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Is it weird for a guy to want to have a connection/feelings before sleeping with someone? What makes this seem so frowned upon?


25M. I remember getting confused looks both from women and friends when I would refuse to sleep with a woman. There were a couple of cases like this over the years. There wouldn’t be a connection and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with doing anything. It seems like there’s this view that men will sleep with anything that gets offered to them. As a guy, is this weird or can anyone else relate?

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Why is everyone here horny as shit and weird?


I looked at the top posts of all time and they all look like they were written by a pubescent 12 year old

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What is the biggest lesson you learnt from the hardest time in your life ?


Mine is never expect anything from anyone because a person with you today (best friend ,girlfriend etc ) might not be there for you or worse make the time you are going through worse . Sometimes strangers are more helpful than the so called 'our'people

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What’s a guy struggle that is almost impossible to explain to women?


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How do you guys stop the intrusive thoughts of loneliness when single?


More or less the title. It's quickly closing in on 2 years single now and I still can't find an answer that works. I (28M) spend a basically all day on hobbies or work and lately been renovating my house, speaking with mates, basically all the go to answers that people give I already do. But at the end of the day, or just during down time, my mind always wanders back to the fact that I don't have someone special to cuddle with and watch netflix or have a conversation with before sleep. I just feel like I'm not wired for the single life while also not having an easy time when it comes to dating. Last time I was single I coped by drinking, I don't particularly want to go back to that so what are the alternatives?

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How intrested are you in sports?


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How do I human? How do I have a healthy social life after college?


I am currently finishing my last year of college, and in hindsight I regret how I used the time. I was always told to prioritize studying/classes/my career and I think I took that advice too seriously. I spent practically none of my 4 years in college making friends, going out, partying, or socializing, and only have a very small handful of friends that I made while here.

I'd like to do better in the future to cultivate a large social circle (quantity isn't the goal, but it certainly is desirable), as well as develop meaningful relationships with some level of depth. I'd also like to develop a circle that brings in potential dating options.

As I move to a new city where I don't know anyone, what are some concrete, actionable steps that I can do to meet these goals?

Thank you

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What is something you will never do again?


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We will be trying for a baby soon.. is it a turn off when the woman is obsessed with sex during fertile week?


Like, obsessed and begging for sex. I’ve heard trying for a baby can turn a man off and just to let it happen naturally, don’t ask too much etc. but during my fertile week I’m insane and want sex so much that I can’t even focus on work.

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What’s a kink you’d gladly kinkshame somebody for?


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What is a saying that young people nowadays will never know?


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What is a proper way to react to another man offering your date a drink?


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Men seeking long term relationships: Have/do you consider potential in-laws’ health and financial literacy because you worry you someday might have to accept them into your home 24/7 when they’re retire and need care


ETA: a lot of wholesome answers, but I’d love to hear a wide array of answers too. No judgment zone.

For example, you meet your in-laws and you notice they’re obese, or they’re alcoholics, and/or they seem to waste their money frivolously instead of investing it into fixing something or updating their old house.

Does this worry you that they may someday have to be taken in or financed by your spouse someda when they’re old (maybe at a younger age than usual) and the can’t take care of themselves anymore? Or do these types of thoughts not really come to mind?

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Men who landed high paying jobs after working normal ones for a time, what changes do you notice when dating?


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What was the most off putting thing a girl said to you on a first date?


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At what age do men start looking up and groaning when they pee?


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How to get a woman's ring size?


How would you, or did you, go about getting your partner's ring size without them knowing?

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How important are romantic relationships?


Personally I don't think they are needed for happiness.

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Snipped men of Reddit, how old were you, how many kids, any difference in sensation after?


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What are some things you do around a girl to hint that you like her?


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At what point is living with family to save money not worth it anymore?


I turned 25 last month and it's really been screaming with my head ever since. What am I doing with my life? Where am I going? Why don't I feel even remotely happy? Many people would say I'm still young and still have time to figure things out, but I feel like time has slipped away and many opportunities along with it.

I graduated college over 3.5 years ago and I've been living with my family ever since. My family it great and my relationship with them has improved substantially in recent years, but I'm getting extremely antsy living with them.

I hate the area I live in. I live in bumblefuck, nowhereville. There's very little to do, I'm extremely far from all the cool stuff, it's very conservative and close minded (I'm an LGBTQ member so this part sucks), you have to own a car and I don't drive which is an issue, work opportunities are garbage here which means you're looking at 1hr+ commutes to where the jobs actually are, and the list goes on and on. Simply put, suburban life isn't for me and I feel like it's hindering my life. I want the urban experience.

I don't feel like an adult. I don't have much life experience. I can't relate to "normal" people. I feel like I haven't actually lived any of my 20s. I've felt stuck for years mentally and I feel like it's time I start getting life experience. I have managed to pay off a decent amount of school debt and I've managed to save up a pretty penny by living here. I don't want to sound ungrateful to my family as I love them and appreciate everything they do for me and I always do my best to show my appreciation right back. My dilemma isn't their fault. I just need a solution on what to do.

When does it get to a point where time matters more than money and how does one know when it's time to make that call? Once I have another loan paid off I can pull off renting my own place. I want my own apartment to walk into. I want to feel like I'm living my own life for once. I'm forever alone, but I've been fantasizing about having a boyfriend and moving in together. Maybe that could be possible when I move.

What are your thoughts?

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What do you think is the most stereotypical thing about men that doesn't apply to you?