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u/SkydiverRaul13 Oct 13 '21

Cops should be required to pass a strenuous fitness test every year or be fired.


u/Muddy_Roots Oct 13 '21 edited Oct 14 '21

Theres way too many fat and out of shape ccops. For senior prank day knew some dudes who used paper mache to make a giant dick and floated it out on raft in the school pond. COps were called, dudes ran, and the cop followed after and unfortunately had a heart attack at school and died in that field.

Apparently the officers dept was trying every way to pin his death on the kids.


u/anunexpectedturnip Oct 14 '21

I'm impressed you managed to tell a story featuring a police chase, a fatal heart attack, wacky college hijinx, and a giant paper mache johnson in only a single paragraph.


u/Poop-ethernet-cable Oct 14 '21

They colluded with his own body to give him a heart assault.


u/TheMillenniumMan Oct 14 '21

Yeah, right. I filled him full of butter and sugar for 50 years and forced him not to exercise. 


u/Poop-ethernet-cable Oct 14 '21

You shouted fire!


u/Book_talker_abouter Oct 14 '21

They shouted "fryer!"


u/ryancav Oct 14 '21

Well that took a dark turn


u/PabloEstAmor Oct 14 '21

I had almost the exact same thing happen at my school. Senior prank, cop chasing kids, has heart attack and dies.


u/Roboticsammy Oct 14 '21

Imagine being blamed for the death of someone who neglected to take care of themselves, and are supposed to be in charge of keeping the peace


u/cablequotes Oct 14 '21

How dare those kids make the officer overeat and not exercise for 30 years. /s


u/KipSummers Oct 14 '21

Officer involved cardiac event