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[Serious] What is the scariest experience you have gone through? Serious Replies Only


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u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Take My Energy Bravo! 1UP Argentium

Someone breaking into my house last year.

It was really early in the pandemic and my wife was in the bedroom asleep, I was in the living room with headphones in playing video games with some friends while my son was asleep in his little jawn next to me. Was maybe 8PM.

Basically I stood up and took my headphones off, and turned around just in time to see this fucking guy in a bright red ski mask (which is way scarier than black it turns out) opening up the doors into the living room / dining room area I'm in. Nearly shit myself.

He pauses, I'm like, frozen for a second but then stammer out "get the fuck out of my house" and he just lunges at me. Like, he wasn't armed, he wasn't bigger than me, I think he just panicked and thought he could knock me down and run...or worse...

But uh, it turns out when someone breaks into your house and your entire family is home and your child is now crying while you fight a tweeker in your living room...some really primal shit kicks in, and I fought the guy until I had him in like, my approximation of a choke hold (not a fighter), before shouting for my wife to call the police, who arrived like, instantly because:

My friends heard the entire thing on / through discord and one of them called the police.

Was over in under 5 minutes but I couldn't use headphones anymore while I gamed in that room (we've since moved), I don't like having my back to doors, and I had to get a few stitches on my hand from how I fell.


u/LuckyAdair Dec 03 '21

Must have been proud to have done that . . . although I would like to know what your friends were thinking over discord


u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21 Silver Helpful Heartwarming

They said that the second they heard me say get the fuck out of my house, they could tell by the tone of my voice something was really wrong and one of them immediately called the cops. I've known them for 20 years.

They admittedly said that having to sit there listening, hoping I was winning the fight, was horrible. One of them actually showed up a few minutes after the cops and stayed the night, very much armed haha. Very good people.


u/maybe_a_lajora Dec 03 '21

Those are real homies. Good shit

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u/ConnoisseurOfDanger Dec 03 '21

I’m taking this as my last post for the night and going to bed instead of reading the rest of this thread. Thank you for that, hope you and the family and your wonderful friends are all doing well


u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21

everyone's great ty sleep well

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u/ShakaBradda Dec 03 '21

Every time I play video games with headphones on this is always in the back of my head: if someone broke in, I wouldn’t hear them. And my family is usually asleep. Reading your story may have just influenced me


u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21

I was actually using headphones I can hear through because my wife was asleep and my son was next to me. But like, I was listening for very specific sounds (like my wife or my son) and given how he entered...I had no chance of hearing it.

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u/crlarkin Dec 03 '21

Scary, just a few weeks ago I got robbed at gunpoint by three guys that came up behind me. It was 9PM and right in front of my house. Even when I complied and gave them my cash, they still punched and kicked me afterwards. My focus was on trying to make sure they didn't get my keys either to my house, where my wife and kids were at the time, or my truck that I was unloading. They did get my phone though and dumped it off a bridge. The police found it, but it was smashed to hell, but they did get prints off of it and there is a warrant out for one of the guys. Still scary that they know where I live.


u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21

Man the first time I got jumped was pretty similar. I complied but they proceeded to kick the shit out of me anyway. The only thing I can really say about it was that the entire time I refused to give them any sort of satisfaction. I remember being like "wow tough guy" before taking one to the ribs and watching them take off.

I grew up in the hood to be clear.

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u/Bazrum Dec 03 '21

Man, I’m glad you’re alright! You got good friends man!

There’s some awful stories about people gaming or having headphones in and not hearing bad shit going down feet from them. It always makes me take one cup off so I can hear!

Friend of mine was hanging out on discord one day, with me and some friends, when he got up and ran away from his desk (had a camera) yelling his address and to call the fire department because his neighbors house was on fire. That was terrifying, and I can only imagine what a break in must’ve been like.


u/PlayerH8rsBallz Dec 03 '21

It happened so fast there wasn't a whole lot of time to process it until later. What I just said and will say again though is that I was wearing headphones I'd have been able to hear my son or wife through...but the guy entered in such a way that I mean, I was not going to hear him. Maybe even without headphones. I think more it was that I was immersed in the game.

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u/missblissful70 Dec 03 '21

I can’t have my back to doors either. Once you learn how easily someone can overpower/startle you, it’s impossible to forget.

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u/deagh Dec 03 '21 Helpful

My mom was in ICU for a month when I was 18. She'd come out of ICU and been moved to a regular room and she seemed to be getting better. I had a scholarship to college and she told me to go. I did and I didn't want to go. This was my one shot, you know? But I wanted to stay and be there for her, but she told me to go, so I did. Second day of classes I got a call at 5am. She'd arrested. She had no living will so they brought her back and she was on life support but had no brain activity.

I had to sign the papers to turn off the machines. I was 18 and she was my only family. I'm 51 now and I'm tearing up as I write this. I killed my mother. Yes, yes, I know, brain dead. They did scans, the neurologist advised me, I've had counseling. But at the end of the day, I signed papers, they turned off machines, and my mother died. And then I was alone.

Make a living will. Don't ever put your children or spouse through what I went through.


u/what_a_bird Dec 03 '21

I’m so sorry you lost her in such a traumatic way. She sounds like a really great mom... she wanted you to go get your education and was worried about you and your future even while she was so sick. I work in an ICU and so many people don’t have a living will/advanced directives and have never even spoken about their wishes with their family should the worst happen. It’s heartbreaking watching family members “have to choose” for their person...they are tortured over making the “right” decision. I always tell my families that and that as long as they are coming from a place of love and respect for their loved one that whatever choice they make will be a good one. Their loved ones body has done the best it can, and life support machines and medication let us prolong life but often at the expense of quality of life. I’m sorry you were left so alone to ultimately decide where to draw the line between the two at such a young age. I wish you the best in your continued journey to find peace with your mothers loss.

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u/Toastshalom Dec 03 '21

I saw one of my friends get murdered with a pickaxe while we were at a house party in high school.


u/Sexy_Squid89 Dec 03 '21

Holy fucking shit! Was it personal? Was it gang related? Was it a random psycho??


u/Toastshalom Dec 03 '21

It was a complete random act of violence. There was about 80 people in a garage. A small issue broke out and people were kind of getting into each others faces. My friend was not part of this at all. But some guy picked up the pick axe and hit my friend in the head with it. We were literally standing shoulder to shoulder. In court the guy claimed he thought it was a baseball bat and he didn’t realize it was an 11lb pickaxe he was embedding into someone’s skull.


u/herstoryhistory Dec 03 '21

I hope he went to jail for a long time.


u/watermelonbait Dec 03 '21

what happened to the guy??


u/Toastshalom Dec 03 '21

This was in 2007. He’s out now living his life. Has been for a couple of years. He moved to a different city and I believe works as a barber. He has no idea the impact he’s had on other peoples lives. I’m in Canada for the short sentence context.


u/boojangles02 Dec 04 '21

Absolutely certain I know what you're talking about. I remember the memorial assembly in school. It was so sad what happened to him. I am sorry you had to witness that.

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u/storyofohno Dec 03 '21 Hugz

My husband calling me to tell me his brother killed his parents and that I needed to get the dogs and myself out of the house immediately in case his brother was on his way to our house. I was incredibly fortunate that a neighbor let me hide the dogs in her garage and come in until my husband gave me the all clear to go home.


u/chathamsapphire Dec 03 '21

This is horrible. I am so sorry.


u/kipopadoo Dec 03 '21

How did this end? Did the brother go to your place? Did end up in jail or underground?


u/storyofohno Dec 03 '21

He also set several fires across town (including his own property and his parents) and then killed himself in a confrontation with the police.


u/Piffli Dec 03 '21

Did you ever get to know the why did he do that? Or what triggered him to do this?


u/storyofohno Dec 03 '21

He was mentally ill and had been struggling. We don't know what, if anything, set him off.

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u/ASmufasa47 Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

Got a couple knives pulled on me one night while working at a pizza shop. Had a little mexican standoff. First time experiencing the thought "I might have to stab this dude or be stabbed"

Luckily our pizza knives were bigger and with my coworker backing me up the two dudes both left. I owe my life to my coworker from that night, dude had my back.

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u/jackkymoon Dec 03 '21 Helpful

Was doing some mineral exploration work up in Alaska this summer in a very remote mountain range. I was working at a drill site where a grizzly had been spotted at the rig earlier that day and I was naturally a little on edge. I was laying out some wires through very thick brush (couldn't see through it at all), and all of a sudden I hear a really large animal close by, and I smelled the typical wet dog bear smell. Before I had time to react the wire gets ripped out of my hands and dragged into the brush at probably 20mph. I'm freaking out trying to reach my gun and this massive bull caribou just pops his head out and looks me over, then walks away lol.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/frozen_fingers_ski Dec 03 '21

So not the same topic but similar, I was visiting in Cali and I went for a hike with a buddy of mine. Totally off the beaten path, no one knew exactly where we are, and we are hiking up a super steep treeless hill. Suddenly a massive fucking black bear pops out of the woods, maybe 60ft from my friend and 70ft from me, I was below him, It was surprised and ran off but holy shit when I saw it did I think I was about to witness my friend get mauled. Not saying I just stood there though, I ran over to him with bear spray out and making noise/making myself look big.

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u/DerpingtonHerpsworth Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21 Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Hugz Bless Up

It's happening right now.

My wife is in the ICU with pneumonia on top of a year+ long battle with cancer. Sedated, on a ventilator and barely clinging to life, her heart could just give out at any time and that's it. I'm literally sitting in her room all night fully expecting to lose her sometime tonight or in the next couple days.

Ive been through some scary moments in my life, but in a completely different way, this is by far the scariest night of my life.

Edit: I just want to say thank you to all of you for the sweet thoughtful comments. If I didn't respond to you specifically please don't take it personally. I only have so much to give of myself right now.


u/MinnieHousedog Dec 03 '21

This comment literally breaks my heart. I was in a very similar situation during the summer only I wasn't allowed into the hospital (covid regulations). In my case it was my husband. Luckily he pulled through after several months. I can only imagine your pain and stress and I absolutely pray and will and wish you all the strength that you're going to need to get through this. I don't know you, you don't know me but as one stranger to another, you and your wife are in my thoughts. I'm so very sorry you're going through this x


u/DerpingtonHerpsworth Dec 03 '21

Thank you for all the kind words. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Even knowing it turned out alright in the end for you I still feel bad for what you went through.

Unfortunately in her case, even if the pneumonia miraculously clears up, her cancer has progressed to a point where it's essentially untreatable, so her time is extremely limited either way. All that's left for me now is to be there for her and come to terms with the fact that I won't have her much longer.

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u/lrrkr Dec 03 '21

I'm so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your wife 💖

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u/sunshinenorcas Dec 03 '21

Keeping you and your wife in warm thoughts stranger❤️


u/Emmjayunker Dec 03 '21

I’m so sorry she’s going through this, and that you’re experiencing it with her. My deepest sympathies.

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u/psilome Dec 03 '21 Dread

I got caught in a rockslide and fell off a cliff while backpacking. Early Spring, things were starting to melt, we were hiking on a ridge and looking for a way down the side, maybe a 60 - 70 degree loose scree slope, to a stream about 500 feet below. I was in the lead, heading down at an angle, rocks kicked out from under my feet, and I fell backwards onto my butt. All of sudden, the entire slope around me began to move en mass, like an island of broken up rocks with me sitting in the middle. I rode it down the hill, bouncing off stuff and trying to stop myself and dig in but no luck, just picking up speed. At the bottom, the hill dropped off to a 40 ft cliff, and I was launched off with the slide. I landed in a pile of debris and loose stuff that previously came down, including a lot of loose snow, which mostly absorbed the energy. I was mostly OK, muddy, lots of scratches and bruises, a separated shoulder and broken tail bone, but I was able to walk out. My one memory is being in mid air, time standing still, and looking to my left at a stove-size boulder likewise suspended in the air, about 6 feet away. Any good size rock would have killed me.


u/boabaphatt Dec 03 '21

Crossing talus fields, one of the biggest dangers outdoors. You get a single good slab moving down hill at speed and it will kill.

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u/Rainbow_hotdooog Dec 03 '21

I remember when I broke my arm, time seemed to stand still. I was skateboarding down a road and went too fast so I had to jump to get off. I flew forward and when my arm hit the ground everything stopped. I even remember thinking to my self ooh yeah this ones broken. I also kind of saw my arm like an X-ray and thought about how it broke. All of that in one moment, some crazy shit

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u/I_am_dean Dec 03 '21

I was abducted by 3 men. They brought me to a hotel room and threatened me with wrenches and hammers.

There was a language barrier but they said “you cry we hit.”

Proceeded to rape me and dump me on the side of the road. I knew the area and walked home, I then had my friend drive me to the hospital where they did a rape kit and put me on “AIDS preventative medication.”

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, the worst part was during the rape they were laughing and telling me “you like, yes?”


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

Your story terrified me and I was just curious so I read thru your comments and you’ve had such a hard life with really shitty things happening to you at such a young age. Your life story (from what I gathered on Reddit lmao) reminds me a lot of my stepmom’s story, she’s been clean 10 years and in her 40’s now but it took a long time for things to get to a healthy environment and our family to sort of heal. I hope you have healed and life has nothing but blessings for you. Sorry if this is a little weird I just wanted to reach out and wish you the best.


u/I_am_dean Dec 03 '21 Gold

I’m good now! It’s been a hard life but I actually go and speak at meetings for abused women and women who suffer from addiction. I like to think I’ve help some women, because life can get better! Now I live a good life, free of drugs and abuse, and I sponsor a lot of women who struggle with addiction. Idk if I’m really helping anyone, but I like to think if anything they can see that, no matter what you’ve been through you can prevail.

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u/manlikerealities Dec 03 '21 Silver

When I was a teenager I had an irregular heart rhythm, and required a medication called adenosine.

Adenosine is usually given via infusion just once or twice, in hospital under careful monitoring, and the side effects include an 'impending sense of doom'. This side effect relates to your heart beat temporarily stopping. This fires signals to your brain, telling you it's time to panic. Or you've reached the end.

'Impending sense of doom' doesn't begin to describe it. I was told in advance, but nothing prepares you for it. I went from sitting on the hospital bed, just finished a sandwich and thinking about my year 11 exam, to suddenly being certain that I was going to die here. I've never felt so sure of anything - I couldn't move or speak, and my mind suddenly raced very fast, to the extent I couldn't keep up with my own thoughts. It was similar to what you hear about your life flashing before your eyes. My brain was drowning, and telling me to find more oxygen - even though I was breathing fine. I was suddenly sure this was a nightmare, that this hospital was fake and all the doctors and nurses were actors, and I was poisoned.

Then it was over in seconds. I haven't had a single heart problem since.


u/Imakefishdrown Dec 03 '21

I was recently diagnosed with SVT and dear lord I hope I never have to take adenosine. That sounds horrifying.


u/Muzzie720 Dec 03 '21

My nursing professor had to have it done once. She said it feels like getting kicked in the chest. That is not your chest but your literal heart hurts. Like. I'd hope to be unconscious

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u/rharvey8090 Dec 03 '21

Just know this. If you do need to get adenosine, the feeling is horribly awful, but it will pass. Just make sure to hold on to that thought. Longest I’ve ever seen asystole persist after adenosine was about 8-10 sec, but it was on an already very sick patient.


u/Imakefishdrown Dec 03 '21

Thank you. Aside from the SVT, the plumbing of my heart is at least very healthy and strong. So thankfully there's no underlying issues and I should be okay, especially if I wind up doing the catheter ablation.

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u/uneasyandcheesy Dec 03 '21

So far this story has made me feel the most dread.

I suffer from extreme social anxiety topped with a hefty dose of general anxiety and sprinkle in some ADHD and depression.. It’s a shit show. I have panic attacks so badly here and there that I really feel like I might actually be dying. You’d think I would get used to it but I never do.

Anyways, I figure the feeling you described here is way wayyy worse than my worst panic attack and feelings of doom and it made me almost nauseous to think about. Man. I’m sorry you had to go through that! So scary.


u/PlippinPlop Dec 03 '21

Hey there, just wanted to let you know I dealt with frequent panic attacks throughout high school and into college. They would always happen in social situations and were debilitating to the point where I had to leave the setting I was in to get them to resolve. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve had my last serious panic attack. I went to therapy and focused on learning meditation to manage them when they occur. All this to say, it can and will get better! Keep going forward with life, things will improve.

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u/ephemeralcitrus Dec 03 '21

Ugh that sounds so scary 😨 glad it was quick tho

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u/Imaginary_Train_8056 Dec 03 '21

Two are tied:

Being shot when our neighbor’s gun “accidentally discharged” and the bullet came through the shared wall, severing an electrical line, barely missed my head, glanced off my chest, and landed on the other side of the room. The sheer thought of what could have been if I’d been laying an inch further left is terrifying.

Gas pedal getting stuck while driving home from my mom’s funeral. I somehow managed to get the car pulled over and turned off, but I was going 85 mph+ going uphill. If it had got stuck three miles earlier, I’d have plunged off a seaside cliff, taking my aunt, cousin, and 9 month old daughter with me.


u/Arrhinoceratops123 Dec 03 '21

I dealt with something similar. I was on my way to my grandmother's and as I was going around a bend and my gas pedal got stuck. The roads were not very good and since the pedal was on the floor I started going fast quick. After a few secondly, that felt like an eternity, I was able to RIP off my cars floor mat. The floor mat was holding down the pedal. Now I don't feel safe driving in cars with driver side floor mats.


u/Imaginary_Train_8056 Dec 03 '21

Yup, that’s exactly what it was. The car sat at the mechanic for 3 days (holiday weekend) for him to tell me that.

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u/ItsYaBoiTavino34 Dec 03 '21

Driving home late at night with my friends (we live in the middle of Yee-Yee Nowhere, WV), we’re all exhausted so I’m just taking it slow as we chat. We pull off the highway and hear a scream from out in the woods. That’s not totally uncommon bc Forest People Be Wildin, so I just rolled up the windows and carried on. The fog got really thick so I had to squint to see. As we get close to the house, my pal Petey yells and points out his window, and we all look at the ditch next to us. I swear to god, there was a deer that had been ripped apart and it’s organs were strung for like twenty feet. Naturally, I slammed the gas and we almost fell over each other getting in the house. None of us slept that night, and we just kept watching out the windows hoping to high hell that whatever tf did that didn’t see us.


u/Jestire Dec 03 '21

As someone who lived in WV, the phrase “the forest people be wilden” is entirely accurate

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21



u/MommyIsOffTheClock Dec 03 '21

Hope you're seeing a therapist or something. Death of a parent is traumatic enough, but to deal with what you did, so sorry.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21


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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

[removed] — view removed comment

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u/nunchuckdaddy766 Dec 02 '21 Silver

Work in a mental health unit. Only 2 staff on on nights. Other staff went to lay down for a few minutes as she was doing a double. Had my back turned for about 15 seconds and a very sick man newly diagnosed with schizophrenia came behind me and got me in a choke hold. One of the scariest positions to be in. Even in our self defense training our trainers pretty much said, if someone gets you from behind in a hold, do whatever the fuck you need to do to live. I’m a pretty small human so I really couldn’t move despite flailing like a MF. he had my arms between his legs so I couldn’t reach for my panic alarm. Whole time he was singing ‘tiny dancer’ into my ear. Thank whatever higher power is up there another patient had woken up for some Tylenol. I was seeing stars at this point, could feel my eyes bursting out of my head. I just remember thinking this is how I was going to die and thinking about who would take care of my dog and then everything went black. Woke up on a medical unit. I guess I’d pointed to a sign last second behind our nursing desk that instructs how to call a code white (violent patient) and the patient who woke up did it successfully and kicked the guy holding me in the face to get him off me before security came. Pretty fucked up. Still see the pt that saved me on the unit every once in a while. Always buy him some chocolate bars and coffee when he’s here.


u/sweeeeetleaves Dec 02 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

Oh my gosh this gave my goosebumps how terrifying. That patient deserves all the love though for saving you that day!


u/nunchuckdaddy766 Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

100%, don’t think anything I could do could ever repay him for what he did.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

That patient that saved you is awesome, I think they need more night staff though


u/MutedSongbird Dec 03 '21

Wow that’s terrifying. I worked in an assisted living and a couple shared a room, I prefer night shifts. Wife had parkinsons and husband had dementia. They shared a bedroom, but separate beds. Wife called to get assistance to the bathroom, I was kneeling by her bedside helping get her slipper sock things on before helping her into her chair to go to the restroom, only light in the room was from the cracked bathroom door because I wanted to be considerate of the husband still sleeping. Husband woke up, saw me kneeling by his wife’s bedside, freaked out, and beat me with a shoe.

Definitely not as scary as yours for sure, I still look back and laugh at how silly the whole scene must have looked, dude WHACKING me with a sneaker hard enough to rip my hair out of my hairtie, his wife screaming at him to please god stop, and my dumb ass just ignoring everything tryna get those damn socks on.

Wife felt absolutely terrible, husband apologized profusely the next morning. Apparently they had an intruder a long long time ago and in his middle of the night confusion it sent him back to the night of their home invasion.

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u/moremindthanbrain Dec 03 '21

Reading this during my night shift in a psych unit right now lol oh boy

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u/boadicea-h5 Dec 03 '21

My son had his first seizure while I was driving. He was in the back seat and I heard a noise. I looked in the rearview mirror and he was convulsing with blood running out of his mouth. Then he collapsed, I thought he had died. To this day, I don't know how I was able to get off the freeway, call 911 and check his pulse. He was 7 years seizure free on Nov. 29, but that one day changed my life forever.


u/DaveStriderDRider Dec 03 '21

God, as someone who has seizures, I'm so sorry that happened to you but I'm so glad he's doing better. That stuff is so scary, though... I remember my first seizure, I was 11, I was taking a shower and then boom, I was on a stretcher. My mom had heard me seizing in the shower and got me out, she dragged me to the couch before I had another one there. It's horrifying from both sides and nobody should have to deal with it.

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u/chathamsapphire Dec 03 '21

I was robbed at gun point in 2001. I was living outside of Detroit and worked at an Aco Hardware (yes, Aco, not Ace) as a lead cashier. I don’t know if they still do this because I don’t live in MI anymore, but they used to have these weekly fliers that always had a coupon for some ridiculous deal, like 10¢ for a box cutter or something else that was a loss leader. It was super common for people to come in JUST to get their coupon item and nothing else.

So it was a super busy Saturday, just after my lunch break, and I’d just got back on my till. We had lines out to BFE and so I got into the speed zone, just trying to get people cashed out without being rude. A dude walked up and put his coupon for a pack of lightbulbs for $1.50 (crazy what details stick in the mind) on the conveyor belt along with 2 singles. I smiled, asked how he was, rung him up and immediately got the register open as I saw his payment right there.

The next thing I knew is he’s opening his coat up and pulling a gun on me and hissing at me, “Give me all your money.”

I shit you not, the first thought I had was, “Why does he have that toy gun and why is he pointing it at me?” I just stood there staring at him in confusion. This pissed him off and he cocked the pistol (it was a slide action one; again, what you remember when?) and shoved it closer to me and repeats, “I said give me your fucking money!” Then it hit me that it was a real gun and I think I just went into autopilot. I took all the money out of my till and just kind of shoved it toward him, and he gathered it up and booked it out the door.

I just stood there and my coworker across the way started calling my name until I finally looked at her with a completely calm face and said, “I think someone just robbed me.” Then my legs gave out and I just fell down and couldn’t stop shaking. It only hit me then how I could have just died.

Later, after the statement and the cops and everything, my coworkers and I surmised that it was a friend of someone who worked there, because they knew to hit my till (since I was head cashier) that had the most money in it.

Still sometimes see that guy with his gun in nightmares. As far as I know they never caught him. I don’t think hardware store robber was high on their list of priorities.


u/TrueDove Dec 03 '21

God I'm so sorry that happened to you.

The same thing happened to me but in a much much lighter way.

I cut across my yard walking home from school, and see this snake in the grass.

My first thought is, "Who left a fake snake out here?" So I reach to grab it and it fucking moves.

I screamed my head off running into the house. Asking myself why the hell I thought it was a fake snake.

It's such a weird phenomenon, to not believe what is in front of us if it's out of the ordinary.

I'm glad you were okay.

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u/Soldier-Girl94 Dec 03 '21

My ex husband pressed a loaded pistol to my forehead and screamed at me because he thought I had cheated on him. I hadn't, but my emotional state was in such a bad condition that all I could think was, just pull the damn trigger, I know I haven't cheated and at least if I'm dead I won't have to be this unhappy anymore. It was not the first nor the last time he hurt me, but I got out eventually after being thrown down stairs, across rooms, threatened with a knife, punched, choked, burned with cigarettes and manipulated to make me think it was my fault. Screw that asshole.

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u/Objective-Word-5622 Dec 03 '21

When my dad hired two guys to get close to me and become friends of mine with a real intention of robbing and killing me later on.


u/DragonbornBastard Dec 03 '21

Holy shit that’s awful… hope you’ve been able to recover from that. Talk about betrayal… hearts out for you.


u/Objective-Word-5622 Dec 03 '21

I’m all good now, just glad to finally go on about life without the constant paranoia. Thanks for the love💙


u/babi_grl50 Dec 03 '21

What the actual hell? I'm so sorry your dad did this. I can't imagine the hurt and betrayal you feel. I'm so glad your here. Fuck him

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u/Empty-Refrigerator Dec 03 '21 Silver

i suffered from an illness with no name for years, when i got sick i would piss blood, and be violently ill, i didnt have a problem as i was told i was going to grow out of it (Childhood Nephritis), so imagine my shock when i hit 19 and feel like shit, like i was going to die... i went to the doctors office to see a GP, and they had closed early for a christmas party, but i forced them to open the door to deal with me, the GP said "WE NEED AN AMBULANCE NOW!" and i was forced in to the Ambulance and down to the ER.

Whilst in the ER they took blood and found i was suffering from hyperkalemia, to much potassium in my blood, which was causing my heart rate to hit the 200's... i was on the verge of a stroke/heart attack... i was admit in to the hospital and immediately put on drugs to lower the levels so i didnt die, but i kept vomiting Black bile.... i thought, this is it... this is how i die, not doing something heroic or awesome, but in a hospital bed alone, vomiting and wanting nothing more then my mom and dad...and honestly i was scared out of my mind and couldnt stop crying.

apparently after that i was put in to a medical coma, and pumped full of more drugs and given emergency dialysis... My kidneys had failed and i was dying of blood poisoning.

when i woke up i had missed my birthday, and it was roughly 2 weeks later, i had a dialysis machine attached to a chest line, and a dialysis nurse, trying to keep me calm, but i was choking to death, so i ended up pulling the Ventilator out of my mouth and this long pipe came with it, i started to cough violently and almost vomited but there was nothing to come out so i just dry heaved alot and pulled alot of muscles..

later i was told my kidneys had failed, i was lucky to be alive and doubly lucky that i didnt clot and suffer a Stroke, or a heart attack.. i was weak as a newborn and could bearly lift my arms after a while and remained in hospital for 3 months, getting rehabilitation because i couldnt speak properly or walk properly, after 6 months i was basically back to being me, just struggling with this new condition that had basically ruined my life and my plans..


u/MommyIsOffTheClock Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

Damn. Good thing you forced that doc to see you. Glad you recovered.

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u/Dear_Willingness_600 Dec 03 '21

Kidney stones. They were only about 1-2cm in size, but the pain they caused me was the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. Doctors thought my appendix burst.


u/CaimansGalore Dec 03 '21

The wooooorst. I was a kid when I got them, so they took forever to diagnose me. Pre-teen girls aren’t supposed to get kidney stones lol

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u/IntelligentIsland167 Dec 03 '21 Helpful

I have cheated death 3 times this year.

  1. A car accident where a person didn’t yield and struck me driver side. I was airborne for a few seconds and flew over the median into a parking lot and hit a parked car. I walked out minor bruises. Same for other person.

  2. At 2am a couple months ago carbon monoxide detectors go off in my moms house we start opening windows and calling the fire dept as we wait outside (w 2 dogs). The minute he opens the front door the detector starts going off like crazy. He said longer than 20 min we all could’ve died with the amount that was in the basement caused by a problem with the hot water tank.

  3. A large patio chair flying out of the back of a pickup truck which almost smashed my windshield had I not swerved just in time.

An angel has my back and is watching out which I’m grateful for!!


u/willfully_hopeful Dec 03 '21

This is terrifying. You should do yearly updates so we all know you’re okay.

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u/L1ttleMonster Dec 03 '21

I had a man aggressively scream at and follow me for a good city block as he yelled about what he wanted to do to me about a year and a half ago. I managed to get back to my hotel and have the front desk call the police. Scariest experience of my life. I am convinced the only reason he didn’t attack me was because I had my dog with me, who was making it clear she was ready to kick his ass. But I never want to go through that again.

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u/popemichael Dec 03 '21 Helpful

I was put in jail by some corrupt cops saying that my kid wasn't my kid. He put me in there for welfare fraud, as I was getting food stamps for us both.

I had to spend MONTHS in jail as I couldn't afford bond and I refused to settle, demanding a jury trial as my kid is my kid.

This is all while I'm trying to get treatment for a major tumor, which set me back for months. After that, I couldn't afford both the tumor treatment and a place to live, so I was homeless after jail.

I'm still feeling the effects from that a decade later.


u/banvillesghost Dec 03 '21

wait what? getting food stamps equals welfare fraud??? where the hell do you live! damn wtf fuck those assholes. Hope you are managing a bit better now:/


u/ManyConclusion Dec 03 '21

I live in a fairly good state for social programs, but I have friends in other states where it's so much worse, and hearing what they have to go through for the smallest scraps of assistance is awful. There are places that treat being poor and having a rough time of it like a crime.

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u/MajorTomsHelmet Dec 03 '21

Jesus Christ, man!

Are you okay?

This is fucked up!


u/popemichael Dec 03 '21

I suffer from major anxiety due to that situation. I've been to therapy for it, but it can still catch up to me from time to time.

My health is still bad, but I'm permanently disabled due to my condition. So that's to be expected. Though, it would be my worse nightmare to get sent back to jail. It would set my progress back years and years again, and I don't have that in me physically.

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u/crazyrich Dec 03 '21

A morning within a few days of Christmas Eve my oldest (he was 4 at the time) sons flu like symptoms turned terrifying. We were relaxing watching TV as he was out of it and I was lucky my wife recognized the warning signs - his stomach was sucking in and extending with each breath. It kicked in he was struggling to breathe.

We called 911 and they said while we waited for responders to take him out into the cold air without a jacket, it might help his congestion somehow.

My wife’s on the phone and I’m standing in the driveway holding my little boy and he’s gasping now, his face is taking a tinge of blue, and all I can do it hold him and tell him it’s ok and it’s going to be alright and stay calm and nice big breaths buddy and I felt so powerless and small and all I could do was hold him and soothe him and wait and not lose my shit for him.

The firefighters arrived first and rushed up our yard with oxygen. They cheered for him and told him what a brave boy he was and that everything was going to be alright. My wife went into the ambulance with him while they kept him on oxygen, and they drove off because we had our second son, a baby at the time.

I called my dad to come watch him and he was over in an instant, and drove to the hospital. The whole time there, not knowing what my boy was going through or if he was ok. I got there, he was doing great, some steroids did the trick and after a fun time hanging out with the docs we went home same night with some precautionary meds.

I collapsed in my wife’s arms taking a shower after he fell asleep, trying not to let my big ugly sobs wake him up.

I’ve never felt so powerless ever in my life, and it was the scariest shit I’ve ever gone through, including other situations I thought I might die.


u/MommyIsOffTheClock Dec 03 '21

Amen, man. Mine was 5 when he had a febrile siezure. Husband rode in the ambulance, while I waited at home for my parents to come watch the other kids. The hospital is only a few minutes away, but it was the worst drive.

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u/TrueDove Dec 03 '21

Oh God this happened to us too. You really can't even explain the depth of panic you feel.

My 2 month old wasn't sick, but she had fallen asleep hours before. She was laying on the couch safely beside me, while I stayed up to watch a movie.

She starts to stir, and I reach for her thinking she is hungry to breast feed. I'm looking at her and she is flailing, but silent.

It dawns on me she can't breathe. She is turning blue.

I scream at my husband to take her. He is turning her on her tummy, head down, hitting her back. Thinking she is choking on something. I'm frantically calling 911.

By the time I'm off the phone, my husband is just pleading with her rubbing/thumping her back. Finally a loud burp/scream sound comes and she pinks back up.

It was probably 60 seconds total. It felt like forever.

It panicked us. I kept thinking if I had been asleep would she have died? Was this a SIDS incident?

We never got any answers. But my husband and I would take turns staying up with her during the night to make sure it didn't happen again. It never did.

You guys sound like great parents.

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u/Kilroy83 Dec 03 '21

I'd say my mother's cancer but especially her last year, the first ones were bad to the point I would go to her bedroom to see if she was still breathing whenever I felt there was too much silence but the last one was nightmare, still remember one day when she had a really bad fever and while a nurse friend of hers worked on it I went to my bedroom and lied in like fetal position in my bed crying like a child, I was so damn scared.

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u/Vivid-Intention-8161 Dec 03 '21

taking a 7 hour flight and not knowing if my mom would be alive when I touched down.

I don’t have a relationship with my mom, but her being rushed to the ICU when I live on the opposite side of the country was..depressing

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u/ilaissezfaire Dec 02 '21

The scariest thing was probably the car accident. I didn't know where or who I was, they had to use the jaws of life to get me out.

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u/Hot-Standard-5741 Dec 03 '21

When my daughter was about two, and was choking on something. I tilted her upside down and beat her back, nothing came up. She was making zero noise, fully suffocating. I was a complete mess, thought she was going to die in my arms. No sooner than I was out the door to jump in my van for the hospital she started whining and coughing. Best sound of my life. Took her to her pediatrician right away. They sent us to hospital for xray to see if object had been swallowed or possibly rearranged in her trachea. Got home and there was a bloody nickel on kitchen floor where incident occured. The whole thing probably lasted 20 seconds of her not breathing, but it felt like nightmare slow motion. This event actually pushed me to pursuing an EMT career. I completed EMT Basic, ended up deciding it wasn't the field for me. But the schooling was a great course of first aid I will carry forever, and I learned CPR and heimlech which I feel every single caregiver should learn.

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u/ILikeBakingCookies Dec 03 '21

Being held underwater by some classmates in highschool. Not the worst or most damaging thing I've gone through, not even close to being the worst incident of bullying, but it was the most frightening.


u/purplehairwonder Dec 03 '21

Yep i was 5 a family friend convinced me to go underwater and get his toy.. he then sat on me he was about 12 and was alot bigger then me . Family found me on the bottom of the pool they said i was under for 3-4 minutes . He told them i dared him to do it . He's been in a psych ward since his 13th bday :-/ hes now in his late 30's early 40's.

And i cant go in a pool ever since

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u/General-Disk-8592 Dec 03 '21

I had found out that the man I had been dating for the last 9 months was an active IV drug user and I couldn’t get free from him. I had gotten up to leave for work one morning for my 6:30 shift an hour away. As I was getting ready I heard his alarm go off. Turns out he had a scheme to take me to work so he could run drugs across the east Coast and use my car apparently with another female. I told him no that was not happening and the next thing I knew I was running for my life because he had a loaded gun hidden between the bed and the night stand. I remember hearing metal hit the floor and the evil look in his eyes.

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u/capacitive_discharge Dec 03 '21

My perception of time is off, I think this was last summer.

I was out camping with the wife (now ex) and kids and we decided to go swimming. The kids were playing on the beach and wife and I decided to swim out to the boundary line and back. About 80% of the way there we both got tired as we had grossly underestimated the strength of the wind and current we were swimming directly into.

We turned around to go back and it hit. The wall. Neither of us could touch bottom and were already completely out of breath from swimming against the current. We both started to hyperventilate and each screamed towards shore once each. The beach was nearly empty other than two adults and two kids on the far opposite side of the beach in chairs with clothes on, who probably couldn’t even hear us or tell what was going on.

As we both started to fall swiftly into sheer panic that neither of us could breathe and my wife started to go under I used every last ounce of strength I could muster and cheered her on to keep going. Suddenly, I could JUST touch the bottom with my big toes extended down. I grabbed her arm and dragged her forward in the water until she could also touch and we managed to get back to shore.

I’ve been swimming hundreds of times. Maybe thousands. I grew up on the lake.

NEVER have I felt so close to drowning in my entire life. We packed up camp that day and went home after she and I both fell asleep in the blistering summer heat at camp under a tree. I was seriously messed up mentally the several days following.

It was a mistake I had never made before and definitely never will again. We really should have known better but we were enjoying the water and it’s difficult to explain but the bay we were in was so big that comparatively the distance that safety line was from the shore made it very hard to judge and we both just made a bad decision because of that.

On a calmer day we might have made it to that line but it was quite windy that day and the current was way stronger than either of us had realized until it was too late.

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u/MrSchop Dec 03 '21

I was visiting some family in Edmonton years and years ago and they use to have this big fair full of rides and attractions. I wish I could remember the name sorry. All the rides were your standard carnival rides, the gravitron, tilt-a-whirl, log flume, etc. I had gone to many of these traveling fairs in my time and had a good time so thought nothing of it. After going on a few rides and having fun I decided to go on that ride that is the boat the goes back and forth before going all the way around. So at the beginning everything seemed fine. However at a certain point when going back the safety bar that was suppose to hold me in place just fell forward. It had not locked in and the ride was underway. The ride started heading the other way and the safety bar fell back on to me again. I pulled it as hard towards myself hoping to lock it into place. Yet when we started heading back the bar just flopped completely open again. I was shitting myself. I literally thought I was going to fall out of this ride and die. All those carnival horror stories were true I was fearing. I just wrapped my arms around the bar and held myself with my hands. If worst happened I would dangle from the bar I thought. Fortunately after a rocky ride it came to an end and I was safe with maybe only leaving my seat a few inches. I immediately ran to one of the workers after I got off and told them. The ride was shut down for 30 minutes after and I was done having fun for the night. The only other time I've been that scared since was the few times I've had sleep paralysis .


u/lerenardnoir Dec 03 '21

Klondike Days/Capital X now I think.

When I was in highschool a friend and I went on the upside-down ship at Galaxy land (year round amusement park in WEM) and her shoulder bars popped up as the ride started. We screamed and screamed for the guy to stop the ride and luckily it did right before we went upside down but yeah, mechanical failures are scary as fuck.

Oh and the mindbender at the same spot has a body count. Rides in Edmonton - enjoy them because they might be your last!

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u/Yanigan Dec 03 '21

My brother put me in a sleeper hold because I wouldn’t get off the PC when he demanded it. Woke up on the floor of the study.

Also terrifying was hearing a smoke alarm go off and discovering my kid had set fire to her dollhouse. Nobody hurt thank god.


u/CorpseStarch Dec 03 '21

Barbies first house fire is an underrated set tbh /s


u/WimbleWimble Dec 03 '21

Barbies first house fire is how Ken lost his "anatomic" parts...

It's a terrible tragedy and you can read all about it in Barbie's first ghost-written autobiography, for only $299.99.

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u/Sparkey_The_Great Dec 03 '21

Being 18 and waking up to the FBI screaming and pointing guns in my face with bright lights and dragging me out of bed and getting cuffed and thrown into a van.

Dont build a bomb and then try to sell it online. The feds dont like that shit. 1998 was a wild year for me, I didnt know what was going to happen to me. Sentenced to 10 years federal prison and was paroled after five. I dont do dumb shit anymore and I dont buy anything that would make them think im up to my old ways.

Im on the straight and narrow now and after all that the only job I could get was in the trucking industry and now I own 5 trucks and built a nice life and try my best to be a up standing member in my community.


u/tiptree Dec 03 '21

Dont build a bomb and then try to sell it online.

This is some really good advice!

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u/11B-1P-CIB Dec 03 '21

What was fed time like? Better than state?


u/Sparkey_The_Great Dec 03 '21

I wasnt in state custody it was all fed so I cant compare them but fed time wasn't that bad. Its scared they hell of me at first but after the first week when you learn the routine it was easy. Just stay out of people way and just mind your own business. Most of us was wanting to go home so we wasn't trying to do anything to get more time. I was in medium security and it was mainly drug traffickers and fraud cases and some pedos.

The guards dont give a damn about you so dont expect much from them. Dont give them shit and they wont treat you like shit.

I see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. It works wonders in prison.

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u/Gubble_Buppie Dec 02 '21

Woke up in the middle of the night to my smoke alarm and found my baby's crib on fire. Some people's literal worst nightmare (and mine now too).


u/Fierce205 Dec 02 '21

Is he okay


u/Gubble_Buppie Dec 02 '21 Platinum

Aye. Thanks for asking. You can read my story here if you'd like.


u/poppy_otter Dec 03 '21

Oh my goodness! I’m so thankful your son is ok now! I can’t even imagine what y’all went through.

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u/TNBCisABitch Dec 03 '21 Silver Wholesome Hugz

"It is cancer. I'm sorry"

I was 34, and had just gotten married a few months earlier. Stage 2. Grade 3 triple negative, invasive ductal carcinoma.

I'm OK now, treatment was successful.

But three years on, my husband cheated on me, we're getting divorced and my only chance to ever have children (after the chemotherapy left me infertile) remains with the 12 embryos currently stored in a freezer somewhere.

So now I have to decide if I want to be tied to the man who ruined everything and betrayed me, by having his children... its my only option if I ever want to get pregnant.


u/shortymcwelshwelsh Dec 03 '21

Was literally going to say the same thing. 'You've got cancer'. September this year. I prepared to die. Luckily, it's not as bad as that, fingers crossed. Am also 34.

Did they not offer to freeze your eggs rather than create embryos? Sorry if that's a stupid question.

Hope you're as OK as you can be.


u/Mazeazi Dec 03 '21

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I wish you health.

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u/bongokapiguana Dec 03 '21

I'm glad you're okay and sorry he's an ass.

Is there a chance he'd sign away his parental rights and you could parent without him?

If he's selfish enough to cheat, he's likely selfish enough to only consider the monetary gains of not having to pay support without considering what he's giving up.


u/TNBCisABitch Dec 03 '21

Nope. There's no way to get him to sign the embryos over to me.. I checked with a lawyer

And he's enough of a dick to want to be tied to me forever, so he won't sign away any parental rights ... in saying that though... he's also pretty stupid and I don't think he's even thought about how much he'll have to pay each month if I have his children...

...and I'm not mentioning it until there's a child born (there's a slim chance of it working). The last thing I want to do is mention he'll have to pay me £600 a month if we have twins... I think if he knew that he would never consent to me using the embryos.

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u/Troy9914 Dec 03 '21

Being in a firefight in Afghanistan!

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u/Fierce205 Dec 02 '21

I don't think that's the scariest thing that happened to me but it's the one I can remember now

I was sleeping in class and when I woke up the class was empty and it was dark outside so I got up started panicking and ran down 3 stories of stairs in 10 seconds only to find out that it was break and it was dark outside because a storm came in the half hour I was sleep in and made it look like night time


u/LuckyAdair Dec 02 '21

I can't imagine how terrifying that must have been. Once in high school, a friend of mine fell asleep in class, and since there was a young substitute, we decided to close the blinds, (it was already a dark day), the lights, and the door, as we all packed up and stood outside the door. her panicked expression as she ran out the door was priceless 😂😂😂

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u/ThrowMeAwayBill Dec 03 '21

Dang this is actually terrifying the more that I think about it. Like getting stuck in a liminal space.

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u/Horace_P_MctittiesIV Dec 03 '21

Either being in a car with a drunk driver or Iraq

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u/schuser Dec 03 '21

When I was told I might have a blood clot behind my left eye due to some concerning symptoms and I would be life flighted to the closest hospital with neuro and a nicu because I was 39 weeks pregnant with our second daughter.

After quite a bit of scans, testing and a very concerned looking neurologist, it turned out to be an ocular migraine along with pregnancy hormones getting out of hand.

I was induced and my OB asked the neurologist if he wanted to stay and he said, “I’m good, I saw enough births in med school and I’ll let you update me.”

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u/ClemDooresHair Dec 03 '21

A co-worker (and friend) severed an artery in his arm when a jagged piece of metal hanging off of a car door slipped from the stand it was resting on. He came in to the room I was in screaming for help. Every pump of his heart sprayed blood. While everyone else stood frozen, I somehow had the peace of mind to rip off my belt and apply it as a tourniquet. The EMT staff that arrived as well as the doctors that eventually saved his arm said he would have absolutely bled to death had I not applied the tourniquet.


u/Sheehanigens Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

Had a similar situation occur 20 years ago.

In between by freshman and sophomore years at uni - took a position as the lifeguard at an indoor on campus pool. I was not a lifeguard at that time, but I had been preparing for the physical test for several months in anticipation of completing it along with my class work.

On the day of my test - which I recall as swimming several different strokes for a total of many hundreds of yards - I walked into the facility and was met by a bloody man begging someone to help his friend.

I followed him into an adjoining room and a man was sitting in a pool of his own blood with his arm opened from wrist to elbow.

They had been playing basketball and in this facility there were recessed porcelain water fountains set into the wall every 20 yards or so. He went for an out of bounds ball and his arm went through the fountain - shattered it - and essentially was filleted all at once.

I had had some medical training as a student athletic trainer in high school so I applied a tourniquet, treated for shock and kept him steady till paramedics arrived.

I still had to complete my swim, too.

Unfortunately - my adrenaline crashed about 1/3 of the way through and the remainder was a real challenge - but that day a little knowledge and the right tool may have saved a life.

PS - Learn CPR and First Aid.

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u/sunflowerto6 Dec 03 '21

Almost loosing my 3 week old son. My husband was watching him for me for a couple of hours while I did some errands. When I got home he said he slept the whole time. I woke him up to feed him. He seemed off and I kept telling my husband he seems sluggish. That night he started this moaning sound and felt hot. I woke my husband up and told him we need to take him to the children's ER. He ended up being septic. His fever was over 103, his oxygen was low, and his heart rate was extremely high. I just stood there panicking. All I can remember saying over and over was is he okay is he okay. Apparently he got ecoli in his blood. I have no idea how and neither do they. He's 3 now and has been fine since.


u/Laerderol Dec 03 '21

I misread the start of your story. I thought he passed away and was pleasantly surprised that he did not. Glad he's ok!

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u/ConsequenceLanky6580 Dec 03 '21

I have walked in on my best friend's corpse after a suicide


u/g00chy__ Dec 03 '21

Same man. Hard image to get rid of huh

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u/FlameGhost90 Dec 03 '21

My mom was very...she was very mentally unwell, and my father and her would frequently fight over his using of drugs and him going off and disappering for days at a time. During those time I would be at my neighbor's house while they fought over where he was going and what he was doing.

Eventually, my mother discovered he was cheating on her, and living with them. All my mother could talk about was having my father back, that she would do anything for him.

And then, my mother tried to attempt suicide. I ran to my neighbors house and begged them to help and my mother was placed in a pshychiactric hospital for the attempt. This was back in the 2000's, where bipolar disorder wasn't as known back then, and my mother was getting therapy, but I guess it was too difficult to spot.

My mother managed to check herself out and then..she succeded in her attempt to die.


u/babi_grl50 Dec 03 '21

I'm so so sorry. My mother has mental illness too. It's scary and hard for me not to blame myself. I hope you don't. You are loved.

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u/TheFloatingCamel Dec 03 '21

I'd just finished a night shift, I'd only been asleep for a few hours band I got woken up by my mother frantically hammering on my front door. Open it to be told I needed to get to the hospital PDFQ as my wife had been taken in at 30 weeks pregnant, she'd had a placental abruption while out and about and was being rushed for an emergency C Section. The surgeon who operated told us after the fact that 5 minutes later and both her and my son would have been dead.

That whole day, man..... Best and worst day of my fucking life.

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u/fangirl489 Dec 03 '21

I fell asleep with a cough drop in my throat and woke up choking. Not life or death choking but enough to scare the ever living shit out of me.

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u/PMYourTinyTitties Dec 02 '21

Collapsing to the ground because I couldn’t breathe due to covid pneumonia, not knowing if my time was up. I had taken every precaution and still ended up in a situation I thought was going to kill me. That was early on in the pandemic, when respirators were reported to be death sentences


u/Applecocaine Dec 02 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

I was in the same boat, I got it in March of 2020. So early in to it that they didn't know where to put me. I ended up home, in my bed, drowning slowly. If I was able to get up, I was going to eat my pistol.

I still can't taste right, have no sense of smell, and every so often the world feels like it's a dream. But I'm alive.


u/PMYourTinyTitties Dec 03 '21

I’m glad you made it. Mine was also around March 2020, early enough that the test was giving ~30% false negatives. I had two doctors call me to say it absolutely had to be a false negative because “nobody who’s come in looking as bad as you did came back negative” haha


u/Bazrum Dec 03 '21

Man, my girlfriend got it last November and they said she tested negative, but were confident it was false because “I’ve never seen someone bring vinegar in and drink it like water, now please stop”

She was afraid they’d not take her seriously, so she brought it in a water bottle as proof lol


u/Imakefishdrown Dec 03 '21

That's kind of hilarious. Back in January there was one night that my husband complained that his Vietnamese food was really bland. He's half Hispanic and loves spicy food, and the chef at the food truck knows me and always jokes that this time he's gonna get my husband to cry. I knew something wasn't right. I took a piece of his chicken and my mouth was on fire and I knew.

One of his coworkers had come to work the week prior complaining that he just couldn't get warm, going around asking if anyone had any tea cause he wasn't feeling well. My husband had taken a COVID test out of precaution after that coworker wound up positive for COVID, but my husband hadn't had any symptoms yet. The next morning he got his positive results and he was so surprised, but I was like, "Yeah I had a feeling."

Thankfully he didn't have any breathing issues, but he wound up sleeping for like 3-4 days straight, having bad body pains, and ever since then he has struggled with really bad fatigue and migraines which he'd never had before.


u/PMYourTinyTitties Dec 03 '21

That’s honestly super impressive. Shitty it had to go down that way, but I give mad props for the creativity.

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u/Yavemar Dec 03 '21

Giving birth to my son, they put him on my chest for about 5 seconds then snatched him up and an entire team of medical types crowded around him working in complete silence. He wasn't breathing. I got to see him for all of 3 seconds, and only heard a couple of weak cries before they rushed him to the NICU. Two hours later they came up to tell us he was on a ventilator and not doing great, they suspected a heart defect and were going to helicopter him to the closest children's hospital (about 90 miles away). We did not get to see him for five hours and it was a couple days before we could hold him. I gave birth at midnight, so all of this was happening in the late late hours.

A couple of relatively common issues had happened, both of which on their own need immediate attention but are not difficult to deal with, but the resolution of one caused serious problems because of the second. His heart is fine. He's a perfectly happy healthy preschooler now who is squirting bath water into the tub faucet and laughing hysterically.


u/LuckyAdair Dec 03 '21

Let me guess. He's trying the grab the water too?! And thank god your son is doing okay. Not a lot of kids in the NICU with suspected heart defects survive without issues, and your son is a miracle


u/sofa_king_ugly Dec 03 '21

Mom?...Are you on Reddit? Kidding, you're way too young to be my Mom, but I was in the same situation as your son back in 1967. Fortunately we were already in the children's hospital though.

Glad your boy is doing well.

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u/MyGfcumstojazz Dec 03 '21

Got caught in a rip tide when i was 7, after being picked up and beaten with the earth multiple times from the waves i just gave up. My uncle tom saw me Struggling and ended up saving me and pulling me out.

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u/fingerpaintswithpoop Dec 03 '21 edited Dec 03 '21

A really bad ice storm in my area earlier this year. We got a couple days of freezing rain, which covered absolutely everything in an inch or so of solid ice. House roofs, cars, streets, tree branches, everything just frozen solid. A couple oak trees 30+ tall just collapsed and fell over (none on anyone’s house, thank fucking god.) But for an entire weekend we had no power, no heat, no running water, and I had to go to sleep to the sound of tree branches cracking and falling, worrying that one would fall onto my house or through a window or something, while I shivered and struggled just to stay warm.


u/nikerthebiker Dec 03 '21

Had the same thing happen. All of my roommates got a hotel room somewhere an hour away, and I was left home alone. Nothing like freezing in your house hoping a branch doesn’t fall through your roof or onto your car. My power ended up being off for almost 2 weeks. All this less than 6 months after being evacuated for wildfires about a mile from my house. My state has had a rough 2 years lol.

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u/SnowyMuscles Dec 03 '21

Being followed to work for accidentally cutting off some random guy 30 minutes before.

Then getting screamed out in a language where I understood 5 out of the 100 words. And then getting the police called on me. Where after reviewing the tape sent me on my way

If a car follows me for too long I start panicking now


u/Akimblo Dec 03 '21

Tip: if you think somebody is following you, take 4 right turns. If they are still there, you may be being followed

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u/Apprehensive-Ad4244 Dec 03 '21

My ex bf breaking into my house when I was asleep. Ambushed me in bed, raped me, beat me unconscious...woke up naked on the road, someone had luckily seen me and stopped, they were checking my pulse. His plan was to leave me there so someone else would kill me (accidentally.) Still in therapy dealing with PTSD.


u/SumptuousSuckler Dec 03 '21

It makes me so sick that someone could do this. The amount of selfishness. No one deserves to experience that, I’m so sorry.

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u/Savitribaii Dec 02 '21

My mother tried to stab me in the eye because I had schizophrenia and she thought I was “cursed,” but I got away without even a scratch.

Three years after that they trained our dog to attack me and I was not permanently injured thankfully.

And in 2009 they forced me to commit suicide by swallowing acetone. I was ill but survived.


u/sortofrelativelynew Dec 02 '21

I'm glad you're alive, and I'm sorry your birth family didn't know how to respect or love you. <3


u/Savitribaii Dec 03 '21

Thank you. I moved out and am doing well.

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u/VanSquirrel26 Dec 03 '21

Oh my goodness, I hope you're doing well now! What in the world was wrong with your mother?


u/Savitribaii Dec 03 '21

She probably also has severe psychological issues but is high functioning. The song Headlights by Eminem sums up how I feel about her.

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u/entrecouture Dec 03 '21

I grew up thinking my house was haunted. Weird shit would happen all of the time. I’d walk into rooms and lights would turn on. I’d go to the kitchen in the middle of the night and cupboards would be open. I’d hear footsteps upstairs when I was home alone. I’d feel the ghost sit down on the bed while I was trying to sleep… ya know, typical “haunting” stuff that would freak any kid out. Then I had a stalker that started getting weird when I was in my late teens.

Turns out it was much, much worse than I could have imagined.

The stalker was actually a peeping Tom that had been watching me since I was (possibly as young as) 7. As it turns out, there was no ghost and the house wasn’t haunted. The psycho was breaking in when I was home alone and fucking with me (as a little kid!). As I got older, he got more bold. He’d come in at night when my parents were home and even sit on my bed while I was trying to sleep.

Pretty sure he found where my mom stashed the extra key and just made a copy. Never caught the guy, cops said it was “just some high school boy making jokes.”

I’ve had lots of therapy.


u/shirtlessin1stclass Dec 03 '21

Lol, a highschooler making jokes is when they toilet paper your house like one time. Not break into your house and just roam around over a decade

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u/CylonsInAPolicebox Dec 03 '21 Helpful Wholesome

So I have posted this before but here is one of the dumbest things my friends and I did as teenagers and I still stand by what I said at the end that we should have got an adult involved Any teens reading this, if you ever find yourself in the below situation, get an adult, don't worry about how much trouble you could potentially get into.


I was 16 at the time, I spent the night at a friend's house. There was supposed to be four of us there that night but there was only three. See we were covering for our fourth friend who decided to spend the weekend with her "boyfriend" (some skeevy ass 25 year old pedo punk). So we're hanging out, listening to music it is almost midnight, the phone rings. It is our fourth friend, she and her boyfriend got into a fight and he put her out of his house, she is calling from a payphone because he kept her cell. We're like fuck, that sucks, tell us where you are and we'll come grab you...

BITCH IS IN FUCKING BALTIMORE MARYLAND! So my first reaction is we should get my dad, this is some serious shit and we need an adult. The other two freak the hell out and point out just how much trouble we would all be in if a parent got involved. I point out how much trouble she is currently in, alone, no phone, on the streets, of a big city, at midnight, over 200 miles from home, and argue that we really should get help with this. They use my argument against me, yeah she could be in some serious trouble and we are wasting time arguing. FUCK So we print off directions, load into my piece of shit car and off we go. Now before this the biggest city I had ever drove in was Charlottesville...

So we make this two or so hour trip, arrive in this big ass city, in another fucking state, at 2:30 in the morning with absolutely no one knowing where the hell we are. We pull up to the store our friend called from, and surprise the bitch isn't fucking there! So we ask the guy in the store, yeah she was there but she argued with some guy for a bit and when the clerk threatened to call the cops she left with the dude she was arguing with. We end up driving around a bit hoping that she is somewhere near by, the store clearly was in walking distance so she has to be somewhere near there.

Well one friend has the idea that if she left with the dude it had to be the boyfriend so she probably has her phone back, we call and yeah, she's with him, everything is good, she meant to call us but they were talking and he was apologizing and trying to make up with her. We tell her that we are in the fucking city, we were worried and scared that something bad would happen to her so we came up. She tells us we blew things out of proportion which parent did we drag up there for nothing, we tell her we are there alone, her whole tone changes, you guys are so sweet, you're the best friends a girl could ever have, I love you all, you should swing by and hang for a bit, meet the boyfriend So we get directions from her, we roll up and dude is acting all nice, sorry to worry you guys, you know how emotional friend is, she just stormed out I was so worried, glad she has such great friends that would come all this way.

All the while we're over here like yeah dude is creepy but we're remaining polite, friendly, trying not to let it show that dude is creeping us out. Dude invites us in, we decline, he insists, we tell him we will in a bit but for now we are thinking about running back to the store for a drink, we invite friend along, dude tries to come too, I'm like dude I don't have room, he's like well girlfriend can sit on my lap, one of our other friends is like bad idea, there was a cop at the shop and we don't want to get pulled over since our parents don't know we're here. Dude is all yeah the cops here are major assholes, our friend insists on staying with her boyfriend, we end up convincing her to ride with us so we don't get lost. Dude is all like hurry back, he then invites us to spend the night, it's little after 3 am, you guys don't want to drive all that way back home at this hour, come in, meet my friends, spend the night and head home in the morning. We're like our parents don't know where we are, it's a bad idea, we're just gonna go grab drinks for the road, bring your girlfriend back, and try to get home before parents wake up. Dude tries again to convince us to at least meet his friends, we're like yeah, sure, we'll say hello after we get back from the store. He kisses our friend and tells her to change our minds about making that long drive home. So we drive off...

Once we're near the store her whole attitude changes again. Apparently there was a huge argument, something to do with his creepy ass friends being there, and how she didn't feel comfortable being alone with any of his friends, he put her out of the house and after she called us she was pretty scared being alone on the street at 1am sp when he came looking for her she left with him because she felt safer with him than on the street, she was so relieved when we called and said we were there and was looking for a way to talk to us alone. She wanted to go home, she was really worried when he offered us the chance to stay over, she was scared we were going to accept the offer.

So we end up passing the store and heading home, dude starts calling about 10 minutes later, what's taking so long, ect. She lies and says that I am in the bathroom and it is my car so they have to wait, ok cool see you soon babe, another 10 minutes pass and her calls again, she answers and yeah, friend might be sick, we will be back soon, so glad you are so thoughtful to offer them a place to stay the night. Dude calls again, this time he walked to the store and found out we were not there... At this point we are telling her to turn off her phone.

In the end we make it home, we stopped at our local 7-11 for slushies in case our friend's mom is up when we get in. During the ride home we took that time to attempt to convince our 15 year old friend to dump her 25 year old "boyfriend" she argued that she loved him and we we not mature enough to understand, we pointed out that he put her out on the streets of Baltimore at midnight, we just didn't understand him, we point out that she called us scared, and admitted to us that the only reason she went back was he was better than the street...

She ended up "dating" the dude for a few months more despite our protests that he was a bad dude, he ended up dumping her when he came down to visit and tried to pressure her into sex and when she said no he tried to force himself on her, she hit him, he told her that she wasn't worth the effort and he had plenty of bitches back home who would put out when he wanted, she meant nothing to him and she should either be useful and let him fuck her or just go kill herself because no one could ever love someone like her. So that really messed her up for quite some time and honestly none of our parents ever found out that they had 4 teen girls go out of state in the middle of the night...

To this day I still thing we should have gotten a parent to go, we should have involved some adult, we should have told her mom about the "boyfriend" as soon as we got home but teenagers are fucking stupid and we are lucky things didn't go as bad as they could have.


u/uvegotthelove Dec 03 '21

Wow. You guys are awesome friends. I'm glad everyone was okay

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u/shawtyengineer Dec 02 '21

I had to sit outside my little sister's room as she broke down about her girlfriend killing herself, and make sure she was still making noise and hadn't tried to kill herself again to follow her. I love that kid and would die for her.


u/Goatgamer1016 Dec 03 '21

You must have a big heart, and I'm very sorry about what your sister went through. 💔

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u/TaintedTruth222 Dec 03 '21 Silver

I fell off of a cliff 7 or so years ago.

I went hiking with my brother (never hike alone. It's something I've always been taught and I'm glad I was because I would probably he dead if I didn't have a hiking partner) which is something we did almost daily as we lived in the Ozark mountain range and it was December 26 so there was about 1.5 feet of snow on the ground. Well we where traversing the mountain side (a route we have hiked literally hundreds of times in our life) and the snow was so deep that it kind of threw everything off a bit when it came to recognizing dangers and locating landmarks we where use to seeing that would help us identify where we where in proximity to the cliff face. This cliff face was especially dangerous because it was a 45 dagree decline that went about 25 yards and then a 75 foot strait vertical drop onto a dried up creek bed aka rocks. Well I lost footing because I got to close to the down face of the cliff and I ended up sliding down the 45 dagree decline and I was grabbing for trees, rocks and everything else that was in reach but I couldn't get a firm grip on anything or my hands would just slide off because of the layer of ice under the snow. I ended up sliding down the slope and falling off the cliff and I managed to slide off of the cliff right above a tree and I hit every single damn branch of the tree which slowed me down some and then I hit the rock bed leg first. I shattered my left tibia and fibula in 7 different spots. And I remember hitting the ground at such force that I was kind of in shock and I stood up immediately and when I stood up my left leg (the shattered leg) collapsed under my own weight and I remember feeling a sharp pain in my left side and leg and when I looked down all I saw was blood in the snow and my tibia sticker out of my skin and then the pain really hit me. I started freaking out and I looked around to see if my brother fell or what was going on and to kinda of get a grip on my situation and i heard my brother yelling from up top if I was okay. I calmed myself down and I yelled back that my leg was broken and I could see my bone and allot of blood. I took my belt off and put it around my leg in case I needed to tighten it to kill the blood flow to my leg if it didn't stop bleeding. I then yelled for him to send our GPS cordornates to my mom (who was at home and is atcually a search and rescue first responder) I remember my brother throwing his shirt and jacket over the cliff down to me so I could wrap myself up and keep warm while he logged my longitude and latitude on his GPS and hiked the 50 or so minutes back home to help guide the search and rescue team to my location. I sat out there panicking and trying to calm myself down for 7 damn hours until I heard my brother yelling "HEEEEYYY" and I yelled back to him and he informed me that he had search and rescue with him and they where going to start trying to find a way around the cliff face to get to me. Another 30 minutes or so passed and I heard people walking so I yelled out to get there attention. It was search and rescue and when they finally got to me they immediately started to check my vitals and render aid to me. I remember this heavy set man asking if I knew where I was and asking me what my favorite food was and where I was born. (In hindsight I guess he was just trying to keep me talking and focused) well he gave me a shot of morphine and then him and another man laid out some aluminum foil (kind of like a space blanket) and they picked me up and sat me onto it and then wrapped it around me to preserve body heat. Then they picked me up and put me into a body bag and zipped it up to my face (left it open on my face so I could see and breath) then they put me on a stretcher and strapped me down and at this point all I really remember is some jerking motions and then I remember opening my eyes and seeing my mom and step dad, grandpa, grandma and family watching me as they loaded me onto an EMS then I got another shot of something and I woke up in the hospital with a cast on. It was the most wild adrenaline scary thing to ever happen in my life. I was legit one of those bearly escaped with my life situations you see on TV. To this day I volunteer and help search and rescue and fire. You never know when shit might hit the fan for you and I was super lucky and grateful for the men that helped me that day.

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u/Scampipants Dec 02 '21

It happened so fast that I wasn't really scared during it, but the Aurora shooting. Wasn't in there very long.

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u/disqualiphied Dec 03 '21

i got rolled by some very angry dudes armed with hunting rifles in birmingham, alabama. there was a massive misunderstanding about something the other two people i was traveling with did, and we were separated at the time so i took the fall. i didn’t know what in the hell was going on when they rolled me in a truck and started screaming about beating me to a pulp if i didn’t tell them where the homies were. they were threatening to kill my friends and there was this super bizarrely high octane moment where i used a freight train to separate myself from them and fucking run. they were not fucking around. there was no doubt in my mind i was dead meat. i ended up in a creek bed on the phone with my road dogs telling them to make themselves scarce NOW when the truck showed up again, 15 feet away on the road. i made a split second decision and left my gear in the creek so i could run thru the woods easier. i spent a long time hiding and freaking out while they looked for me, hooting and hollering all the while. i had a can of dr pepper in my vest and i was sooo thirsty but didn’t wanna make noise pulling the tab back. eventually it quieted down and i knew i had to get my gear and that the worst case scenario was that they’d found it and either took it or even worse, were waiting by it til i returned in hopes of doing me some serious harm. luckily it was untouched, tho my whole backpack was soaked thru. i tip toed away to find my friends who were hiding deep in the woods a couple miles away.

there’s been other shit and maybe worse shit but the birmingham bonanza was the most recent.

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u/Soulsboin Dec 03 '21

When I was eleven years old, my neighbor was using a bulldozer to clear out some of the wooded area on his property. For context, we lived in a waaaay rural area; while the property lines were touching at the back end of the property, it would have taken twenty minutes to walk from our driveway to their driveway.

In this said wooded area, where our neighbors generally said we were allowed to play, I had constructed/cleared a little hiding place in a hollow in the ground surrounded by a big stump and some fallen trees.

The day of the bulldozing, I was watching from the edge of the wooded area when I suddenly had the STUPIDEST idea of my life: wouldn’t it be so much easier to watch from the hiding place? So I walked over and climbed in while my neighbor was facing another direction. I watched from a large peephole as he disappeared behind the big stump that was the largest portion of wall in my hiding place.

Wait… why didn’t he appear on the other side?

The stump started moving toward me at what seemed like light speed. To my horror, my feet were immediately caught underneath the clay clumped in the roots. I fell on my back, screaming. No one was going to hear me while the bulldozer was going, though. I screamed and tried to shake bushes around me to catch my neighbor’s attention, but he didn’t notice. The stump creeped further and further up my leg, sometimes stopping as the dozer repositioned, but always resuming its terrifying movement. It couldn’t have taken that long, but it felt like hours.

I knew I was going to die. I would die buried under earth and debris and no one would know what happened to me.

When the stump reached my waist, a miracle happened. It stopped moving! The bulldozer shut off, and suddenly I could hear my own screaming! So could everyone else, as my neighbor ran over, my sisters and mom sprinted down from our house, and for some reason my dog Cookie was licking my face.

Three hours, twenty volunteer firefighters, two jaws of life, and an ambulance later, I found out why I was alive. My scruffy little schnauzer Cookie, the hero that she was, had come to save me. I’m tearing up just typing this. I guess she heard me screaming or had already been close or something, but she jumped on top of the stump and stared down that bulldozer, barking at it like it was a mountain lion that was ready to eat me. Of course my neighbor didn’t want to hurt her, so he cut off the machine and finally heard me shrieking for help.

My injuries ended up not being too bad, considering. Leg broken in a couple places, several surgeries, in a wheelchair for a few months. Cookie and I made the front page in every city in the county, and two different feed companies awarded her a year’s supply of dog food. My sweet puppy is no longer with us, but she’ll always be the best dog I could ever have. I miss you girl, and thank you.

tl;dr My neighbor accidentally pushed a thousand-pound stump on top of me, and my dog saved my life

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u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

I was driving home after picking up a pizza and came around a bend in the road to see a hedge next to a mobile home on fire. There was nobody around except for 1 other guy that pulled over and was on his phone.

I stopped and looked for my phone, couldn't find it, then left my vehicle to see what the situation was. As I was getting out of the vehicle there was a series of explosions from the house, and lots of shouting. The guy that was stopped on the roadside had one hand on his head and looked concerned, and was clearly on the phone with 911.

I walked up to the edge of the roadway and was observing the situation: large 20 foot hedge on fire, rapidly intensifying and spreading to an adjacent mobile home. Then I saw a man run full speed past my field of view and disappear behind the house and wall of flames.

Another passerby stopped behind me, did the same thing I did and asked if everyone was out. I relayed that I didn't know but I saw a man run towards the house. This guy said we should make sure everyone got out, and hopped the fence to head over to the house, so I followed him.

We ran over there, over a rock wall and around a garden shed, to come across a semi-conscious burn victim and another man with his face covered in soot, within about 15 feet of the raging inferno.

I had no idea what to do, my instinct was to reach out and grab the person and help move her to safety, but I stopped myself because the guy was dragging the victim slightly towards the fire. This was confusing and combined with the adrenaline it stopped me in my tracks.

The two men that were assisting the unconscious victim were actually dragging her to load her into a truck so they could extricate her (she was overweight). One of them saw the two of us arrive and very abruptly informed us that the house was going to explode and we should get out of dodge.

After the guy with me verified that nobody else was inside and I could see they were loading the woman into the truck, we ran back out of there and out of danger.

The whole ordeal lasted about 30 to 45 seconds but was quite terrifying. The fire in the hedge spread extremely fast, was loud beyond reckoning, and was becoming explosive as it was interacting with the mobile home.

I went through all 3 phases of the adrenaline response: fight, to assist the others with the rescue, freeze, when I came across the situation at hand and had to process the unexpected scene and what to do, and flight when it became clear we weren't needed and the house was potentially a time bomb.

Very intense, somewhat traumatic. The woman suffered 3rd degree burns to her face and arms, the other man suffered smoke inhalation, and both were transported by ambulance to hospital but survived.

Last I heard she was in the burn unit recovering. She owes her life to those other 2 men that rescued her, because it was almost 10 minutes before the fire department showed up, by which time the fire was consuming the home and everything around it.

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u/TheSpyTurtle Dec 02 '21

Firefight while i was in the forces. At the time you just kind of shut off and run on instinct/training. But once it's all over, you look down and see you've pissed yourself, your mind runs through it again and again. That shit stays with you for years. 15 years later and fireworks still fuck me up

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u/wannabeartist20 Dec 02 '21

My most recent was back in March, one morning I had my second iron infusion and it was a different type (important later) and I was fine until 6:00 pm. I started to feel queasy and I then got so nauseous I started throwing up. My mom heard me running to my bathroom, she called the clinic and they encouraged her to take me to urgent care. As we were in the car, I threw up a few times. I got in the clinic and I threw up more, I was crying so much and I was having a panic attack/PTSD episode. Two zofran tablets failed to work so I was put on an IV with saline, and it worked! What shocked me was that if the saline didn’t work, they would have had an ambulance to take me to the ER! Thank god! But the staff who helped me said I was the most difficult patient case wise, but the nicest as well. We figured it was the different iron that made me sick, but the good thing is that I had no more after that.

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u/uncareingbear Dec 03 '21

I was robbed at gun point in 2005 : I worked for an Advance Auto parts in Coastal South Carolina. 2 of our stores had been robbed in a 3 week period on Sunday nights and we were all nervous it could be us next. Sure enough. A little background : I was the third key manager or this store, and had one other person with me who's father happened to be a local police officer.

Any way our Sunday night was stressful, we had the GM watching the place from across the street. Around closing time we wanted to celebrate and order pizza, we asked the GM if she would pick it up. My partner started brining in outside merchandise when we got hit. Short white guy with a ski mask (actually it was a beanie with eyes cut out) and a ball cap on. comes in pointing a gun at us.

I'm fairly big in stature but I was scared as hell of this guy. He pointed the gun right at me and demanded we go to the safe. I opened the safe with the gun to my head then he made us lay on the floor. He cleared it out and started screaming at me about the money. Day time manager did an early deposit and stashed the PC in a locker...

this guy is going nuts and I just plainly tell him "it's because of you, you hit 2 other stores they are making daily deposits to limit the cash" that's a paraphrase I was mostly stammering and please sir and yes sir to him. he made us empty the registers and lay back down, he cleared them and bailed out.

When the cops showed up they were complete assholes to us, saying how we should have fought the guy especially me since i'm bigger (we caught everything on camera). Little note about me, i'm big but i'm not made to fight. I hate it, I don't mind sports much etc but unless I have to I don't go looking for fights. especially with guys with guns. Not to say i never learned to defend myself, but I've only been compelled to hit someone a handful of times max.

My partner's dad showed up and was basically like "i had a feeling I should have checked on them because of everything , but I just didn't"... So got robbed, made fun of by cops, and essentially not prioritized in lieu of the situation.

I have some PTSD about this and somewhat of a complex: I wonder if I was a coward? The video clearly shows a few opportunities I could have hit this guy, but I was scared to fucking death. Had a gun held on me. Once the guy was caught there were no bullets found on him so its a possibility the gun was unloaded. Typing about this made me realize I think I still have something to work out about this night...fuck


u/bongokapiguana Dec 03 '21

You are NOT a coward. You are a person who did what was needed to protect their coworker and themself, and to survive another day.

Fuck those cops and anybody else who thought you should risk your life for money that wasn't even yours.


u/babi_grl50 Dec 03 '21

This exactly! You are NOT supposed to fight an intruder with a gun. Screw those cops. You know they wouldn't of. You did everything right. You know how I know? Because you are alive. You're ok.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

I'm glad you're okay. You didn't do anything wrong by not trying to stop the guy; everyone involved should have reminded you of that. Not your store, not your money, but it is your life and I'm glad you made it out alive. Cop was a POS (go figure).


u/osmanleo Dec 03 '21

You did absolutely right by not risking your life for money that isn’t yours. Those officers should be fired. Most stores/places say that if a robbery happens (especially with a deadly weapon) just let the robbers get what they want and don’t try to be a hero, putting your life at risk. Even if you had the opportunity to knock him down it would take so little effort for him to kill you (your punch doesn’t knock him out/you miss) providing, ofcourse, the gun was loaded. Even if the gun wasn’t loaded there’s no way for you to know. I for sure would’ve done the exact same thing you did and tbh only an idiot, or someone with a deathwish, would try to interfere.

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u/ephemeralcitrus Dec 03 '21

If you'd done anything else, you probably would have been fired for breaking policy, since most stores have a policy of not fighting back in the event of a robbery

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u/jeff_the_nurse Dec 03 '21

I had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my lungs) earlier this year. My wife drove me to the hospital at 10:00 PM when I couldn’t even lay down in bed, and I know I could have easily died from it. Two days in the hospital later, though, I was on a quick road to recovery.

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u/MisterBlisteredlips Dec 03 '21

Disembodied voice spoke to me for years, it seemed evil.

Creepy stalker girl that I worked with.

/two worst.


u/deprevino Dec 03 '21

Are you schizophrenic?


u/MisterBlisteredlips Dec 03 '21

I might have been undiagnosed. I haven't heard any other voices besides that one and it's been gone over 20 years now.


u/ephemeralcitrus Dec 03 '21

Schizophrenia doesn't come and go, but lots of things can cause hallucinations. Lack of sleep, for example


u/MisterBlisteredlips Dec 03 '21

It was there day in and day out for years, talking to me. I always sleep great.

My psychiatrist seems unconcerned about it.

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u/RepresentativeSlip57 Dec 03 '21

First time hearing the sirens go off and mortars landing close or inside a FOB…


u/11B-1P-CIB Dec 03 '21

IED'S..snipers.. automatic weapons fire... RPG'd


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '21

Please no negative comments about this. It’s irritating when I get asked did I think to catch the ball. I got hit in the left eye at a baseball game by a line drive. It was going at 100 mph. It was to late to think is that the ball coming at my face because it is small and at the speed hard to see. I was looking for it as soon as I heard it leave the bat. I didn’t realize how much of an impact it had on my face until I sat down. I was standing up after the 8 inning stretch when it hit me. I was going to walk it off like a black eye but as soon as I sat down I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t see out of my left eye. The rush around me from my boyfriend (now my husband) and from others around me was frightening. I ended up losing my eye. Adjusting wasn’t hard because of the support system around me.


u/kipopadoo Dec 03 '21

One of too many stories that finally made the pros put nets all the way around the closest sections.

And I get it: a foul ball line drive doesn't go in a straight line. There's always a bend, and it's hard to judge. Even some experienced outfielders can't get the right jump on a ball when it's sliced down the line.

I'm sorry about your situation, though. Such a sad thing to happen.

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u/TinySarcasm Dec 03 '21

when I was molested when I was 13

should have walked home my normal route


u/stalkerofthedead Dec 03 '21

That last sentence breaks my heart. It is no way, shape, or form YOUR FAULT that some AH decided to attack you. It’s the monsters fault, not yours.

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u/edward_2000 Dec 03 '21

Me and 3 more friends, we were going to a nearby village in motorcycles at 3am, when we were approaching a bridge, one of them pulled over cause his bike felt strange but it was nothing after all, I noticed some lights pointing to the sky, like the kind they use in military air bases (I don’t know their exact name), there were no military bases nearby if you’re wandering, it was all plantation fields around, then we started to hear a woman’s voice asking for help in the distance, i immediately got goosebumps, we couldn’t hear from which direction it came from, then we heard a really loud laughing and set off full speed. My grandma told a few days later that a lot of people have died in that bridge, or by accident or suicides

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u/Electronic_Injury_80 Dec 03 '21

This is going to sound really weird but my dad threatened to kill me over my grades. Last year I was a sophomore during zoom lessons and I was struggling in a trigonometry class. I asked my parents for a tutor and they obliged. However the tutor was very expensive. Every day I would go do my homework with the tutor and he helped me understand it perfectly. I’d do the hw and get an A. A on the study guide. But I’d fail my test . 5 tests in a row. After tutoring one day I was in the car with my dad and he asked me about my grades and because I was agitated I told him I hated school and that I was su!cidal and depressed. He then told me he wanted to go to the highway and k!ll us and make it look like an accident because he hated his work too and he was also depressed. He started speeding towards the highway and ran through multiple red lights. At this one light I got out of the car and he pulled me back in and asked what I was doing. I told him I was going to go into the nearby Wendy’s and call the police. He then told me that “ my own son would snitch on me “ and “ our bond meant nothing” and he drove me back home. We have never spoken about this since. I also have told my mom and she said I deserve it. I still live with both of my parents and I am very depressed and kind of unable to do any schoolwork.


u/Giveushealthcare Dec 03 '21

I’m sorry. Get out of there as soon as you are able to. I had awful parents I had to get away from too


u/Lou-Lou-67 Dec 03 '21

Hope they have money to send themselves to a retiring home later on because they just released you of any familial obligations :)

Real talk, glad you’re still here and hope you can get away from those psychos soon

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u/22poppills Dec 02 '21 edited Dec 04 '21

Being locked in a house all alone without food or money starving to death for three months. I will never forget the smells, bugs and the silence

Edit: This happened four years ago. I wasn't in a good place mentally and in a toxic relationship with alchohol and other person. Things escalated and I ended up bring stranded in the middle of nowhere for those three months .


u/Savitribaii Dec 02 '21

Jesus Christ are you okay

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u/RedditsVillageIdiot Dec 02 '21

Spontaneous pneumothorax

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u/InfinityKitty Dec 03 '21

So last year I moved from New York to North Carolina today... A year ago. Haha.

On December 14th my husband walked out to his car at 5am to go to work. I was home I'm 17 weeks pregnant at the time.

He forgot his cup of coffee comes inside to grab it, our house was literally steps from the car. Someone hopped in our car and dipped...less than a minute. Boom gone.

We lived in a well known city in north Carolina now.. Pretty hood shit happens.

We had lived in that place for four days..

Now, cops come take our statement blah blah. We just have to wait.

Now what made it worse is they made off with my cars spare keys, house keys, my husband's tools, it was our suv, we have a kid coming.

We ended up buying 4 great cameras and put them all over our home outside. Great app to watch it, we also had a little TV with thr cameras on.

Every night I'd sleep with that app on my phone volume up so I can hear everything outside, cars passing, people talking . I lived in a metro area with a, population of 300k next to a huge college. It's a busy neighborhood. I had some wicked ptsd brewing.

Christmas eve they fuckign came back for my civic... I heard the car start I opened my eyes to see on my phone the headlights of my car on. Jfc I learned prior being from ny and I had street parking where I lived upstate... I got a steering wheel lock.

So my guy whom was now sitting in my car. (mind you they came in my husband's stolen car to steal mine) Is trying to get my car into reverse (manual). The steering wheel lock jammed in the window area causing the horn to blare at 2am in a crowded neighborhood. Each property had maaaaybe a quarter of an acre or less so basically I could sit at my desk and watch my neighbor cook dinner. I full on sprint out of my house in shorts and a t-shirt and leap on the trunk of my car and hold on to my little wing as this guy is reversing out of my driveway. I crawled up the trunk onto my sunroom and start beating it screaming like a mad women. My husband who was a little tipsy from holiday events comes flying out screaming trying to rip the door open. Breaking the handle.. I ended up noticing the passenger window was down and I jumped down and jumped halfway through the window trying to just knock my car into neutral as many times as I can so he can't get away, my legs dangling out the window the whole time . This dude was huge.. My husband's 6'4" but this dude was shredded. Fantastic I thought ima get shot in the face. I ended up taking a couple punches to the face. I got my keys out of the ignition. As this all went on the car was going from reverse to first all over the road trying to get out into the road. Now neighbors start coming outside flipping out. Dude man's realizes he's fucked and tries to get out of the car. After the scuffle he finally books it down the block. Cops come, fingerprints, ambulance. I was fine I had some real bad bruising on my thighs from laying on my car through the window. A few weeks later the found my husband's car and it was, totaled. The engine basically pushed a few feet back into the cab of the car.

We broke our lease a few months later and moved out into the woods. My son is 7 months old now 😅

I can, add pictures from the second theft off our camera if anyone cared. 🤣

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