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Entry level (most affordable devices costing under $250 (US)/ $325 (Canada)/ €200 (Europe)/ £200/ ₹12,500 (India)

Midrange section, covering the $250-500(US)/$300-700(Canada)/€200-500/£200-450/₹12,500-30,000 segment

Flagship section, containing the most expensive devices with the highest end specifications

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Saturday APPreciation (Jan 22 2022) - Your weekly app recommendation/request thread!


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Oppo Pad with Snapdragon 870 SoC, 6GB RAM Listed on Geekbench

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Pixel Watch launch date (May 26) - Jon Prosser



Pixel Watch 👇

I’m hearing that Google is planning on launching it on Thursday, May 26th — over year since we leaked it.

This is the first we’ve seen a set date on the device behind the scenes.

Google is known for pushing back dates — but if they do, we’ll know 👀

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Video Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 After 1 Year!

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Video Dear Google, Please Fix These Bugs

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Accessory PSA: Not all aptX Adaptive products are the same


I did my homework and come to this conclusion.
The specific specs of aptX Adaptive is not shared to the public. From what I know Qualcomm made 3 revisions of aptX Adaptive, r2.0 -> 2.1 -> 2.2. The first one, r2.0 introduced with the Snapdragon 855, was limited to 24-bit bit depth 48khz sampling rate and have a variable bitrate between 279 - 420 kbit/s. This is despite QC advertises the sampling rate up to 96khz and when questioned they said it will come with "upcoming software update". But the update to unlock 96khz sampling rate never arrived for 855/865 devices, only for 888 devices without Snapdragon Sound (one example is Sony Xperia III got the update recently). The bitrate still capped at 420 AFAIK (nice).

The second revision, r2.1 introduced with Snapdragon 888, increase the bitrate limits to 860 kbit/s with 96khz sampling rate. This revision is introduced to compete with other hi-res codecs and to replace aptX HD (QC previously claimed aptX Adaptive 420 kbit/s bitrate is equals or better than aptX HD 576 kbit/s, but apparently they changed their views). This is called "Snapdragon Sound" by QC as a way to ripe more $$$ license money instead of providing updates to old revision.

The third revision, r2.2, is not yet introduced but presumably will come with "8 Gen 1+" (sm8475). The details for this revision is unknown but presumably come with aptX Lossless tech which have a variable bitrate between 140 - 1Mbit/s, as an update to the "Snapdragon Sound" moniker.

Enough with the phones, now look at the audio products. From what I know most if not all of aptX Adaptive audio products on the market are first gen r2.0 (except the ones using BT5.2 QCC5141/44/51 and QCC3046). Most of them capped the sampling rate at 48khz, while some higher end maybe have their sampling rate available up to 96khz. Some even using chipsets not officially come with the codec but somehow have it shipped with questionable quality, for example products using QCC3040 that advertises aptX Adaptive.

Now with the complexity of what is it called "aptX Adaptive", the sound quality will be hugely different between one sets of product compared to another. Many of the aptX Adaptive audio products nowaday are only first gen r2.0 when paired with the latest and greatest phones, cant offer the full sound quality and features that you paid for. The same opposite situation also happens when you are intentionally crippled your fancy "Snapdragon Sound" audio products when paird with early gen aptX Adaptive phones. For me this is outrageous and requires deep dive research before buying products because none of the manufacturers or Qualcomm willing to disclose the specfications unless asked directly. This made LDAC/LHDC seems a better choice here because of the fixed specs that you can trust it wont change in the future.

Hope this informs your future purchases.

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Pixel 6A scheduled for May - Max Jambor

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The BlackBerry KEY2 shows why software updates really matter

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Samsung Galaxy S22 series EU prices - Roland Quandt



S22 8/128GB = 849

S22 8/256GB = 899

S22+ 8/128GB = 1049

S22+ 8/256GB = 1099

S22 Ultra 8/128GB = 1249

S22 Ultra 12/256GB = 1349

S22 Ultra 12/512GB = 1449

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First look at the Oppo Find X5 Pro with Hasselblad branding

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What's your favourite non-flagship Android device/most underrated phone?


I was thinking about my favourite devices I've owned, and I think one that I loved a lot that flew under the radar compared to other devices I've owned like the Galaxy S9 and Nexus 5 was the Moto G5 Plus.

This phone was awesome for the time, the Snapdragon 625 was crazy efficient, I was getting 7-8 hrs of SoT with this phone and it performed well enough that I never experienced any lag on the phone. The gestures were awesome too, I still miss the karate chop flashlight gesture to this day. I have a fun anecdote where a girl at school needed a torch and I did that and she was like "yooo what did you just do" and made me show her again.

It ran super close to stock Android as well with timely updates, and had a fingerprint sensor and Android Pay which was cool too. All this for the $350-$400 AUD price I paid was awesome, such a great budget phone and I think it doesn't receive the love it deserves compared to other phones of the past.

What phones have you owned that you remember fondly that have been forgotten/underrated over time?

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Is there anything important left for non-folding phones?


The only tweaks I can think of that'd really make a difference at all would be under-screen cameras and full-screen (or even half screen) fingerprint sensors

Beyond those two things... is there anything left for non-folding phones?

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why do you still use android over iphone?


This may not be huge deal to many people but for me they are essentials.

1) Type C port : I have so many types wires at home, apple still uses the clunky lightning port.

2) Youtube Vanced : enough said

3) Call recording and notification log ( this app will save logs for example on whatsapp even if the message is deleted).

4) Always On Display.

5) ADB & setting default apps

6) Customization : Third party launchers/ keyboards/icon packs

7) Notification management and multi window: it is better organized and handled on android

8) Ad block system wide : by going to Private DNS typing : dns.adguard.com

  1. File management : On android its way superior than IOS.

  2. Sideloading apps/ updates : The ability to sideload apps, usually open source stuff not on play store, but I haven't done that in a while and if you can also sideload the new update from the google's site.

Some features which i didn't include in my top 10 features
Vibrate call on call connect ( nice buzz when you call someone and when they receive the call you get a little buzz)
Price: Not everyone has money to get a iPhones. Androids provide a range of options fitting everyone's budget. A decent Xiaomi can get the work done as well.
Double tap to sleep from home/lockscreen.

Custom Rom and Tasker : currently running pixel dust rom.

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Google is building an AR headset - The Verge

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Review Major Problem with Mediatek SOCs that nobody seems to be pointing out


TLDR Version - In my testing over past 1 month, I've found that QC & Apple SOCs are leagues ahead in cellular reception and wifi reception both, read below if you want to know how I came to this conclusion

TLDR For Cellular - Mediatek is generally worse than QC but still usable, the difference is there but unlike Wi-Fi it's not day and night

TLDR For Wi-Fi - Mediatek SOCs are far inferior than the competition especially for Mesh Wi-Fi, but they seem to be inferior for single routers as well. FOR MESH USERS I advise you to SKIP any Mediatek SOC because they don't seem to support the 802.11k/v/r standards properly which are used in mesh networks, it's quite common for them to not switch to the closer Wi-Fi router and stay connected to the far away one and switch to 2.4ghz bands instead of connecting to the closer router's 5ghz

Since I'm not a tech reviewer, I couldn't test all the devices I tested simultaneously and used devices belonging to my family and friends. also my Wi-Fi testing is a bit special as I use a mesh network, so I test performance on both a Mesh Router and a Single Router

Testing Methods

For Cellular - I used same Sim Card in all devices (My carrier is Airtel) and i used Netmonster to check to which cell tower I'm connected and to check signal strength, for devices which didn't support Carrer Aggregation, I turned the airplane mode on/ off till i got connected to same tower. (My house is like 250m away from a cell tower[2300MHz] and 400m away from another one [1800Mhz], so I would test signals on tower 250m away for phones which didn't support CA and would connect to both towers for phones which did support CA). Phone Signals aren't very good in my house, so its perfect for testing phones) My Tests for overall experience were

  1. Walking same path while talking to my friend who was on a JioFiber landline phone ( so signal issues should not be an issue on their side), i always seemed to complete the path within ~55-60seconds, (Vo WIFI was obviously disabled for this test)
  2. Playing same yt video in 1440p (as some phones didn't support 2160p decoding, i always played the video at 1440p
  3. doing a multithread speedtest on same server
  4. Uploading the same file on GDrive which was of around 25mb

For Wi-Fi - I Disconnected all other devices from my Wi-Fi, and just connected my NAS (which is connected via ethernet) which was used for testing some things, routers i used were default jiofiber router(which is similar to Archer VR1200v) for single router testing and I use 3x TP Link Deco M4 as my mesh (they are all connected via ethernet to the main deco). My Internet Connection is 300MBPS and my default DNS Server is Cloudflare 1,1,1,1. Also i didn't test Wi-Fi 6 performance as I don't have any wifi 6 router

Common Tests For Both Single Router And Mesh Networks

  1. Checking Link Speeds In wifi settings while standing at the exact same places
  2. Playing a 1440p video on yt
  3. see how far I could go before phone lost 5ghz Wi-Fi
  4. uploading exact same file to my NAS which was ~1gb and downloading another file from my NAS which was also ~1gb, I used CX file explorer on all my devices
  5. doing multithread speedtests on the exact same server

Extra Test on Mesh Networks

  1. Roaming in the exact same pattern around the house while seeing how quickly did it switch to the nearest if it switched at all, and considering how much time does it take to switch between nodes and 2.4ghz to 5ghz when approaching another router and checking link speeds(Few Mediatek Devices failed to switch nodes)
  2. Checking how long does it take devices to get back to VoWifi After Switching routers
  3. Transferring files to NAS and vice versa (like I did with single router) while walking on the same path
  4. Doing a multithread speedtest from server while roaming in exact same pattern

Other Things I Kept In Mind

  1. All Phones were updated to their latest versions, As i tested these devices from 23th dec 2021 to 21st jan 2022, few phones were got a security patch in this time frame but i doubt it would affect anything, also all phones were on stock Indian firmware
  2. All phones had their cases removed
  3. All phones were charged above 80%
  4. All phones were restarted about 2 mins before testing
  5. All tests were done in a new user profile on android devices to prevent other apps using internet

My General SOC Ranking with few notes

  1. First Position goes to A15 (iPhone 13) & 778G (Realme GT Master Edition), these both performed fantastically on all tests and were leaps ahead of mediatek SOCs, they gave 866mbps link speeds and robust performance on file transfer tests and VoWiFi tests, while Mediatek Socs lingered around 240mbps link speeds and generally unusable performance on mesh networks), they also got 4G+ (Carrier Aggregation) very fast and there were only few voice issues while calling
  2. Second Position Goes to SD 855 (G8X [RIP LG]) this performed well generally
  3. Third Position Goes to 845 (Poco F1), however after MIUI 12.5 it refuses to switch to VoWiFi on mesh networks as fast as it used to do. I can say it used to switch fast because Poco F1 was my daily driver. A13 (iPhone 11) A12 (iPhone XS) also perform on this tier
  4. and 860 (Poco X3 Pro) - Nothing To Say Here, I myself don't know how I got worse performance on SD 860 compared to 845 and 855
  5. 720G (Redmi Note 10 Lite) Here is where we see generally worse performance in which would affect day to day usage
  6. Kirin 980 (Honor 20) & A10 (iPhone 7) Here is where the problem starts in day-to-day usage, the range of 5ghz Wi-Fi is considerably worse on this SOCs, also cellular works slightly better here than 720G, mesh performance isn't great on these SOCs. A10 is tad bit better than 980
  7. 730G (Moto One Fusion Plus) this was a surprise for me, the device gave crappy range on 5ghz Wi-Fi and cellular reception was also not good
  8. Exynos 9611 (Samsung M30s) Similar to 730G but slightly worse performance on mesh systems
  9. Dimensity 1000plus (realme x7 pro 5g) and 800u (moto 20 fusion), here is where so see substantial dip in mesh performance, poor switching speed between routers many times it doesn't switch at all and sometimes we need to restart Wi-Fi to get 5ghz on mesh networks as my device kept clinging to 2.4ghz. also on single routers 5ghz range isn't good but at least cellular is usable, Snapdragon 835 (Nokia 8) is also here because for some reason as of dec 2021, it gives a lot of issues staying connecting to 5ghz networks (earlier it didn't as far as I remember) and mesh performance is poor
  10. exynos 9609 (Moto One Vision) this chip performed generally slightly better than above SOCs but since my device kept switching to 3G signals from LTE for no reason at all, this is ranked lower than above SOCs as Cellular net is basically unusable
  11. g80 (realme pad) this SOC is a nightmare, this is unusable on mesh networks, the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 5 seconds, until we manually turn off mesh roaming for this device from mesh router admin panel. 5ghz range is considerably worse, it gives around 15-20mbps on speedtests while the winners like 778g give 280mbps standing at the exact same place. since my tablet doesn't have LTE, can't say about cellular on this chip
  12. p70 (realme 3) & p60 (realme 1) poor cellular reception and doesn't support 5ghz Wi-Fi, that's why its last
  13. Snapdragon 801 (Oneplus X) i booted my device after a long time and i couldn't connect to the cellular for some reason, however surprisingly 2.4ghz Wi-Fi worked better than p70, this soc also doesn't support 5ghz Wi-Fi

These tests are based on my tests, and the above are just my opinions on SOCs, you might have had difference experience for better or worse on same SOCs

Jokes On You If You Think Apple OR Qualcomm will pay me to do this comparison lol, I just wanted to point out worse performance on mediatek SOCs regarding reception. due to semiconductor shortage, a lot of Mediatek devices are being pushed in the market at least in India in under 400$ price range and I just want to spread awareness regarding this. However, I fully understand if you want to get a mediatek SOC as many of them perform better than similarly priced snapdragons regarding gaming, but since motive of this experiment wasn't gaming comparison, I didn't even include it anywhere in my notes / ranking

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Review Xiaomi 12 In-Depth Honest FULL Review | TechTablets

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Video Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: Break the rules of what's possible | Samsung

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Daily Superthread (Jan 21 2022) - Your daily thread for questions, device recommendations and general discussions!


Note 1. Check MoronicMondayAndroid, which serves as a repository for our retired weekly threads. Just pick any thread and Ctrl-F your way to wisdom!

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Please post your questions here. Feel free to use this thread for general questions/discussion as well.

The /r/Android wiki now has a list of recommended phones and covers most areas, the links have been added below. Any suggestions or changes are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to help maintain this section.

Entry level (most affordable devices costing under $250 (US)/ $325 (Canada)/ €200 (Europe)/ £200/ ₹12,500 (India)

Midrange section, covering the $250-500(US)/$300-700(Canada)/€200-500/£200-450/₹12,500-30,000 segment

Flagship section, containing the most expensive devices with the highest end specifications

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Article The 10 best local music players on Android in 2022

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News Snapdragon for Korean Galaxy S22 crushes high hopes for Exynos 2200

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Review Review: Hold on before picking Pixel 4a over iPhone SE


After years using iOS I decided to go back to Android. However I only like Pixel Android. Im a fan of Google services and I believe their "stock" Android is the way to go. I really like Android 12 however things with this phone has not been perfect

1 - Vídeo quality: After watching many reviews between Pixel 4a and iPhone SE camera, I got the conclusion that they were similar, both good enough for me. However in practice, this turned out to be very far from true. Posting videos in social media with this phone just... Sucks. Several person has commented on my Instagram stories saying my camera is actually bad. In what's app happens the same. Maybe Android apps compress video more? I don't know

2 - Editing videos: I have to be honest, it is very bad. I use Google photos. Cutting a video is just veeery slower than in other iphones. Even old ones. Sometimes the app just keeps loading and loading for something that iOS does immediately.

3 - Using the camera in apps: It's veeery bad. Sometimes I take a picture using What's app and it freezes, for a long time, sometimes I just cancel it and try to take the picture again. It's not realiable. I remember once I recorded a video from what's app about something important and then the video just... Dissapeared. Never happened something like that in iOS, the camera was always reliable and smooth.

4 - Sending videos: For some reason videos are sent slower than in my previous iPhone 7 plus.

5 - Calendar: Even tho I love Google Calendar (I love Google Services, I'm all about google), In iPhone I could mix my personal and work calendar, this was very handy, I liked to see what I have in a day, doesn't matter if it's work or personal. Now with Android there is this concept about separating personal and work apps, it makes sense, I understand why is it, is not that I don't like it at all, is just that for the calendar it was more comfortable to have it mixed. I don't want to be checking 2 apps.

In conclusion: Compared to iPhone SE (2020), this phone is just crap for multimedia

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News Google launches beta of Android games on Windows PCs

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Review What personalization apps do you know? (example: algorithms finetuned by user input)


Ive collected some of those categories and would like to expand the list, please contribute. Im not related to the publishers in any way, just trying to collect and find useful apps.


Inshorts displays news in a 60 words summarize, your personal feed can be set based on "tags"


Goodreads is like a social network for books, your ratings on books define what recommendations appear. Be aware that some categories are hidden inside the search and must be followed manually


Refind presents you a daily dose of blog articles , the amount can be configured up to 25 and every article is meant to be rated by you to get better matches every following day


R Discovery helps to find research publications from your favorite topics and works similar to Refind: Hide or like the article and the algorythm shows more relevant science


ASOS recommends similar clothes , wether you upload a picture or simply use the app


The Recommendations inside Distiller are a bit hidden, you register and open the home section, click on your profile button and select "Get Recommendation" - now it asks about what you prefer to find, you can also find the "you may also like" section at the bottom of each result

Muscle Training

Alpha Progression lets you choose which body parts to train and analyses latest used strength, this results in personalized advice which optimal steps to take next


Justwatch was designed to display latest shows and movies on the streaming platforms you are actually in, besides that it will show you what other people who viewed the same content also like


Youtube is designed to learn from likes and playtime of certain videos , its startpage will get more precise the more you view. Its ability to create "subprofiles" can be used to have different recommendations per needed content (like one for music, the other for tutorials and so on)

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Article Google Hires PayPal Vet to Reset Strategy After Its Banking Retreat

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Review HONOR Magic V Detailed Review: Most Powerful Foldable on The Planet!

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Android 12 on samsung galaxy note 10 lite is published.


Android 12 (samsung ui 4.0) published on samsung galaxy note 10 lite.