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u/Jrebel619 Oct 14 '21

Cop shouldn’t have handled the situation like he did, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that these guys are giant tools.


u/WitchGhostie Oct 14 '21

Yeah these “first amendment auditors” are so obnoxious. I’ve never seen one that doesn’t start shit. Cop baiting, real great father son bonding experience.


u/EarlBungalow Oct 14 '21

Can anyone explain to a non-american what "first amendment auditors" are? Thanks in advance!


u/botmagnet Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

The first amendment protects an American Citizen's right to freedom of speech, religion, press, and expression, among other things.

First Amendment auditors "test" public servants' (mostly law enforcement, as they have sworn an oath to protect the constitution in most cases) willingness to honor their "1A" rights.

Some are better than others. The people in this video are "Amagansett Press" and I think they are some of the better examples of auditors. They tend to remain calm, until fucked with, and then you get what you see here.

Some claim to do this for the sake of preserving our rights and to keep law enforcement "honest". Some really seem to do it for attention/clout/views, in addition to whatever goals they state.

In these videos, the setup is usually to go into, or around a government facility and video people until they get annoyed and call the cops. Then the auditors test the cops. People do tend to get weird when being recorded. Most seem to think that people cannot record them without their permission. The fact is that there is "no expectation of privacy in public". Since government facilities are public facilities, they are able to film whatever their eyes can see. They use this to agitate employees and concerned citizens until they either get bored, or the cops are called.

I feel like they are actually performing a public service. Amagansett Press, I feel, usually does it respectfully and they do seem to be passionate about preserving our rights. Even though I feel this way, these guys can be really aggravating to deal with and they do intentionally try and create drama to get their point across. There are some police officers that really do need to


u/EarlBungalow Oct 14 '21

Thanks for taking the time to explain.