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When Dad is the ultimate Bro

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u/closet_transformer 8d ago Silver

This is Derek Redmond who eventually went on to be a professional basketball player. His father barged past security to go help his son. What a champion father.


u/golgomax 8d ago

Best. Dad. Ever.


u/MarkBank 8d ago edited 8d ago Silver Wholesome

Amazing Dad moment while also wearing a Dad shirt. “Have you hugged your son today?”

Edit: It was hard to read with all the tears in my eyes but I still like my version better


u/Grizzwold37 8d ago

I mean not to take away from the point, but the shirt says " have you hugged your foot today"


u/doug157 8d ago

Yeah I watched the whole thing thinking what an appropriate shirt to have on, have you hugged your son today, made me all teary eyed, gosh its so beautiful etc, and then he moved his arm and was like... Oh, it says... foot.

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u/croquetica 8d ago

Lol, it says foot. It’s a shirt advertising Nike shoes. It would have been quite the Disney moment had it said son.

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u/circus-cb 8d ago Silver Wholesome

I’ve met this guy! I did a charity walk with Jeff Sterling and he joined us for the day. He’s a great guy and so was his wife!


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

What a privilege. Awesome.

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u/okithurts 8d ago

Did he get in trouble for this? Those olympic dudes seemed pretty angry


u/smoike 8d ago

Well in all honestly. I understand it's "the rules". But by this point, if he gets any form of help or not doesn't really matter. It's not like he set a record or is a risk of beating someone else because he was given assistance. The guy was determined to finish what he had spent years working towards despite his injury and his dad was there to help his kid finish what he started.


u/AMorder0517 7d ago

Man as a father with a young son and daughter that are starting to show their interest in athletics this hit me hard in the feels. I bet this guys paternal instincts just kicked in. All the practices he took them to. All the pep-talks, getting them to believe in themselves when they were in doubt. Heavy stuff.


u/Ad8858 7d ago

Couldn’t agree more. Honestly it felt so natural to me to see the dad step in that I was embarrassed for the official who thought his involvement in the matter was more important than the moment the athlete was having with his dad.


u/okithurts 8d ago

Sorry i meant the dad. Going on the track like that


u/smoike 8d ago

Oh I know. And I didn't misinterpret what you said. I'm sure that as much as it pushed the boundary of the rules or even breaches them, I'm sure they would have had some compassion and understanding about it. At least I hope they would have.


u/okithurts 7d ago

I hope so too

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u/ButtisLove 8d ago Wholesome

That's so fucking raw. Imagine working so hard for so long only to have your strong body fail you at the wrong moment. His dad just wanted to help him finish, doesn't matter if he's disqualified, but goddamn, don't you wish you had parents like this?


u/1Tikitorch 8d ago

Then the Officials step in & the Father say’s to them we’ll finish & they’re trying to get them off the track & he gets pissed at them waves them off again. Huge Kudo’s to this young man’s Dad.


u/Abide_or_Die 8d ago

I'm fairly sure he said, "I don't give a shit"!!


u/Ductapefordaysss 8d ago

I mean really, Olympic viewership has been on a steady decline for a while now. Why in the hell would you try to stop some amazing footage like that


u/1Tikitorch 8d ago

Agreed, even if they say Sir if you touch your son he’s disqualified. He knew that, all he knows that his son is the most important thing right now in his life & he has to help him cross the finish line.


u/navin__johnson 8d ago Wholesome

“Sir it doesn’t count”

”Not for you it doesn’t”


u/mfdoomtoyourworld 8d ago

This was 20 years ago, back when it was still growing.

Hindsight is 20/20, they advertise the hell out of this now which is why you are seeing it here because the Olympics are about to happen in less than a month and this is essentially an ad for it.


u/straight_out_lie 8d ago

Hate to be that guy but 1992 was 30 years ago


u/Comekrelief 8d ago

What other depressing facts do you have


u/shadow-pop 8d ago edited 8d ago

When you turn a bunny on its back and hold it like that it looks like it’s relaxing and even sleepy, but it’s heart rate actually rises and scientists think the bunny is terrified.

Here is proof


u/biggestbroever 8d ago

Look at this mathisist thinking he's better than us with his multiplication knowing and stuff and things


u/RuncleGrape 8d ago

Wait no because I'm a teenager born in 1993 but that would mean I'll be 30 years old next year...oh God.


u/ragingthundermonkey 8d ago

You know, I really hate it when people point that out...

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u/Shaneblaster 8d ago Helpful

Love transcends sport. Transcends everything.


u/viverator 8d ago This

I was disappointed his shirt didn’t say “Have you hugged your son today?”

I think I might get one printed up, seems like the right kind of message. Beats all the political nonsense.


u/fapperontheroof 8d ago

Fuck yeah. Make a “Have you hugged your dad today?” version as well.

Men have feelings and are deserving of both showing and receiving affection/love. Let’s end this toxic masculinity bullshit.


u/nope-nails 7d ago

I just don't get why it says "foot." Odd shirt to wear to the Olympics

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u/DevRz8 8d ago

A dad like that is way better than any medal.


u/monirom 8d ago edited 8d ago

Officials: You can’t do this!!! He will be disqualified. Dad: The hell I can’t!!! WTF are you talking about. I CAN do this and help my son. Get the F out of my MF face.


u/nomadzebra 8d ago

Yeh dad was about to throw down!


u/Veenendaler 8d ago

Gave all those guys the angry dad eyes. Intense power lol


u/n00bvin 8d ago

The dad's shirt tells the story. He cares. He really cares. He knew to come in an he strong for his son. He knew this meant a lot and the training that went into it. He knew the pain his son would feel and is pulling out the pain in the way a dad only can.

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u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Absolutely beautiful


u/slaqz 8d ago

100 percent would do this for my boys. Literally crying after this. They are 6 and 3 its so terrifying


u/golgomax 8d ago

You're not alone, tears every time. 12 and 9. Scared for them more and more every day.


u/Ehlora1980 8d ago

Mine are 17 and 12. I'm terrified for them.


u/LovinMcJesus 8d ago

Kids 26 and 29. Both married, healthy with great partners, full time jobs and the world at their feet. Hell we even live In Canada and I lose sleep every God damned night because I worry.

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u/KavensWorld 8d ago

Same mate


u/jonovan 8d ago

Narrated by Morgan Freeman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU3jfbb172E


u/theoptionexplicit 8d ago

Interesting that the commercial digitally erases all the branding from Dad's clothes.


u/smoike 7d ago

This emotional moment was brought to you, and capitalised upon by VISA.

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u/Olealicat 8d ago

It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming how he didn’t really break until he saw his dad.

Also, infuriating how those two dudes didn’t get it and interrupted that moment of all moments. Anything for their 5 minutes.


u/Saruster 8d ago

Yeah he was holding it together until he realized his dad was there to hold him up. I’ve totally had those moments where I’m barely hanging on and as soon as I realize there’s someone next to me willing to take my burden from me, I just break down.

It might sound dumb, but this is why I always sob at the Survivor loved ones episodes. The castaways are on their own for weeks, they are hungry, cold, tired, surrounded by liars and backstabbers then suddenly they see someone who loves them and is 100% on their side. They can lose their shit for a little while and have someone they can trust to lean on. Hits me in the feels.


u/Olealicat 7d ago

I completely understand. This is a little personal, but when I found out my mom had died I was at work. While my coworkers were really close friends, they weren’t what I needed. I got home and called my husband. As soon as I heard his voice I completely lost it. It was the comfort of knowing he would completely and utterly accept my despair with absolute love and understanding. I am grateful that I had someone like that in that moment or life could have been very different for me.

On a lighter note, Survivor family episodes are so heart wrenching. Every time you see an adult transform into someone’s baby as they embrace their parents… it’s sob city.


u/jayzee1126 8d ago

They definitely didn’t do that for their 5 minutes. It’s a huge event, they don’t know this is his dad and it’s a security threat. They’re under a lot of stress and probably pressure from their employers to not allow fans on the track and yet they still relented and allowed the moment to play out. If you think this was for 5 minutes of game you’re crazy.


u/Swimming_Agent_943 8d ago

they couldn't possibly know it was his father. also, there is no doubt many athletes would want to finish the race, however much time or pain it would take without being disqualified.


u/Mycoxadril 7d ago

This feels like such a black and white take. Things aren’t so polar opposite. The officials had a job to do, they were looking out for the runner and once they saw he was safe and wanted his dad there they backed off. I don’t blame the officials. I don’t blame the dad. I feel terrible for this athlete in this huge moment in his life, but I feel so happy for him to have a parent scoop him up when he needs him the most and help him along the way. He’s a lucky man, for sure.

Plus dq or not he looks so pained when he was running on his own after his injury, I can’t imagine how much worse it would’ve gotten going the rest of the way alone. He found out what really matters that day and I doubt he regrets it.

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u/merlinface 8d ago

Son an Olympic athlete? Doesn't matter, you never stop being a Dad.


u/PAzoo42 8d ago Silver Helpful

Exactly. As a father to a son. I aim to be this type of dad every day.


u/DesmondoTheFugitive 8d ago Silver Gold Heartwarming

“Yes you can” and “Don’t quit, keep going “ are my favorite dad things to say to my daughter. Love her to death. As I have discovered it’s great life advice.


u/IceBearCares 8d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Narwhal Salute

Your number one role as a parent is to build them up. And here he saw his son was in pain but determined to finish the race. He knew pain and reality were moments away from setting in.

'You set out to finish this race. By damn that's what we're gonna do, because what you can't do alone, we can do together.'

Knowing it's all on full international view. Knowing your son just had his world come crashing down in front of millions. Even if everyone is empathetic, they saw.

That man didn't need a coach, or a trainer. He needed Dad. The only man in any child's life who can lift anything. If you're any sort of decent father, you know you became Atlas the day your kid(s) came into this world.

The weight of the entire world now rests on your shoulders. And you got a mother and tiny child you have to protect. (Describing paternal instinct here folks, calm down.)

Dad-figures are the only ones capable of swooping in like this, and holding you up. Even if 'Dad' is actually mom, aunt, uncle, step-, brother... Whatever.


u/PAzoo42 8d ago

Oh! I like " You can do it Buddy!" Or mussing his hair. It's something I remember fondly from my dad so I do it to him alot.


u/DesmondoTheFugitive 8d ago

Good man. Internet Dad High Fives!


u/Glazemm 8d ago Silver

I’ll be a dad for the first time here in a few months. I like reading stuff you dads are talking about. Gets me excited lol


u/DesmondoTheFugitive 8d ago Silver

I frequently tell my wife that she gave me the best gift I could ever ask for. You will get upset, you will get angry. Just breathe. Count to ten, and then let it it rip. If they did dumb after ten seconds of thinking of it, they deserve the tongue lashing, if not, calmly correct the action. You are gonna be a great dad. The only dad that is a failure is the one that does not show up. Don’t quit, I believe in you, dads around you believe in you. Don’t quit! That tiny human is depending on you.


u/Glazemm 8d ago edited 8d ago

I appreciate your kind words and the advice!

I wasn’t ready when I first heard the news. I had a horrible reaction when my wife told me and I regret it. I was being very selfish for whatever reason. I got scared and sort of panicked, thought my life was over.

I now think that this is going to be one of the best things to ever happen to me. It will change me for the better! I’m about to have a new best friend for the rest of my life!


u/DesmondoTheFugitive 8d ago

Everyone makes mistakes. I have made some terrible ones. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t dwell. Just accept. You are going to be great. I am so honored to be talking to the best dad that your kid is gonna have. No one is ever ready. You have the right attitude. I am sending you internet dad hugs and high fives. Just don’t quit. Lean on the dads in your church, community center, child’s school, whatever. Just keep learning. IDK WTF I am doing, but I keep trying. God give me strength to get it right. Love you bro. May the wind be ever at your back.


u/jonaman1 8d ago

No one is really ready to be a father the first time. I was the exact same way. We're scared of such a big change but once you man up and decide what you want to do you won't look back and you'll be happy you made that mentality shift. I was pretty young when this happened to me. Just down let your anger guide you.

Understanding that you get to raise a mini me was the greatest gift and there will be up and there will be downs but it will be worth it in the end.


From one father to another

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u/sparqs2011 8d ago

4 days in on first child’s birth. It’s HARD, overwhelming and scary. At the same time it is the most gratifying experience I’ve ever known. Stay open, stay soft and pay attention. You’ll do great.


u/PAzoo42 8d ago

Yeah! Matrix-five!


u/BrownBlaize 8d ago

Damn. Just damn. This comment right here makes me even more proud to be a father and even more determined to tech my child how to keep pushing. That first sentence is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you that.

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u/PoundApprehensive868 8d ago edited 8d ago

You’d be surprised how many people are not on board with this. I know a lot of parents that consider their job is done once their child is grown. I get that you’re no longer financially/legally responsible for them once they’re grown, but they will continue to be your children as long as you’re on earth.


u/SasparillaTango 8d ago

a great sentiment, but I can't help but think my father would be more on the "why didn't you finish" side.

Dad's are people, and some people are pieces of shit.


u/SephirosXXI 8d ago edited 8d ago

Lol, right? My dad literally broke all contact with me after he constantly harassed me via email and text, all because I wouldn't help him commit tax fraud. Some dads are shit people, being a dad doesn't magically make you like...a good person. Fuck shitty dads, Fuck shitty people.

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u/Shughost7 8d ago

I wonder what the dad said to the people approaching lol


u/stucazo 8d ago

something along the lines of "he is my son, get the fuck out of my way"


u/barelyintolerable 8d ago

I wonder more what they said to him. I don’t know if they’re worried about his injury and want to get him checked, or if they’re just trying to get them off the field


u/TankDaddyDo 8d ago

If you watch the video when he first comes out of the stands, security tried to stop him and he pretty much went right through them.


u/unpopularopinion0 8d ago Wholesome

huh. he said all that?


u/TankDaddyDo 8d ago

I can't lip read, but he was definitely pretty heated with some people that walked up to him while he was helping his son get to the finish line.

And someone else posted in this thread that the runner said later in an interview that it's the only time he ever heard his Dad curse.

Edit: capitalized the D in Dad because that is a capital D Dad

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u/SeriousCicada1090 8d ago

Lol if you watch closely enough

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u/puppykissesxo 7d ago

Same. But I do love seeing his angry swatting away of these people


u/Cushy_Butterfield 8d ago

I remember watching that - Derek Redmond was a great athlete running for my country, was gutted for him but couldn't be prouder of him and his dad and they way they finished.


u/TheLiberalOgre 8d ago

What I don't get is he was told after that he'd never compete again. But then he went and became a professional basketball player. I can get that he could say, play basketball but if the injury was that bad and he could do basketball professionally that's kind of amazing.


u/JollyBloke 8d ago Big Brain Time

Might be that the injury only prohibited him from reaching 'competitive' speeds, but his athletic abilities were sufficient for him to pursue another sports career? Just guessing.


u/dadudemon 8d ago

Probably very accurate.

Tore my shit on my left ankle doing agility drills.

Orthopedic surgeon said that the best possible outcome was 90% ability recovered. And the risk of doing it again was high.

I was a D1 running back. Agility and explosive power are everything.

He told me to retire. That this is it. And he hates what D1 sports do to health young people.

6 months later, I “retired.”

I just could not get back to even 90%.

But I still play sports for fun. I lift for fun.


u/Nousernamesleft0001 8d ago

I’m sorry man. Must have been hard to lose so much potential and completely change what you expect for your future. Like a breakup but way worse


u/dadudemon 8d ago Helpful

You are correct. I was really good. Damn good - I worked hard to get there.

The day I made the decision and realized the career was over, I cried, man. I knew deep down for months. But denied it.

It’s devastating.

Had aspirations to play in the NFL and be a decent running back. I’m white and Native American. I wanted it for both sides of my family. I wanted to bring them pride and honor.

I appreciate you being able to see how shitty this is. You’re a good person.


u/IheartPickleSoda 8d ago edited 8d ago

I'm sorry you had to deal with that and it's ok to feel really conflicted about all of it.

I was a swimmer on pace to compete for Olympic teams and I tore the labrum in my shoulder due to overuse. It just happened to be at the meet where college coaches came to see me compete. Instead I tore my shoulder, chicken armed the race, but still finished much like the runner in the video.

Had surgery, but never regained my range of motion and had to deal with recurring pain for the rest of my competitive career. It's not fair how some people can come back from injuries and some can't. Call me a bitch or whatever, but I still have some reservations about hard work paying off when something so unfair can happen to a person. Spent 15 years in a sport that I struggle to find positive things to take away from it sometimes.

I didn't get in a pool for 10+ years until this past summer when I actually enjoyed doing a few laps.


u/rondeline 8d ago

I got a feeling you already made them proud a long time ago. -A Dad.


u/vicente8a 8d ago

Same except my elbow never recovered from baseball. But you find other things to do it’s hard being an athlete since a young age and then just not doing anything. I lift and occasionally box for fun.

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u/Tange_S 8d ago

Different and less intense usages of the affected muscles and ligaments playing basketball compared to the rigid training regime and flat out sprinting for 40+ seconds as an elite, world class 400m runner.


u/BremBotermen 8d ago

I think the way you use those muscles during basketball is much less demanding than when full speed sprinting. In the basketbal your speed is limited by the ball and the players around you. Add to that that it’s more of an endurance thing than raw speed and I guess that’s why basketbal is ok but running isn’t.

Or the competition just wanted him out of the way and bribed a doctor idk


u/Vortesian 8d ago

Yeah, different sport uses muscles differently. Basketball you need quickness to get open. That might only be a step or two, and laterally too also. Maybe that’s enough to make it, especially given he was an elite sprinter. Glad his dad was there for him. And what assholes those officials were!

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u/Charger525 8d ago Hugz

I don’t care how often this is reposted. It’s beautiful and we need to see more acts like this.


u/screedor 8d ago Hugz

Yeah I have never had a father that I could do this with. Mine would leave and make fun of me for being weak. This breaks me.


u/bubblehead_maker 8d ago Silver

I was taking my son and his friends for a birthday Zipline thing. One of his friends, smaller and meeker, got all suited up in a helmet and harness. Climbed up the ladder and at the edge of the platform noped out. I happily took him home so he would not feel embarrassed. I told him that knowing your limitations but being willing to try something new we're both admirable traits. His dad told him how disappointed he was. I couldn't believe he'd be like that with his son. If you get this, you aren't weak or unworthy, you are you measured by your own standards guaged by your own experiences. Hold your head high.


u/Hideout_TheWicked 8d ago

Also, try to remember the father that does this had it done to him and you can always break that cycle with your own kid someday. My wifes father is like this because his father was. It doesn't excuse it but sometimes perspective can help people move beyond.


u/----__---- 8d ago

Thanks for giving that kid a solid counter example to what's at home.


u/MtnDewFtw 8d ago

Thank you, Dad ❤️


u/MagicianQuirky 8d ago

My god, how do I be more like you? That's such an good example of how easy it is to fall into that trap. I mean, I never said I was disappointed because rarely does that card ever come out, but this happened with our kiddo and the big slide at the water park. I want to be better at building my kid up rather than tearing them down.

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u/lindserelli 8d ago Wholesome

Oh honey. You are worthy of this kind of love, even if you didn’t get it. That’s his fault, not yours. Don’t give up on yourself. mom hugs


u/mightymoby2010 8d ago

Dad hugs from Me


u/skeebidibopmmdada 8d ago edited 7d ago Ally

Just a person who is concerned about people hugs from me

Edit: Holy cow, all these likes! And they said being a good person doesn't pay off

Edit 2: This is the absolute most likes I've gotten thanks ppl

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u/ScooButt 8d ago

Mouth hugs from me.

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u/Mister_Bloodvessel 8d ago


Just for anyone else who needs someone as encouraging as this lovely soul.


u/Isawagoatonce 8d ago

Is there one of these for dads? I know I could have used some real dad supports throughout life.

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u/DamienJaxx 8d ago

Anyone else who needs a dad from time to time, check out /r/DadForAMinute/

Also, shout out to the moms on /r/MomForAMinute/

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u/stromson85 8d ago

I’m so sorry to hear that :(


u/MudLOA 8d ago

Fuck, I'm sorry. What is wrong with some people?


u/Attack_of_the_BEANS 8d ago

You are never alone, you don’t need him. Remember these words.


u/imhere2downvote 8d ago


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u/MudLOA 8d ago

Today was really my first time seeing. It definitely hits me in the feel.

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u/Frosteecat 8d ago

As a Dad- fuck your old man. I love you and you’re enough, son!

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u/mk2vrdrvr 8d ago

This is the first time I have seen this. Great moment.

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u/malachiconstant76 8d ago

We're walkin here!


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Tear jerker


u/FWFT27 8d ago

Very much


u/Boom-Sausage 8d ago

Ironic how this will be remembered and nobody knows who actually won


u/TankDaddyDo 8d ago

That's a great observation, and thank you for making me think of that.


u/Quicklythoughtofname 7d ago

On the other hand, the winner must be a bit salty his hard work was overshadowed by a wholesome moment...whoever that was

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u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

100%. Great analysis


u/DarkyHelmety 8d ago

This fellowship and determination goes right to the heart of what it means to be human. To fail only to be uplifted by our fellow men. To be a springing board for our children and to help them become all they can be. Who cares who won the race, they won at humanity.

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u/PamelaOfMosman 8d ago

I would love to hear the original sound. I imagine the station gave them a heroes roar.


u/DrSandbags 8d ago


u/DontYuckMyYum 8d ago

thank you. no idea why people have to put sappy ass music over the original audio


u/vicente8a 8d ago

His emotions just completely let go as soon as his dad came. Damn. What a moment


u/The42ndDuck 8d ago

Thanks for sharing. Look to the middle-bottom left at about 1:16-1:18 just before they cut to the closeup on the runner in this video. You can see his dad in the white hat/shirt running down the stairs to get on the track.

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u/1Sluggo 8d ago

Holy hell, never thought I’d be sobbing on a Friday night.


u/SpiritualMachines2 8d ago

People can’t sob on Fridays?


u/thefixxxer9985 7d ago

Typically I save my sobbing for Monday

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u/SometimesGlad1389 8d ago

Right?! Whose cutting onions, it's rude

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u/Ba_Sing_Saint 8d ago

Dad ready to box to get to his boy.


u/Dinner-for-none 8d ago edited 8d ago

You even see him send the coach or whoever runs up to try and take over, he’s like “I got this, man, fuck outta here! This my mans right here.”

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u/Smartass_Narrator 8d ago Silver Hugz

Well I’m sobbing! As much as it hurts to see him go through that, there’s also that healing hurt of seeing a parent being there for their kid, saying “it’s ok. You’re not alone. I’m here. I’m still proud of you. We’ll do it together.” And that’s really all we want as humans, isn’t it? Celebrate with me. Grieve with me. Don’t leave me.


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

I almost cried reading your words. Beautiful


u/Smartass_Narrator 8d ago

Thank you <3 we can cry together

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u/snufflefrump 8d ago

Dad: it's ok he's my son Olympic official: no it's not Dad: get the fuck out of here

Gotta love it

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u/medic914 8d ago

I’m not a professional lip reader but I’m pretty sure he told the race official “GET THE FUCK AWAY HE’S MY SON”


u/canadian_eskimo 8d ago

It pissed me off how many times one of the officials touched them. They kept touching them. Could they not read the room?


u/jrgman42 7d ago

Camera men knew what was up though. They knew the importance of what was happening.


u/theCamelCaseDev 8d ago

Seriously lol. I can understand it’s their job and they’re likely confused as to what to do, but come on this is one of those things you see and regardless of rules you just let it play out, especially once it’s clear it’s the dude’s dad.


u/TheAussieBoo 7d ago

It's a huge safety concern having someone barge past security and onto the track at the Olympics. They can't just assume this is that guy's dad. They gotta keep up a facade so people don't get the idea that it's okay to get on the track or field if you're not supposed to be there.

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u/solvers99 8d ago

I raised 2 sons. They are men now - I dare say good men. They both knew I would kill for them - and die for them. That’s what a Dad does


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Love it.

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u/No-Duck7816 8d ago

I have seen this before, I will watch it every time it comes up, and I will tear up when I see it.


u/MrAlek360 8d ago

I’ve never seen this before. When was this?


u/originaw 8d ago

1992 Olympic Games according to Wikipedia


u/Spellitout 7d ago

Barcelona 92 Olympics. You can see it in the infield at one point. Runner Derek Redmond painfully tore a muscle in the race. Tried to finish the race while experiencing tremendous pain. His father jumped the rail and ran past security to help his son. Refused to leave the track and helped his son simplest the course. Remember watching this on TV. The best of humanity on display

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u/skuzzlebutt36 8d ago

I’ve seen this but I don’t mind seeing it again.


u/PamelaOfMosman 8d ago

Says it’s the only time he ever heard his dad swear - and the roar of the crowd is the sound we all should hear when we are striving to do our best. https://olympics.com/en/video/derek-redmond-on-the-power-of-perseverance-what-defines-you-in-life


u/givemeyoursacc 8d ago

Derek Redmond 1992 400m Olympic finals. After breaking his national record for the 400m dash, he was representing Great Britain and was expected to win gold but tore his hamstring 150 metres into the race. He actually had similar but weaker injuries years before and had to go through eight operations before racing.

As a track athlete hamstring and achilles’ tendon ruptures are the most brutal injuries you can get during a race because your mind wants you to keep going but your body can’t.

He later became a professional basketball player in Birmingham and did motorcycle racing as well. Now he’s a motivational speaker.


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Thanks for that. Awesome update.

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u/JKolodne 8d ago

The "Olympic Spirit" in action. Quite heartwarming.


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Beautiful moment in human history

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u/HighlightOld8381 8d ago

Dad's shirt was epic as well.


u/WheresMyCakeBedilia 8d ago

I wish for one moment in my life my parents would have shown my this kind of support.


u/UntidyButterfly 7d ago

It's awful that you didn't, but perhaps if you have kids someday, you can be the supportive parent you didn't have.

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u/TatertotsNjello 8d ago

That’s his baby boy. No one is gonna have your back more than a loving parent. They are ride or die.


u/joseph31091 8d ago

The officials: are we the baddies?

Looks funny how they shoo them all away.


u/CameToDefeatYou 8d ago

I dislike how everyone is just trying to get him out and he just stands by his son, what a great father. He even looks like he tells one of the guys, “are you kidding me, this is my son! Get outta here.”

The nerve these idiots had to try and stand between a father and his son.


u/GospelofJawn316 8d ago

Lost my dad the other day. That was him. In every way when I stumbled he came out of nowhere to catch me, prop me up, and walk by my side. My goal is to be the same for my kids.


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Sorry for your loss. All the best.


u/Soupier_Soup_YT 8d ago

Im still young but I hope someday I can have a son and be by his side like this


u/BashfulTurtle 8d ago

Fuck this makes me miss my dad.

He worked so hard for us for so many years and idk how he did it but he made almost every one of my wrestling matches, often at the 11th hour. Every loss, every win he was there. I remember when I lost in the semi finals of nationals after a long, arduous season + winning the National qualifier in double OT where i fainted after my arm got raised and woke up in the hospital with him there praying I was gonna make it.

I lost nationals in an OT period and that man came running on the mat to try to comfort me. Only he knew what that meant to me. Only he saw the thousands of hours I put into that goal.

I felt like the biggest fucking failure.

I had nothing in left in the tank, a dislocated shoulder I had to pop back in, 3 broken toes, a fractured thumb, a dislocated kneecap and a broken nose. I had nothing left to give.

He had to be restrained by 2 people to get him off the mat before they declared the victor while medical staff tended to me and he wrenched himself free to drape an American flag over my shoulders and comfort me while I bawled my fucking eyes out with gauze and tape being applied all over me.

I wanted that gold so bad.

The car ride back, all he did was tell me how proud he was to be my father and how he wished my grandfather knew I was a warrior. And it’s only all these years later that I realize how long it has stuck with me. How I won exactly what i was wrestling for.

God I hope I can be half the father he is if life takes me to parenthood.


u/is_it_random 8d ago

Lol wtf. Can he not see they are having a moment?


u/mikalegna 8d ago

Have you hugged your ??? today, aww that's so sweet.

Arm finally moves, foot....


u/kleptophobiac 7d ago

Official at 1:22 is lucky he didn't get a punch in the mouth.


u/Jor_in_the_North 7d ago

Derek Redmond didn’t finish in 1st place. He didn’t finish in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Derek Redmond finished in dead last, but Derek Redmond, and his father, finished.


u/TankDaddyDo 8d ago

I cry like a baby every time I see this. Imagine how different this world would be if everybody had a parent like that.


u/Hairy-Whodini 8d ago

Imagine being the guy in the green jacket trying to do his job and clear the track - oblivious to the how iconic that moment would later become.

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u/Started_WIth_NADA 8d ago

Today is my dads 89th birthday, he passed away on 19 Nov 21; this made me feel a little better.

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u/TheXekromian 7d ago

Didn't care if he was getting disqualified or what, he was gonna be there for him!


u/LicensedRealtor 7d ago

Ladies and gentlemen…a father that does this for his child has my respect no matter the outcome


u/portland_jc 8d ago

Stuff like this makes me wonder what my dads and I relationship may have been like had he not died when I was so young. He would have loved his granddaughter to the moon


u/MooplesMoop 8d ago

Sorry to hear of your loss.


u/cellarsinger 8d ago

I've seen this clip many many times. It's still an incredibly powerful example of both the termination and a great dad


u/Hopeforus1402 8d ago

No matter how often I see this, I ugly cry every time.

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u/marchofmines 8d ago

Thanks, now I'm crying. That was such love and dedication.

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u/Blurry_Bigfoot 8d ago

I’m a brand new father. This dad is amazing. He knows his son is a man overall, but at this low point that is hard for anyone to imagine, he is basically a child.

Good dude


u/CatelynsCorpse 8d ago

This made me cry. I miss my Dad. 😭


u/Meow_Kitty1982 7d ago

This is the sweetest ❤️


u/rooni79 8d ago

I have sweaty eyes


u/BarryLicious2588 8d ago

The true lesson (in my eyes)

If you love someone, whoever they are, and you see them failing at something... You better pick them up, destroy anybody who stands in their way, and help them succeed

Doesn't matter if you have to fuckin crawl.... FINISH


u/Clive23p 8d ago

Official: "Sir, you can't do that.

Dad: "How about you back the fuck off me and my kid."


u/wowannoraxus 8d ago

My dad was born in the 30s and only graduated with a high school diploma. I got my master's in physics and my sister got her PhD in English Literature. We couldn't have gotten there without love and support from him every single day. He's almost 90 now and had a stroke a few years ago but I call almost every single day just to talk with him and my mother. Cherish parents while you have them around and hugs to all those who don't have the opportunity for one reason or another ❤️

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u/jrgman42 7d ago

One of my favorite Olympic moments. Apologies to whoever got the gold for that run, but him and his pops were the winners.


u/silkywilk 7d ago

I tear up every single time I see this. Dang


u/Ivantogetaway 8d ago

Officials trying to fuck up an Olympic moment. This will be shown for decades.


u/fallynangell 8d ago

I'm not crying ! You're crying!


u/sansrealname 8d ago

Nothing to to do with being an "ultimate bro". This is just being a "dad".


u/RonaldBallsworth 8d ago

When hes like "get tha fuck oudda here" to that other guy lol


u/TarantulaPerson 8d ago

Even when he is limping he can probably run faster than most people


u/4skhole 8d ago

He was there for every win, ever challenging moment. Dad was there to help lighten the load for him. Moments similar to these are why being a dad, for me is the best title I'll have in this life.


u/DominicanJedi 8d ago

I pray that I can become half the dad that man is.


u/fnnkybutt 8d ago

If I see this video a million times, I will cry every single time. How dude holds it together until he realizes his dad is there to support him, just kills me.


u/dorothythewizard 8d ago

Tears. I want to be this for my son.


u/Own-Chemistry4161 8d ago

I love how he swats away every official that gets close. WTF?! I’m his daddy I’ve got this. Step the f back.