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u/ghozztz Oct 14 '21

It's ok to just think both parties are assholes.


u/BuddyMustang Oct 14 '21

This is it. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down and not come at each other like middle school bully bitches. Adults speak their minds and work their shit out.


u/DizzleSlaunsen23 Oct 14 '21

Not anymore you gotta pick a corner and fucking fight for it!! /s well kinda


u/VoteGeriatric2020 Oct 14 '21

Both parties are assholes.

However, making public health a partisan issue makes you an asshole.


u/ghozztz Oct 14 '21

Yeah, no shit. That’s what makes one of the involved parties an asshole.

The other party is an asshole for compensating for their small dick/fragile ego by chest bumping a kid for daring to film a tinted window.

Parties does not inherently mean political parties, and assuming it does makes you the asshole.

Good day sir.


u/GwaziMagnum Oct 14 '21

He never said anything about political parties.
You're the one who assumed it was.


u/ghozztz Oct 14 '21

I said good day.


u/GwaziMagnum Oct 14 '21

And you thought you wouldn't be called out just because you said so?


u/ghozztz Oct 14 '21

I’m confused, what exactly are you “calling me out” for?

For responding to someone who called me an asshole for saying something that I didn’t say, or some other stupid fucking reason that only makes sense to idiots?


u/Pick_Up_Autist Oct 14 '21

They said "partisan issue", that refers to political parties.

A partisan is a committed member of a political party or army, zero chance they were talking about military members.


u/GwaziMagnum Oct 15 '21

Yea, that's a fair point.

I missed that, sorry.


u/KockBurn Oct 14 '21

Canadian checking in.....

You all look like assholes. Videographers, cops and commenters.

The whole scene plays out like a fucking grade 2 playground. Is this what we’ve evolved in too?

Bunch of assholes with cameras shoved in each other’s faces to keep one another honest. How does society go forward when interactions are based on what you can film some else doing rather than having a conversation.

Every interaction is a possible conflict with this mindset, and we wonder why people are on edge 24/7. It’s fucking ridiculous and both sides of this story are in the wrong, the cops and videographers just made the divide bigger.

Tell me how that makes the situation better?



u/Escape-From-Florida Oct 14 '21

Too bad grown ups for centuries have deemed violence is the most optimal way to deal with agitators.