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u/grooljuice Oct 14 '21

Thanks for sharing, I'll do mine now.

Kid in my grade, constantly bullied. Literally thrown into garbage cans. He was also a piece of garbage who would openly say the N Word. He's now a cop in a major NJ city.....


u/HereToPatter Oct 14 '21

Cops in my small home town:

One decent guy who is actually an anti-masker, so loses a ton of points there.

One guy I went to high school with that was constantly picked on and not too bright...he was recently let go for soliciting sex with a minor (not arrested, just let go). He was also married to a girl he started dating when she was still a minor and he just started on the force.

One guy who's dad was the sheriff for waaayyy too long. Thia guy was a pure athlete. Strong, fast, agile...but dumb as fuck. He was able to buy his own keg for his high school graduation. He also never got to show off his athleticism due to never making the grades.

Another guy that was always hitting on/flirting with young girls. Several stories of him with girls my age when I was in high school, but none proven. He left that department and is now high up at a state-wide police force.

Another officer that starting dating a girl in my class when she was 15.....he was around 35 or so. They got married after he was forced to resign (and she became of age).

The list goes on...all of them are disgusting people. Fuck the police.


u/grooljuice Oct 14 '21

WTF is in the water by you, bro!


u/HereToPatter Oct 14 '21

Luckily I got out of there like 12 years ago...I just continue to hear the gruesome stories.


u/dankestwallaby Oct 14 '21

Bullying is absolutely terrible, but at the chance of sounding cruel, it’s very sadly just a part of life, and likely why I won’t have children. But it’s also sadder that these victims develop a taste fit vengeance and get to that position in the easiest (only) possible way for them.