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Answered Are men really that much stronger than women?


I’m a man, and recently I’ve been seeing post about women being weaker than men exponentially. This post is the one that surprised me a lot. It made it sound like the average guy is much stronger than the strongest woman. This post had comments saying that her deadlift isn’t super heavy. I do lift weights and can deadlift over her weight, but I thought it was just because she doesn’t work out much.

Personally I have never been a situation where I have had to fight a women or pin one down, so I don’t know. I just thought women were slightly less strong if not equal, but I’ve been seeing things that say otherwise.

Edit: To everyone calling me a dumbass, the subreddit is called no stupid questions.

Edit 2: I have gotten so many replies my inbox has literally broke. Please stop.

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Answered Are there any movies that have no trees in it?


I had a conversation with my mother, and we couldn't think of a single one. It's getting quite annoying. Please help.

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Answered How do you tell your significant other you're going to take a dump?


In terms of phrasing. Like I'm going to take a crap, shit, dump, poo, dookie squat? Surely there's some creative phrasing for this.

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Answered Why is it that human childbirth is excruciating pain but in the animal kingdom they seem to not give a shit all that much?


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Answered How do Americans pay those massive hospital bills?


Australian here, but browsing through Reddit you sometimes see those posts and comments about exorbitant hospital bills going into thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands for even the most basic treatments.

Given that people in the replies never seem very surprised, it sounds like this just normal, but I'm sure the average Redditor is not a millionaire, so how does it work? Do you just hold that debt forever or is there a deadline? Where do you actually scrounge up the money for that kind of sum? Not looking to start arguments about healthcare politics, just curious about the aftermath of those bills.

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Answered What does it mean when someone works a “925”?


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Answered It it my place to discipline someone else's kids?


My friend's kids (ages 3 & 5) destroy things in my house when no one is watching. They don't listen. And they hurt my kids, mostly my 1+ year old, until someone notices.

Am I in my place to discipline them if they're in my home and their parents aren't doing anything about their behavior?

I realize there's a typo in the title, apologies.

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Answered why is vaginia called a commonwealth when other states arent?


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Answered Why do humans seem to be the only animals that have to cook their meat?


Seems like humans are the only animals that can't just grab a living creature and start eating it, skin and flesh all together. This seems like an evolution setback and was curious as to why this is

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Answered Is saying blue lives matter racist?


I’m not super educated on the topic and some kid in my school wrote blue lives matter on a rock. Then someone in my school made an “exposing racists” account and is going to say who did it. But is saying blue lives matter racist?

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Answered If someone had a hand-gun and removed the magazine to "prove it was empty", is it possible there could still be a bullet in the chamber which they could fire?


If so would the gun still be able to fire the bullet with the magazine emptied? Or does it depend on the gun?

(Brit here, not an expert on guns.)

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Answered As a new father, I’d love to introduce my son to animals the way I was - by going to the zoo. But I’ve realized just how fucked up zoos are. What would be the best alternative?


Sorry if this doesn’t belong here, I just feel stupid for having to ask.

Edit: Appreciate all the understanding responses. Little guy isn’t even a year old yet, but this has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Stresses me out thinking how to navigate conversations with schools, peers, and family.

Until about 10 years ago, I didn’t think twice about being a member at the San Diego Zoo, visiting the wild animal park, or Seaworld. Then I saw Blackfish and it opened my eyes. I started casually researching the consciousness of animals. It wasn’t until touring an animal research facility conducting medical device testing on dogs that I realized I want to be deliberately mindful of what is necessary and unnecessary when it comes to our interactions with animals.

I wasn’t aware of the AZA before the responses here. I spent a good chunk of time reading through their accreditation standards and recommendations and it doesn’t change how I feel in the slightest. In fact, reading their care manual for gorillas reinforced my beliefs. Let’s face it - gorillas, elephants, big cats, penguins, etc. just don’t fuckin belong in a zoo in Detroit, Michigan. Hence why they gave away their elephants on ethical grounds (only once they were aging and arthritic).

Personally, I like the ideas of natural history museums, nature centers, and national parks best. Requiring more research - sanctuaries, refuges, etc. Farms are a topic of discussion for another day, I suppose, given that so many are horrible to their animals/product. And yes, as my son gets older, documentaries will become important.

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Answered How am I supposed to feel/react to my transgender child?


Ok, so long story short my 14 year old was born a girl and last night he said that he is trans and his name is Eugene and his pronouns are He/him. My kid came out to me a few months earlier as gay. My wife and I have been supportive and encouraging that if that is what makes them happy, we support it. BUT, now he’s trans and I know it’s only been a day but I feel like it’s a lot to process. I mean they’re only 14. Are they old enough to know that? Is this likely a teenage thing to seem cool with friends? I honestly am not sure I like it. I truly am trying to be supportive but I don’t really believe in the trans movement. Though I don’t believe in it, I also don’t force my opinion on anyone else. I’m of the mindset do whatever you want as long as you don’t harm or violate others, so I’ve never considered myself against it or for it, just that it’s out there. Biggest stupid question is shouldn’t his mother and I get to chose his new name? Since we named him in the first place? But I suppose it doesn’t matter. Just part of these fleeting thoughts as I process all of this.

Edit: it’s day 3 and Eugene and I realized that his old nickname bean still applies. He’s now Gene Bean!! I love it. We both had a good laugh about it on the ride to his school.

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Answered If dust mostly consists of human skin, how do abandoned attics get so dusty?


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Answered What exactly are NFT’s and why do people hate them so much?


I’ve recently seen a lot of people complaining about NFT’s and even though I searched up what they are, I still don’t fully understand it.

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Answered Is life really just working a 40 hour work week to savor a precious weekend over and over again until you die?


I just turned 18, and from my understanding, being an adult means: working a meaningless and grueling job 5 days a week to have enough money to pay for livable accommodations, while having little to no time for relationships, hobbies, or really anything that makes life worth living. And the weekend is just two days of stress trying to get as much done as possible because you don't have time during the week.

Is it like this for everyone? Is there a way to NOT have to do this? What's the point?

EDIT: I should add that I'm NOT someone that would rather party every day and engage in grossly hedonistic alternatives. I don't want a massive house/s. I don't want a brand-new sports car/s. I don't want 10 wives. I just want to live with someone I love and spend as much time with them as possible while furthering my knowledge and pursuing art. That's all.

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Answered What happened if you made a "typo" wile using Morse Code?


It just occurred to me that you can't really hit the delete key, so how did you recognize and fix a mis-typed Morse message?

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Answered I've been using "gay" as an insult and I want to stop, do you have any less derogatory words that fit in a sentence the same way?


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Answered How do you kiss someone almost a foot shorter than you?


I went on a really great date yesterday and really liked the girl but she’s almost a foot shorter than me. That doesn’t bother me at all but it did stop me from asking to kiss her at the end because I didn’t know how to do it without it being weird.

I have metal rods in my spine because of scoliosis so I can’t bend my back much. She can’t jump! Well, not for long enough anyway. Do I bend sideways? Bend my knees and lean forward?

Seriously, how are you guys doing this?

Edit: yes, we can use steps or a stool or something like that but I’m looking for the least awkward and least mood-ruining approach for a first kiss and future kisses.

Edit2: Okay, I’m going to try to plan the next date someplace with stairs and “casually” lead her there at the end of the night in a way that doesn’t make me seem like a serial killer. Wish me luck! Thanks for all the help, Reddit!

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Answered Why don't people use the bathroom fan?



A lot of bathrooms (all new ones?) have a fan to draw air to an exhaust so as to speed the removal of odors. It also has the nice side effect of muffling the noise of you doing your business in there.

Whenever people come over, they don't use it. My did dad didn't use it. My girlfriend didn't use it.

But for the real kicker ... I bought a home this year that was new construction. The builder came over one time and used the bathroom. He knows this place in and out. He didn't turn the fan on.

Why not?

Edit: To clarify, I use it regardless of what I'm doing in there when someone else is present. I figure they don't want to hear urination sounds either.

Edit2: Apparently, some people believe the fan means "I'm pooping", yet I've always turned on the fan unconditionally, so as to obscure what it is signaling.

Edit3: RIP inbox.

Edit4: PLEASE READ some of the top comments before responding, so you're not the 100th variant of a comment that claims to know what the fans are "really for".

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Answered Can a 21 year old man who lives in Texas and never wants kids get a vasectomy?


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Answered Which is more environmentally worst? Throwing my Mayo jar in the thrash OR use a ton of water to rinse it up?


I mean sure putting it in the recycle bin after being rinsed seems better but think of all that water you use just for ONE jar. If you do that for ketchup, peanut butter etc. How much water we wasting on that and how to be sure we rinsed it enough for the guy at Triage to not throw it away anyway...

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Answered Is it just me, or does 72 degrees with A/C on, feel different than 72 degrees with the heat on?


72 degrees is 72 degrees… but why does A/C make it a cold 72 degrees and heat make it a more hot 72 degrees? Or am I just crazy? Cause that’s 100% a possibility.

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Answered Why is Jordan Peterson so hated?


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Answered are all the sponsors that YouTubers promote over and over (raycon, nord vpn/surfshark, honey, dollar shave club, skillshare) all crap? are any of them worth buying or using?


I'm thinking about getting raycons, partially bc my earbuds are dying and maybe because I'm succumbing to the youtube overlords, are they worth buying? I always assume things that are heavily sponsored are not very good quality, but I haven't actually tried any of them.

edit: thanks for all the responses, this has been a helpful thread! it seems like the goodies are me-undies, stitch fix, nord vpn and surfshark (mostly), and skillshare. controversial picks are honey and dollar shave club. the baddies are raid shadow legends, and definitely raycon lmao