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u/SkydiverRaul13 Oct 13 '21

Cops should be required to pass a strenuous fitness test every year or be fired.


u/indica_bones Oct 13 '21 Gold Wholesome Bravo! Starry Ally

I am more concerned with their mental health than the physical health. Being overweight isn’t dangerous for anyone except the officer. Being unhinged, armed, and having immunity is a dangerous combination for everyone in the community.


u/sillylittlebird Oct 13 '21

Yup! And honestly- they don’t prevent crimes. This isn’t a marvel movie- they show up and fill out paper work after a crime has been committed. I’d rather a mentally stable and well trained individual than a swoll gym bro with a Superman complex anyway!


u/BaabyBear Oct 14 '21

Imagine all the choke holds in the gym bro Superman complex police department


u/Mp32pingi25 Oct 14 '21

Well not sure you have prof of a city with no law enforcement.