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u/WitchGhostie Oct 14 '21

Yeah these “first amendment auditors” are so obnoxious. I’ve never seen one that doesn’t start shit. Cop baiting, real great father son bonding experience.


u/hostergaard Oct 14 '21

What makes them obnoxious? Can you justify that claim on anything int he video? They seemed to be quite courteous until officer tough guy assaulted the kid.



I think some people just can't handle confrontation. Idk, i might just be an egotistical douche, but i don't let people step on me, and i get real nasty when it happens. In my possibly trauma-warped brain, the cop was the asshole and every bit of humiliation those guys eke out of the situation, he deserves. Not only that but, to me, every time an asshole gets away with being an asshole its doing society a disservice. Like i understand people don't like the language and the ego but like, you don't have to be like me. You can be You and i can get tazed on Cops, but at least i won't feel like a lil bitch


u/hostergaard Oct 17 '21

I agree, I think the father and son in the video are doing import work shining light at abusive cops. Yeah, I am sure there is auditors out there that are assholes, but from the videos I have seen, these people are doing nothing but filming until someone starts harrasing them and being rude, and that point I think they are well within their right to give them a verbal lashing for their behaviors.

And yeah, it might be unwise to do so with police, but its unwise because we let it be unwise. It should not be unwise, it should be perfect ok and safe to put an officer out of line in their place, and the only way to achieve that is to always challenge them when they do wrong, to do the unwise thing and risk getting tazed because every little act will slowly change society and expose the corrupt ones. And that is why people like this father and son are heroes, because they are putting themselves at risk for the sake of protecting our rights. A risk many don't appreciate, but its a risk that helps those very same people. I for one appreciate their good work.