two different site versions.

That being said, however, we are actively investigating this issue for folks.

Another "problem" we have been seeing as of late is an uptick in the number of "Name My Cat" threads. As with mourning posts, we moderators have noticed your concern about these posts. While we always see an uptick of these posts in the summer and spring seasons (for obvious reasons), we saw a large number of them this year which irritated several users. These numbers should go down during the winter season and hike back up again during the next summer season.

We're actively investigating how to hide these posts as well, in the meantime, however, we won't remove them because, again, more people seem to enjoy the content. That being said, we'd recommend if you need help naming your cat, to visit /r/NameMyCat/. Seriously. Go give that subreddit some love. It has, as of the writing of this post 3,139,661 less subscribers, and who doesn't want more purrmachines on their reddit front page feed? :]

You folks are awesome and I just wanted to give everyone an update as to subreddit developments.

IF you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Keep reporting karma farmers by using reverse image search folks and reporting them. It helps us, the mod team out far more than you know.

Thanks again,

Minifig and the modteam of /r/cats.

r/cats 7h ago Platinum Wholesome Hugz Take My Energy Tearing Up Silver Helpful Faith In Humanity Restored Shocked Timeless Beauty

Mourning/Loss My cat Tosh was just shot and killed by our new neighbors. He was the most down to earth and loving friend anyone would’ve met. I love and miss you baby boy

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r/cats 4h ago Helpful Wholesome Silver

Cat Picture Look what we found in the roof! Obviously we named him Rufus…

Post image

r/cats 12h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Helpful (Pro)

Name Request My fiancée and I are adopting this little girl! Any name ideas? (Food/drink names preferred)

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r/cats 9h ago Hugz Take My Power Tearing Up Timeless Beauty Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy

Mourning/Loss My baby girl is going to sleep tomorrow after spending almost 19 years with me. I’m completely devastated.

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r/cats 6h ago Wholesome (Pro) Silver Wholesome

Cat Picture This is my 18 year old cat Stitch. She's deaf as a doorknob, but can see like a hawk, and loves her box

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r/cats 14h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Glow Up

Cat Picture He claims to be a Maine coon but I'm pretty sure he's never even been to Maine.

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r/cats 15h ago Helpful Wholesome Wearing is Caring Silver

Humor A couple days ago I made a post asking about an over grooming cat. I had her in a donut cone to try to help her not lick her hair out. She has a vet appointment at the end of the month so I’m trying this onesie hoping it’ll be more comfortable than the donut. And she hates me!🥲

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r/cats 3h ago Silver Wholesome

Cat Picture 'I'd like to discuss why you're not feeding me more tuna'

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r/cats 13h ago Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Silver

Video this cat is very touchy

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r/cats 13h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Video Their motorskills and abilities are getting better each day. Amazing creatures.

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r/cats 22h ago Helpful Wholesome LOVE! Table Slap Silver

Advice she comes down two flights of stairs just to sit facing away from me, like shes mad. why

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r/cats 11h ago Helpful Wholesome Seal of Approval

Cat Picture Here's a photo of Pip, she likes to yell

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r/cats 15h ago Helpful Wholesome Heartwarming Silver

Video Look at this one here

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r/cats 1h ago

Cat Picture Isn’t my kitty pretty❤️

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r/cats 21h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Faith In Humanity Restored Heartwarming

Cat Picture This poor kitten appeared on my doorstep yesterday. Guess I am finally chosen. Any name suggestions? First time cat mum here.

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r/cats 5h ago

Humor I think a lot of us can relate to this...

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r/cats 3h ago Wholesome

Cat Picture Swipe for a surprise!

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r/cats 20h ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Super Heart Eyes

Video My cats seeing our new rescue dog for the first time!

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r/cats 6h ago Wholesome

Cat Picture We've been giving him smaller and smaller boxes to see at what point he'll give up trying to lay in them

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r/cats 14h ago Ally Silver Helpful

Humor Poppy loves to let us know when she wants something

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Cat Picture Partners in crime

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r/cats 10h ago

Name Request I rescued him a week ago. Any name suggestions??

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r/cats 12h ago Helpful Wholesome

Adoption Found this soon to be Teen Mom roaming our village. Her last owner passed away and nobody bothered to rehome her. Their loss, my gain. Meet Luna!

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r/cats 4h ago

Cat Picture The handsome, named, Dior. Second kitty to the family.

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r/cats 50m ago Wholesome

Video A cat always remains a cat😍🐆

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