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u/bozeke Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

This apparently seems to be a real ongoing problem for the Tempe PD apparently.


And then of course the time when an officer shot an unarmed 14 year old in the back as he was running away. (Trigger warning: a cop killing a 14 year old).



u/monkeyking908 Oct 14 '21

"the officer was trying make sure everything got resolved peacefully" funny how this is said after a video showing him admitting he is just arresting the kids because he didnt like having to do his own job


u/CapablePerformance Oct 14 '21

Yea, Tempe has some of the worst instances of police power abuse, which is sadly saying a LOT. Other cops are just violent, but Tempe antagonizes people without fear.


u/DreadSkairipa Oct 14 '21

Not as bad as Mesa. Trigger happy as fuck. Always have been.


u/Reyne-TheAbyss Oct 14 '21

I guess I just shouldn't visit my family in Phoenix ever again. I miss the days when I used to live there, unaware of how messed up the place is.

I wonder what I'll learn of next. Maybe a serial killer or two.


u/Kamenwatii Oct 14 '21

Ah man that cop was pitifully out of shape. He's always going to shoot if you run. No way he's catching anyone ever. I thought the fucker was gonna keel over and die himself! Shameful shameful shit...


u/voltran1987 Oct 14 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

I’m by no means a cop supporter, but damn. Some airsoft guns are exactly the same as a real one except the diameter of the bore. They shouldn’t be making fake guns where there’s no amount of training to prevent a situation like this. Without eagle eyes, it’s bound to be fucked.

Just google airsoft guns. We should do the same thing we did with the flavored vapes.

Also, fuck him for shooting him in the back.


u/bozeke Oct 14 '21

That is a reasonable point. Him shooting the running kid in the back from 30+ feet away is a whole separate problem that we should still be discussing seriously even if it hadn’t been a toy gun.


u/voltran1987 Oct 14 '21

I edited my comment to include that little tidbit. I agree with you, fuck him for that. He should be in prison.


u/redoctoberz Oct 15 '21

This apparently seems to be a real ongoing problem for the Tempe PD apparently.

They're the 9th most violent PD in the nation and Tempe School district doesn't want them in schools anymore.


u/dannx001 Oct 14 '21

Unarmed ? He had a gun.


u/bozeke Oct 14 '21

*An orange tipped toy.


u/dannx001 Oct 14 '21

And jail is just a room. Let’s all pain orange tips on our guns and start calling them possible toys. You have an item in your hand that looks like a gun, then it will be treated like one.


u/rob_matt Oct 15 '21 edited Oct 15 '21

He was also running away and was shot in the back.

I understand the bit about the airsoft gun. But shooting a fleeing suspect in the back is a completely separate issue.

Only when a fleeing suspect poses a significant threat to the officer or the community can they be hit with deadly force.

A kid who was rummaging through a truck and is running away with what at a distance may be a weapon? To me, that isn't enough to shoot him. If suddenly he turns around with said object in his hands, I can understand. But firing at someone who's 10-20 yards away and is fleeing? No.


u/dannx001 Oct 15 '21

How long does it take to lift and arm and shoot? Faster than you can react ill bet on that.


u/rob_matt Oct 15 '21 edited Oct 15 '21

Got it, so long as there's a possibility that someone is holding something that might look like a weapon cops should empty the clip just in case.


u/dannx001 Oct 15 '21

Thats how it works. Did you not see the video of a guy holding something with a shirt over it or the guy pulling a paper from his back pocket or that kid from Chicago that ran and got shot when he pulled out a gun and tried to toss it behind the fence. If you are dealing with a cop and you pull something that looks like a weapon, it will be treated like one.