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u/Chelonate_Chad Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

Oh, FUCK right off, bootlicker. Police abuse of authority is about as serious a societal issue as exists.


u/Khufuu Oct 14 '21

yeah but none of that has anything to do with what I said and it became an excuse for reddit to go off about public figures blah blah blah.

the cop chest bumped the guy, technically assault, and then didn't admit to it (the correct play in favor of the cop).

I'm not about to start a revolution over this. there are incidents with cops that are worth revolting over but not today. not for this kid. the auditors are doing their job well. the cop is a power tripping a hole. case closed.


u/Chelonate_Chad Oct 14 '21

Bitch, sit the fuck down.

You say "technically" assault when the keyword is assault. The cop committed a violent crime on camera. With the confidence to do so on his camera and the victim's. Because this is not an isolated incident, it is the norm and the very culture of policing.

No, you bootlicking coward, a revolution against this pervasive shit is exactly what we need.


u/Khufuu Oct 14 '21

auditors are always such nerds about everything and they call everyone who disagrees a bootlicker


u/Chelonate_Chad Oct 14 '21

Someone being a "nerd" is a hell of a lot less relevant than the abuse of society by police.

Sit. The fuck. Down. You authoritarian-worshipping little bitch.

You're not a bootlicker "because you disagree," you're a bootlicker because you're licking boots. Fuck you and everyone like you who excuses and normalizes police abuse. You are fucking pathetic and a cancer.