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Covid-19 megathread December 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic megathread


Covid-19 continues with a new variant, and we're all suffering from pandemic fatigue. Here's a fun fact to keep you going: Did you know some people think that the Disney movie Tangled predicted Covid-19? Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and keeps her locked away...from the island kingdom... of Corona. Who knew?

Welcome to yet another monthly megathread for Covid-19. We get so many questions every month about it, like "If there's an Omicron variant, does that mean there's other variants they haven't talked about?" or "When is all this going to end?" ..and many of them are repeats. So we made a megathread where you can ask these questions!

Post all your Covid-19 related questions as a top level reply to this monthly post.

Top level comments are still subject to the normal NoStupidQuestions rules:

  • We get a lot of repeats - please search before you ask your question (Ctrl-F is your friend!). You can also search earlier megathreads for popular questions like "how can I convince my friend the vaccine is safe?" or "when do you think the pandemic will end?"
  • Be civil to each other - which includes not discriminating against any group of people or using slurs of any kind. Topics like this can be very important to people, or even a matter of life and death, so let's not add fuel to the fire.
  • Top level comments must be genuine questions, not disguised rants or loaded questions. This isn't a sub for scoring points, it's about learning.
  • Keep your questions tasteful and legal. Reddit's minimum age is just 13!
  • Worried you have the virus or how to treat it? All medical advice questions will be removed. If you have a question about your personal health, talk to your doctor. Absolutely must ask strangers online? Try /r/AskDocs.

Want more Covid info? Check out /r/Coronavirus (or /r/CanadaCoronavirus for our Canadian readers!).

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Is it rude if I ask him to brush his teeth before kissing and sex?


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Does anyone else say "Reddit" in a frog voice in their head?


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Unanswered Is it me? Or does it seem the NFT, metaverse, crypto craze is being heavily pushed or marketed?


Every where I look I see posts about NFT and crypto. But it seems like this is a marketing campaign that came out of no where. Is it just me?

Edit: everyone is comparing it to the internet bubble, how bill gates sounded crazy talking about streaming radio from your computer lol

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Unanswered Okay, so insects grow larger when they get more oxygen, right? So, could I have a butterfly grow up in some sorta environment with pure oxygen and get a really large one to harvest its giant wings for a fairy costume?


r/NoStupidQuestions 4h ago Ternion All-Powerful

Has anyone actually seen an award trenion before?


I have never actually seen one rewarded, could someone link me somewhere where a trenion all-powerful has been gifted?

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Answered Why are cows so aggressive? How do I avoid this?


So where I live is super rural and we have cows grazing free on open, accessible land. Monday was the third time I've been charged at or had serious aggression shown to me by these animals (flustered head shaking and running towards me and my SO).

I have no idea why this happens. They didn't have calves, I didn't come close or split them from their group. I didn't run or move in any kind of anxious way, I didn't turn and run when it charged.

This whole issue seems really dumb to me, I've worked with other livestock (sheep and rams, horses etc) and I've been around my fair share of dangerous dogs but for some reason cattle seem unpredictable on a whole new level.

I'm also not willing to stop walking on the off chance there are cows. They huddle around the footpaths causing us to have to walk through bogs etc to maintain a safe distance around them.

I know the local farmers and they treat their animals well, so I don't think it's anything to do with them.

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Why does the US government emphasize religion so much?


Honest question, and I am not trying to be political at all.

Democrat or Republic I have the impression the US has a lot of focus on religion, especially christianity. As someone from Norway who through my 30 years of life only met a handful of openly Christian people, I would think that the country of music, movies and media would be a lot more atheist or at least agnostic than other parts of the world.

Is there a definitive reason for this?

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Why do a lot of websites with articles have half the text hidden behind a "Continue Reading" button?


No sign-in, no paywall, no page load, nothing... just an extra, completely unnecessary click to instantly show the rest of the text. Why even bother? What's the purpose?

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if I need to eat 2500 calories or less to lose weight, does that mean you can eat any food as long as the total is under that limit? for example, if I ate 2500 calories worth of taco bell, would I lose weight similar to eating 2500 calories of salad?


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Answered Is “milking me dry” a common expression in the US when referring to getting your money spent?


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Why is it illegal to lie to law enforcement, but they can lie about the details of a case in order to coerce you into a false testimony?


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is it okay for me to say God bless you to an agnostic/atheist/any others of different religion?


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Why do so many people believe America is as evil as China?


I am Chinese. Every time I checked some threads on Reddit and when people say a bad thing about China, other people will say America is doing the same things as well so if we have a problem with China we should have the same problem with America as well.

I don't get it. As a China-born person, I definitely know many shit things America did in the whole history. But comparing America to China is still shocks me. It doesn't make sense to me that many people compare 19th century America to 21st century China rather than 19th China or say America is also doing genocide in the 21st century.

Every single Chinese person who is against the government I know will agree that America did bad things but is definitely better than China now. So I am quite shocked that many people believe America is as same evil as China on the western network.

I definitely understand that there are many bots on Reddit, but many times I checked the users they are not like bots at all. Is that true that America got that much hate on the internet even at the same level as china?

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Why is Alec Baldwins accidental gun discharge a political issue?


I see a lot of people across all social media making fun of Alec Baldwin especially in light of his recent comments where he claims he didn’t pull trigger. I thought it was pretty obvious he was under the impression it was a fake/prop gun and it wasn’t. Why are people blaming him for what happened?

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Why do I say things that I know are stupid?


For example, this guy was wearing a necklace with a plastic ice cube. My dumbass asked if it was real ice. I knew it wasn’t real ice but I still asked it. Everyone laughed at me and I genuinely don’t know what I was thinking when I said that.

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Is it considered littering if I dump a liquid (coffee, Gatorade, milk) out of my car while parked?


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Unanswered What the hell is light language?


My mom and her girlfriend have been in a crazed spirituality kick for a long time (think SpiritScience haha). Currently, they're obsessed with "Light Language". They spend hours filling up pages with random letters or marks... my mom even thinks if she speaks it too much, she will lose her body to the cosmos?

More importantly I'm asking because they won't stop telling me that I'M speaking it. If I paint, they surround me with gasps. "You're receiving transmissions too." I find it hilarious. I tried looking up light language, but it really just seems like a moneygrab. "Ascend by taking these $160 classes twice a month. Heal yourself through DNA!"

I've even google translated random sentences to Arabic and copied them, hiding it in my paintings. My mom went crazy thinking I'm "downloading special information." Honestly though, someone please explain what this is???

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Unanswered If we perforated paper towels at an angle, would they finally tear correctly instead of leaving one awful scrap at the bottom?


RE: an upright paper towel roll

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Why do jacked dudes from the 50’s-60’s look so much less muscular than average body builders/gym rats today?


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Unanswered Who do I turn to when I suspect someone is using my identity in another country?


Googling my name, I've found that someone has been using my name, age and country of origin to open a business overseas. I'm very doubtful that there is someone out there with my name, let alone with those specific details. I'm wondering who I'm supposed to turn to. Also, why would anyone even do this? I get credit fraud, but opening a business?

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Do dolphins know that humans are also intelligent?


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Does having a fan blowing in your face help you run faster in your dreams?


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Unanswered Is there a way to buy McDonalds barbecue sauce in bulk, preferably by the gallon?


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Unanswered If advertisers pay per click, isn’t it possible to just click on ads and X out right away if you don’t like the company?


I heard somewhere that some ads cost well over 10$ per click. Couldn’t you just cost them money and leave right away?

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Should I answer the question or leave it blank?



I am stuck on a math question for my homework assignment due this weekend. Do you think it's better to leave the question blank or at least attempt it?