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u/runningsimon Oct 13 '21

I'd put money that the guys case makes it nowhere.


u/longboringstory Oct 14 '21

I think the officer became concerned when he realized he chest bumped a minor. There's not much of a case to be made here anyway, but when a minor gets involved it can be that "one video" that goes viral. And guess what, it went viral.


u/bozeke Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

This apparently seems to be a real ongoing problem for the Tempe PD apparently.


And then of course the time when an officer shot an unarmed 14 year old in the back as he was running away. (Trigger warning: a cop killing a 14 year old).



u/monkeyking908 Oct 14 '21

"the officer was trying make sure everything got resolved peacefully" funny how this is said after a video showing him admitting he is just arresting the kids because he didnt like having to do his own job