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Direct Action Gets the Goods BNSF rail workers strike



BNSF is leveraging a federal judge to block rail workers from being legally allowed to strike.

17,000 rail workers want to strike over new, harsh, policies. BNSF is the railroad. There are other unions waiting on line to strike. This is domino number 1.

Monday they'll get a public ruling from the federal judge so we've got until then to actually help. Word from a union worker is that the decision is already made and in favor of the railroad.

This is years in the making and is honestly huge.

The 1877 rail strike was a major catalyst of workers rights back when. This is no small thing.


It's finally coming to a head.


BNSF has publicly available contact info: https://www.bnsf.com/ship-with-bnsf/intermodal/contact-us.html (https://jobs.bnsf.com/ might also be relevant)

There are some news articles: https://www.trains.com/trn/news-reviews/news-wire/bnsf-files-suit-to-block-potential-strike/

And historic relevance of what the great rail strike means to workers rights: https://www.nysl.nysed.gov/teacherguides/strike/background.htm

(Slightly reworded from a mail we've got! Let's go!)

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Press coverage Antiwork & The Great Resignation: Why workers are quitting their jobs

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We had to take an "anonymous" survey at work today. This is my somewhat strongly worded response.

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I’m 41 and job hunting, applied at a large fast-casual restaurant chain for an entry-level position. The manager sent me this the next day…

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A (big-time) employee of Merrill Lynch goes full racist on underage service workers. Watch the whole video for information about the attacker.

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At wingstop in Nashville

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Not hired because I’m an “illegal user of drugs” even though I have a medical card

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My roommate got Covid and I have been on quarantine for a couple days. I’m scheduled to work tomorrow so I took a test before coming in. Now my boss is mad I took a test? Wouldn’t it be worse to go to work positive? (FINAL UPDATE ALL IN ONE 4/4) am I wrong for this??

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Millennials are way more screwed than we thought


For the record, I am a millennial who was born in ‘94. I graduated college with no debt. My fiancé and I have a house that’s totally paid for thanks to his dad. We are a rare, lucky breed. Not many in our generation have it like us and I recognize that and always try to spread awareness when and where I can. We both grew up in wealthy areas, but we still recognized we are getting screwed as a generation and we are angry.

I took my dog to the vet yesterday to get her rechecked for her bladder infection. There are two-three vets in this office. One came in to introduce herself and I’d never met her before. She was young. Maybe early 30s. A millennial too. She came to say my dog cleared the infection. I asked how we can prevent this in the future since this was her second time getting one. She recommended maybe getting some fake grass for inside since my high maintenance Yorkie doesn’t like the cold despite having a doggie door with easy access outside. I asked if she’d used fake grass before and what if it was like and if it was stinky.

The VET whom id expect to make GOOD MONEY in this AFFLUENT area went on to say she’d never used one before, but she and her husband were meaning to get around to get one since they live in AN APARTMENT on the FOURTH FLOOR with their LAB. Wtf Idk. I was just amazed that a vet was living in a forth floor apartment. With a roommate, essentially. Surely she makes “good money”. This is a very well known vet in a rich area.

Okay that’s one encounter I had with a poor millennial this week who I’d imagine should be better off than that… onto the next…

I went to the PHYSICAL THERAPIST on Monday. This is with a major hospital, again in a very wealthy area. Btw, this is a pelvic floor therapist, so a very specialized therapist. Also a millennial. Anyways, I was telling her it was my other dog’s birthday. She was like oh! I am getting a dog! Hopefully this summer. I’ve been budgeting for it for a long time. They can get expensive. Between having an apartment, and this and that, dogs are hard to afford!

My jaw dropped. Again, I know dogs aren’t cheap. I have two. Mine are super high maintenance with their vet bills LOL. There’s never been a time where I couldn’t afford them, but, this poor millennial doctor cannot. She is ALSO living in an APARTMENT.

Obviously I don’t know their whole situation. I’d imagine they’re having to budget due to their massive amounts of student debt, but omg.

If these DOCTORS can’t afford DOGS and HOMES, we are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo beyond screwed. Wowwww

Screw this system. Screw this world. Screw America. Screw TEXAS.

Let me make a little edit here- I went to school to be a teacher. I was making $3000 a month after taxes. I paid $12000 in healthcare costs alone last year. That’s almost half my income.

When I graduated debt free, I did it with scholarships and my working full time. I chose a school that was around $3000 a semester after my scholarships. I got out as quickly as possible by taking 10 classes at a time. Not even joking. I took 10 classes a semester. I took classes in the summer, too.

As a child, my parents were drug addicts. My brother was mentally ill. I moved in with my wealthy grandparents. I met my fiancé on a video game in middle school and he moved here to be with me in college.

I’m sorry if my post offended you. I am by no means coming from privilege. I have to work hard to stay out of medical debt. If I didn’t have this house, I would be very far in debt. If my fiancé left, I’d have to move back in with my family. Just like many of you. I’m not the bad guy.

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Conversation with boomer family member about labor market right now. He stopped responding after this one.

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Disturbing anti-union texts from Starbucks to Arizona workers

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My dad is part of the problem... and I'm starting to hate him for it.


He's a general manager of a factory. The work is hard, the hours are long, and the pay fucking sucks. It has benefits, but just barely. They've tried to unionize multiple times but somehow my dad always manages to shut that down.

My husband is on paternity leave right now, and my dad is constantly making fun of him for it. Saying "he should be a man and go back to work" instead of staying home and spending time with his babies... time that he will NEVER get back.

Then he had the audacity to gloat about firing one of his guys that just came back from paternity leave. He literally said, "I found any and every reason to write him up and get him gone. Companies don't want someone taking off time for their family. Especially men."

I'm just... I'm floored. This man is my dad. Like, I love him and everything but FUCK. I... don't think I can do it anymore. I kind of want to go no contact. I can't associate with people who think like this. What the actual fuck???

EDIT: Thanks for all your messages. FYI: 1) Currently in process of finding the employee my dad fired for going on pat leave. 2) If you don't have the balls to post your hate publicly, don't bother private messaging me with it. You're embarrassing yourself. 3) I didn't post this for "internet points". I don't even know what those are. If I can use these points to buy a new dad, then send me all the points please.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to this subreddit, as you have changed me. I now know better because of all of you. I was brainwashed; I'll be the first to admit it.

Thanks for reading and contributing everyone.

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Put those executives to work

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Removed (Rule 3: No spam, no low-effort shitposts) “We know you’re poor.. so here’s a charge for being poor”

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Stonks Can Only Go Up!

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Fill in the blank

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The jerk who attacked the girls at the smoothie job got justice

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All Boomers are not pieces of shit.


I am 60 and don't understand all the hate for Boomers. I am 100% on board with the anti-work movement. I worked since I was 8, and wasted DECADES on my life on a lie. I am telling my kids and grandkids to not make the same crushing mistakes I made and to make better life choices:

Take vacations, spend time at your kid's softball games, use ALL your sick days, use the Family Medical Leave Act, LIVE YOU BEST LIVES! Don't work at a company that lies to you and treats you like shit. Prioritize yourself and your family!! THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!

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COD developers have formed a union

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Maybe belongs here, maybe doesn’t. But I thought we would find this funny.

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Homelessness is a crime against humanity

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Having no kids is probably the only real way ill ever be able to "stick it to the man"


I refuse to add more meat to the grinder that is the 9 to 5. Hopefully things get better over the next few decades so that I would be able to change my view but the way things are looking I dont think that can happen.

Good luck replacing workers you corporate skugholes, you made this mess.

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Conservative logic

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Lobbying shouldn't be legal


At the end of the day lobbying is just bribery. If you look at what the biggest lobbying groups are you'll find that they're almost all detrimental to us.

Oil companies lobbying against climate change policies. Insurance companies lobbying against universal healthcare. Fast food and sugar companies lobbying again health regulations. And all companies lobbying against unions.

This system needs to go. Businesses should not have this kind of political power.

Edit: Two points to add

  1. Yes, there are beneficial lobbying groups out there as well (climate change groups, union groups, Black lives matter and so on), but it doesn't change the fact that the system overall does a lot more bad than it does good.

  2. Yes, it is important to have a system of informing politicians about various problems that they would otherwise not be aware of. But the lobbying system isn't the way to go. You want to inform your representatives of a problem, you should contact them. You should make petitions. There are solutions. What's important is for laws to be pressured based on the number of people that want then, not the amount of money people are willing to pay for them.

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don't be a snitch.

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Just voted to strike and god damn it does it feel good


Work in a foundry where 20 years ago wages were $16.50 an hour. A damn good job 20 years ago. Since then they’ve stripped the pension plan, tripled the premium on the insurance, got rid of two paid holidays and only rose wages $3.95 an hour. For the first time in a long time the company has zero leverage and the union knows it. We’re demanding $5 an hour and all the other benefits to be restored. The company countered with $0.30 an hour, they’ll raise our premiums $10 a week and will institute random drug testing (how we as a foundry never had this in the contract is beyond me).

I just walked out of the hotel conference room where we held our vote. The immense pride that came over me when I was putting an X on the box marked “reject” is indescribable.

Solidarity forever!

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Stop the ageism, it's misdirection. The rich are in power Generation X and Boomers are brainwashed


My aunt (51) was complaining about how overworked she is, and saying that “younger people are too lazy to work, that’s why we can’t hire people” I asked what her work was paying, she said 12$ an hour.

I asked further, “is this the same job that is only seasonal during summer, and offers no benefits, or PTO?” She just stared at me and said “yeah, everyone is so lazy and doesn’t want to work. Fucking millennials.”

Yeah… I’m sure that’s why you can’t get staff

Edit 1: I apologize for the over generalization of Gen X. The people in my life who are Gen X don’t even know how to send an email.