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u/I_upvote_downvotes Oct 14 '21

That wouldn't be okay to do to an empty civillian car let alone one that could have a laptop, confidential software, and maybe even a firearm.

There's plenty of footage of cops abusing people, planting drugs, and murdering people and/or dogs out there. Pretending this video shows something that it's not is pointless.

These two guys going on a harassment spree, because a walkie bumped into them after they tried to look into a closed tinted window is just a "Help! Help! I'm being Repressed!" moment.


u/Echale3 Oct 14 '21

Nice Monty Python reference....


u/kingaklubs Oct 14 '21

its actually 100% ok if its a civilian car (anything in public or viewed by public).. and I don't think you know what you are talking about when it comes to confidential. I assume you have never had a sec clearance . if you have you obviously haven't paid attention in briefings and should be reported.


u/TwiztedImage Oct 14 '21

That would be ok to do to a civilian car, even one with a laptop with literally anything on it; even a firearm.

Police shouldn't be touching people with anything unless they're enforcing the law or acting in the interest of public safety.

A closed tinted window isn't something that's protected under the law.


u/Anonymush_guest Oct 14 '21

A. Police car windows, being public (government) property, should NEVER have tinted windows.

  1. Surprisingly, on a public road, in public, nothing has a reasonable expectation of privacy, particularly the enforcement arm of government.

III. Also surprising: Photography doesn't steal souls. All the things you mentioned will work perfectly fine, even if photographed.

iv. The chubdub chest bump is a tactic. It leads to the officer claiming "He AsSaUlTeD a LaW eNfOrCeMeNt OfFiCeR!"


u/tagliatelevision Oct 14 '21

It is antagonistic, but at the same time if you are a police officer (or anyone else who looks at confidential information like say a doctor) maybe you should be locking the screen or closing the lid of your laptop that is apparently showing confidential information instead of leaving it for the world to see while you walk away? Would you be happy with your doctor looking at your file and leaving it lying on the front desk at the reception as they go get a coffee somewhere? Somebody else without a camera can just as easily come up to your car and read it from the screen and not loudly announce that they did that.


u/dsled Oct 20 '21

The point is, the cop has no legal authority to come up to them and do that. What they are doing is protected by the 1st amendment.