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u/Deleena24 Oct 13 '21

Apologizing on film means they're openly admitting to violating policies, which forces the hand of their superiors. They're trained to never admit any type of fault, even if it's blatantly obvious.


u/big617isaac Oct 13 '21

this is actually 100% true and not just for police, my parents and driving school teacher both told me if I ever got in an accident to never say sorry or admit fault for insurance reasons. similarly at my grocery store that i work at i was told by coworkers never to apologize or admit fault to customers. apologizing is meaningless in the professional adult world apparently


u/Poliobbq Oct 14 '21

Seems like a good bedrock for a functional society.


u/mondaymoderate Oct 14 '21

Yeah I hate that shit. It takes a mature person to apologize and we are teaching people to be assholes who never admit fault. I apologize all the time to my customers and I never have had an issue. People love the ol “I apologize for the inconvenience.” and it can defuse so many tense situations.

These people would rather fight with a Karen then defuse a situation with a simple apology all because their egos won’t let them admit fault for some reason.

The insurance thing is understandable but if it’s your fault then you should apologize. What are you going to do? Lie to your insurance company because you don’t want to admit fault? That’s why everyone has a dashcam now.


u/JakobeBryant19 Oct 14 '21

I 100% especially when it comes to working with customer and the public.

But as a Canadian I feel like I'd be screwed in the car accident situation because I say sorry naturally sometimes at the end of sentences when I don't need to lol


u/GiantPurplePeopleEat Oct 14 '21

Fortunately, Canada has law that specifically allows you to apologize, without assuming liability. It’s the most Canadian law ever.


u/CorruptedStudiosEnt Oct 14 '21

Apologies are such a vaguely defined thing situationally anyway, it's stupid for it to be used in any legal context let alone admission of fault. There are people who apologize when somebody bumps into them for fucks sakes lol.


u/Toxicair Oct 14 '21

Aptly named the apology act https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/09a03


u/Admirable_Loss4886 Oct 15 '21

Holy shit I thought they were joking, thank you!


u/imatree Oct 14 '21

I mean, Canada and literally every other country except America.


u/overturf600 Oct 14 '21

This is the best thing I have heard in days. That’s awesome!


u/AlabasterOctopus Oct 14 '21

I’m convinced the two basic trains of thought for all human kind are this, either the cannot admit fault or sees no issue admitting fault. It’s scary when you see how deep it goes.


u/stomach Oct 14 '21

i get your point, i really do. but the 'no apologies' rule is a rule to live by now. lawyers have worked tirelessly to make society suck balls, and now that there are cellphone cameras filming everything it's not wise to admit fault. especially when ONE cellphone camera can tell a different story than TWO cellphone cameras (remember the debacle posted a few days ago with the lambo and the girl who got 'caught' lying about who hit who?)


u/justqnotherthrowaway Oct 15 '21

Can you link me to it?


u/AnjingNakal Oct 14 '21

In the context of an accident, the advice not to admit fault is because it's a high tension situation and emotions can be running high. You may say things that you don't mean to, so the priority is to ensure everyone is ok and safe, and then swap insurance details - that's it.


u/hipery2 Oct 14 '21

People love the ol “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Do people really like it? I always translated it to mean, "sucks to be you".


u/mondaymoderate Oct 14 '21

Yeah some people love it. Especially the people who like to complain. They think they get something by you apologizing. I don’t get it but I’m not one of those people.