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Reddit for iOS: Version 2022.02.0 Now Available!

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Reddit for Android: Version 2022.02.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Dec 08 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.47.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Dec 08 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.47.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 22 '21 Take My Energy

New look and ability to add links to your profile on mobile


TL;DR: Profile headers on the official apps have a new look. You can add up to 5 social links to your profile (but you don't have to if you don't want to). We're still rolling out the feature, so if you haven't gotten access to it yet, you will over the next few weeks.

Hi everyone,

Today, we are excited to announce a new look to profiles for the official iOS and Android apps. Additionally, we have shipped a new feature that enables you to add links to your profile that will not take up precious bio character limit space. With this launch, we are taking one step forward in making profiles a place where redditors have the opportunity to share all facets of themselves with the Reddit community.

The visual change to profiles is primarily in the profile header — you’ll notice that the Posts, Comments, and About tabs remain unchanged.

The change is still being rolled out incrementally, so some of you may not see it just yet. Over the next few weeks, it will become available to all users on Reddit.

The previous profile experience

The new profile experience, with social links added

The new profile experience, without any social links

Some things to note about the new links feature:

  • You can add up to 5 links to your profile at this time
  • There are a list of different platforms to choose from, but you can also choose to enter a custom URL
  • Links can be reordered via drag and drop (i.e. you will not have to delete and re-add in order to change the position of your links)
  • You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to!

As a friendly reminder, in profile settings, you’re able to add a display name to your profile (if you want something other than your username to show up), and can add an image to your profile header as well!

Adding a social link on the edit profile screen

Editing an existing social link

Reordering social links via drag-and-drop

Deleting a social link

If it's available to you, give it a spin and let us know if you run into any bizarro bugs or issues. If you don't see it yet, hang tight — it's coming! We’ll stick around a bit to answer any questions.

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Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.45.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 17 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.45.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 11 '21 Helpful (Pro) Ternion All-Powerful

What’s Up with Reddit Search, Episode IV: A New Design



We’re back with more exciting updates! The new search results page designs are live for 100% of redditors on the web. (Check out the new look, results tabs, and Safe Search toggle, and let us know what you think). iOS and Android design updates are in the works, so expect to see them by the end of the year. Finally, improvements to relevance and comment search are coming soon.

Updated design for the web

Two months ago we told you about how search is getting a new look and after getting your feedback and iterating on the design, today it’s live to 100% of redditors on desktop. Here’s what changed:

  • Simplified the look and feel of the search results page.
  • Prioritized posts over other content types.
  • Defaulted the tabs to put posts first.
  • Added a Safe Search toggle that allows redditors who have confirmed that they’re over 18 to control if they see Not Safe for Work (NSFW) search results on a search-by-search basis. We want to make it easier to control whether NSFW content shows up in your search results.
    - If you haven’t confirmed that you’re over 18 or you’re logged out, you won’t see the toggle.
    - If you have confirmed that you’re over 18, all new searches will default to Safe Search and won’t show NSFW results.
    - If you turn off Safe Search, it stays off for 30 minutes before it turns on again.

Try it out and tell us what you think. Here’s a preview:


We also want to give a quick shoutout to everyone who has given feedback on the updates through comments or via Google forms—we read through all your answers and they’ve helped inform what we work on. So keep sharing your thoughts and we’ll use them to help prioritize the next round of work.

While our desktop engineers have wrapped up these updates, the iOS and Android teams have also been working on bringing the new UI changes to our native apps. Here’s what it looks like so far:


Improvements and new features that are coming soon...

Relevance improvements

The results page looking great certainly helps, but it needs to give you the results you're looking for. With that in mind, we're continuing to work hard to improve relevance as well, and we have some really exciting updates on this front that are making results better every day. We recently launched an experiment that boosts posts that others have already clicked on to the top of the search results, which gives redditors content they’re looking for more often.

More specifically, our experiment analysis showed a statistically significant increase in the percentage of searchers finding a post and staying there for 15+ seconds, as well as people clicking on posts higher up on the search results page. This change just rolled out yesterday, and we'll continue to improve results with more relevance experiments like this one.

Comment search

Ever wanted to find that really good advice thread you read a couple days ago? What about a specific answer you got from a fellow redditor in a community you visit all the time? In early 2022, for the first time in 15 years, this will be possible.

Here’s a sneak peak of what comment search might look like:



Of course this will be our very first attempt at making comments searchable, so we will continuously be making improvements to relevance and the overall experience. But we’re excited for this first step and to see how redditors use it.

A new API

You might not have noticed, but Reddit’s search API hasn’t changed all that much over the years. But no more. This month we’re rolling out a new GraphQL powered API.

Don’t know what that means? It means that search will be faster and more reliable, and allow us to test and build new features more quickly. Do know what that means? Keep a look out for an engineering blog post about the details soon.

And that’s the update! We’ll be sticking around for a bit to hear your thoughts and answer questions. Thanks for reading!

r/changelog Nov 10 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.44.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 10 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.44.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 03 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.43.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 03 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.43.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Nov 01 '21 Bravo!

Introducing Reddit x Arcane Avatars



Hey there redditors,

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a fun partnership in collaboration with Riot Games… to introduce new Arcane League of Legends-inspired avatars! Check out the new releases of Vi and Jinx avatars now, and make sure to keep an eye out for weekly Arcane avatar drops featuring new gear and characters from the show.

Jinx and Vi avatar characters (and more...)

League of Legends’ Arcane, is coming to Netflix on November 6th, and the new Arcane avatars will drop every week starting today, Nov. 1st until Nov. 22nd. Visit your profile and tap the Style Avatar button to see the new gear or visit https://www.reddit.com/avatar now.

Vi in Reddit’s avatar builder

Avatars were first introduced back in 2015 and then in 2020 custom avatars complete with great hair, facial expressions, fun gear and accessories, and other elements that let redditors express their identity entered the world. Now in 2021 and moving into the next year, we’ll continue to evolve avatars to create new ways for redditors to show their individuality, distinction, and prestige on Reddit. Creating gear inspired by League of Legends’ Arcane is one thing we’re exploring, but keep an eye out for more.

Enjoy the new gear and let us know what else you’d like to see. We’ll be sticking around to answer a few questions and hear your ideas. To learn more, please visit our corporate blog post here.

r/changelog Oct 29 '21 Keep Calm Party Train Yummy Original Vote Local! Silver Wholesome Vibing Meow Meow Plucky Cat Paw

It’s National Cat Day, free awards for everyone! (cat awards that is)


Happy National Cat Day! Today, the 29th of October, is a day to dream about, marvel at, and celebrate the lives of cats and raise awareness about cat adoption. And since cats are such a big part of the Reddit community, we thought we’d help spread the word by creating a few fun purrrks to help redditors and our many Reddit cat communities celebrate this most momentous of all days.


  • FREE cat awardsGo all in on cats today and recognize posts and comments you appreciate with some a free cat award.
    • To get your free award, keep an eye out for an alert on the Reddit coins store saying you have a free award. Then claim your free cat award and distribute it as you see fit. (If you don’t see an alert, it may have been because you’ve recently used your free award. Stay tuned for our next free award if that’s the case!)
  • New cat avatar gearOutfit your avatar in some pawesome avatar gear, inspired by our furry friends.
  • Cat-a-day calendarMake cats a part of your day, by adding the Reddit cat-a-day calendar widget to your phone. (Sorry, this one’s only available on iOS.)

And if you’re looking for some premium cat content, take your new gear and awards over to your favorite cat communities. Not sure where to start? Here are a few you can check out: r/scrungycats, r/catswithjobs, r/chonkers, r/StuffOnCats, r/CatsStandingUp, r/catssittingdown, r/thecatdimension, r/StuffOnCats, r/CatTaps, r/TheCatTrapIsWorking, r/catpictures, r/Catloaf, r/catsonglass, or r/FromKittenToCat.

But the best way to celebrate is to save a life! So while you enjoy the day and celebrate our furry feline friends consider adopting a cat from your local shelter.

And just for fun, let’s take a look back at some of the historic cats that have blessed Reddit with their presence over the years…









edit: clarified how the free kitties work

edit the second because I broke things and really can't be trusted with a computer

r/changelog Oct 27 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.42.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Oct 27 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.42.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Oct 05 '21 Wholesome Hugz

Creator Statistics and giving Redditors greater insight into post performance.


Hello Reddit

Happy Spooktober to those that celebrate. This week we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing an old feature back, for a new and improved experience.

A quick history lesson

Three years ago we discontinued view counts on posts due to scaling issues that we were experiencing on the site, and at the time, many Redditors were frustrated with that decision. I’m happy to report that we solved the previous scaling issue and because of that, we’re bringing view counts (and more) back to posts. Similar to Paul Bearer resurrecting the Undertaker in SummerSlam 94, we’re resurrecting post views for our new Creator Statistics experiment.

Creator Statistics

For this experiment, we will be opting in 50% of desktop users and moderators on the redesign and providing them with greater insights into the engagement their posts receive (see below for what this user experience will look like). For this early iteration of the feature, we plan on displaying total post views, the upvote rate, community karma, and total shares.

Please note that these statistics will only be available to OP and moderators on posts within their own communities. We've built this because we hope that providing Redditors with better visibility into their post’s performance will encourage greater participation amongst our users and because we've heard from users that this would be a valuable feature. We strongly believe that arming our moderators with this additional information will better assist them in curating, growing, and developing their communities (our moderator council also echoed this sentiment when we previewed this feature with them).


The future of Creator Statistics

Should things go according to plan during this initial experiment and we see an increase in positive engagement amongst users, we have greater ambitions for what Creator Statistics could look like in the near future.

Along those lines, we’ve been working closely with our moderator council on additional statistics that would be of interest to both users and moderators (thank you to them for their feedback!). Statistics could potentially include things like informing OP/mods where the traffic on posts is originating from, native integration into RPAN, and the ability to opt-in/out of this feature.

Feedback & questions

We haven’t finalized any of these decisions, and while we’re still in the experimental phase of this feature we would love to hear from all of you on other statistics or pieces of information related to post engagement that would be of interest to each of you. Please let us know in the comments below in addition to any other questions that you might have.

r/changelog Sep 28 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.38.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Sep 28 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.38.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Sep 23 '21

Now you can share images and use slash commands in chat



Today we’re happy to let you know about two new features for Reddit chat—images and slash commands.

Starting this week, select redditors can start sharing images in chat
Image sharing has been one of the most-requested chat features and we are excited to release it. In order to make it happen we’ve built an entirely new media service from the ground up that includes image hosting and safety features. Here’s what it looks like in action:


Most of you know how image sharing works—just tap the camera icon in the bottom left of the chat screen to launch an image gallery where you can select images or, if you’re on the iOS or Android app, take a picture with your camera. Currently, you can select up to eight images at once and can only send PNG, JPEG, and GIF files. (And if you really want to test the limits, the maximum file size is 20MB for images and 40MB for GIFs.)


To report, copy, share, or expand an image to its full size, redditors can long-press (on iOS and Android) or click the image to access the extra actions. The new chat media service is integrated with Reddit’s existing safety systems, and every image will be checked against those systems to make sure there’s no funny business. Also, as an extra measure to prevent abuse, any images sent as part of a chat invite from someone new, must be accompanied by a text message and will be blurred until the recipient accepts the invite.


We’ll be rolling out this feature in stages. To start, only a small amount of redditors in direct chats will be able to share images, then we’ll open it up to a broader audience, and eventually make it available to those in group chats. So keep an eye out over the next few weeks.

And starting today, select redditors can use slash commands in chat

To make typing and inputting commands faster and simpler, there are a new set of slash commands. To access the commands, type / in your message and a menu will pop up with all the available commands. Here’s an example:


We’ll be adding more commands over time, so let us know what you’d like to see. A detailed list of all currently available slash commands can be found here. As we test the new feature, slash commands will be available to a small group of redditors starting today and will be released more broadly over the next couple of weeks.

We’re excited to hear what you think of the new features, so let us know your feedback. We’ll be sticking around for a bit to answer any questions you might have.


r/changelog Sep 16 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.36.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Sep 14 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.36.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Sep 07 '21 Helpful (Pro)

What’s Up with Reddit Search, Episode III: The Front End Awakens



We’re testing an updated front-end design for the web that includes a new community search pill, a Safe Search toggle, crisis resources, and an updated UI. Currently, these updates aren’t rolled out to 100% of redditors, so you may not see them yet. If you do, try searching for something and let us know what you think!

Hi there redditors,

The Search team is here again with updates on our progress improving Reddit’s search function! To learn about the work that’s already been done, check out our previous updates:

We’re here to talk about changes we prioritized based on your feedback, and the first set of improvements to the front-end design for the web. Read on to learn more.

Default search within communities

You asked and we listened—now when you’re visiting a community, the default search will be within that community instead of all of Reddit. You can also easily search all of Reddit by simply deleting the community pill shown below. Here’s what it looks like:


An updated design on the web

To make it easier to find what you’re looking for, we’ve simplified the two tabs on search result pages to Posts and Communities and People. (Reminder, this is still in experiments so not everyone will see it right now.) Since past data has shown that the majority of people are searching for posts, the new design prioritizes them, but the two-column layout still makes it easy to find communities and people.


A new Safe Search toggle for NSFW content

If someone isn’t interested in Not Safe for Work (NSFW) content, they shouldn’t see it in their search results. To make it easier to control whether NSFW content shows up in your search results, we’ve added a new Safe Search toggle on the search results pages of redditors who have confirmed that they’re over 18. (Just like before, any redditors who have confirmed that they’re under 18 won’t see the toggle or any content tagged as NSFW.)

Here’s what it looks like:


All new searches will default to safe search, which means anything tagged as NSFW won’t show up in the results. For those who have confirmed they’re over 18 and are looking for NSFW content, the toggle lets you turn Safe Search off and see a mix of SFW and NSFW results. If you haven't searched for 30 minutes or more, the toggle resets to the default state

Providing resources for those who may be in need

Reddit has partnered with Crisis Text Line since 2019 to provide redditors with 24/7 support from trained Crisis Counselors. Previously, redditors could only find these resources if a concerned redditor reported something that worried them. Now, those using Reddit search to look for things that signal they may be seeking support for themselves or others will see relevant Reddit communities where they can get support, as well as information about Crisis Text Line and other off-platform support resources.

And a special thank you on this project goes out to the moderators over at r/SuicideWatch, whose expert advice and guidance was a major influence on how we reach out to people with these resources.

And there’s much more to come…

This is the very first iteration of many more improvements we’ll be making to the search functionality and UI, so keep a lookout for even more improvements to the desktop designs. As we refine and update designs on the web, the new experience will also be applied to the iOS and Android apps.

And don’t worry, there are more improvements to search relevance coming too. As part of these ongoing experiments, we tested boosting posts redditors had recently visited to the top of their search results. However, based on the experiment results, recently visited posts aren’t always what redditors are looking for. Over the next quarter we’ll look into possibly re-implementing this idea as a different feature that better matches searcher intent.

New experiments will roll out soon and we’ll share the results with you as we learn more.

As always, leave any questions, comments, or feedback below!

r/changelog Sep 08 '21

Reddit for Android: Version 2021.35.0 Now Available!

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r/changelog Sep 08 '21

Reddit for iOS: Version 2021.35.0 Now Available!

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