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What're the chances my neighbors house has a dead body?

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COVID-19 ‘We cannot live with 15,000 deaths a week’: WHO warns on rise in COVID fatalities

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What should I name my fantasy football team this year?

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Props to this guy

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Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull

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This guy catching a woman falling off her front stoop


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A person in medieval armor just standing in the middle of Detroit

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Her moms reaction to seeing her lip tattoo that says daddy

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Image Stick it in his mouth.

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Biotech A 99% effective Birth Control Pill for Men Could Start Human Trials This Year

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Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds

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Home & Garden LPT: Clean your marijuana tools regularly. Otherwise you could get sick.


Build up of residue inside your pieces will cause mold and other fungus'. The ash and wax has a lot of Nitrogen and Carbon that gets released into the water (for water pieces, and non-water pieces due to typical humidity levels) which promotes life/growth. You should rinse them out every couple uses, and if you see residue building up along the inside walls/once a week (even for light smokers) follow the cleaning procedure below:

  • Rinse thoroughly with hot water.
    • I let mine sit in the sink with running hot water into the top so it flows out the bottom in a stream for a few minutes.
  • Put some rubbing alcohol in there. (I try to use 90%, but 70% works too.)
  • Cover both holes and gently shake for a minute. (This step is optional, unless it's really gross in your piece)
    • You can usually create a decent seal and still have a good grip using your palms.
    • Rinse again.
  • Pour in coarse/table salt and more rubbing alcohol.
  • Cover holes, gently shake the piece.
    • The salt 'scrapes' the gunk off the inner walls.
  • Let it sit for a little bit soaking in the alcohol.
    • The more gunk, the longer it sits.
  • Rinse with hot water.
  • Add some Dawn (or other grease cleaning dish soaps) and a little hot water, then shake.
    • This is to get any residual alcohol out, and break up the last little bit.
  • Rinse soap out!

If you need to clean a small pipe, and covering the holes isn't feasible, put it in a Ziploc bag and shake that up.

Repeat this process until clean. For me, the whole process above takes about 10 minutes and works much better than those expensive 'cleaning kits' you get at a headshop.

Don't forget pipe cleaners! They're cheap and well, designed for cleaning pipes.

Be safe, stay clean, marijuana is safe, but not if you've got colonies of bacteria or mold in your pipes.

EDIT: A user suggested to me that rubbing alcohol can be detrimental to acrylic pieces. This post only applies to glass! If people know the best way to clean acrylic, please share with the rest of us. I don't have much experience with acrylics so I'm not going to give advice on cleaning those.

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Find the Duck

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/r/ALL 26-inch thick armor from a Japanese Yamato class battleship, pierced by a US Navy 16-inch gun. The armor is on display at the US Navy Museum

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Meme Kubernetes


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So he’s working on this character

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[OC] My jumping spider recently molted, here's her "helmet" fit perfectly on the head of a pin

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This is why WFH should be a human right

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This teachers bathroom policy

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How to save $90 at the airport

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my CRT vs my LCD

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Stop saying "take my upvote"


You're adding absolutely nothing to the conversation and it just appears like you're trying to farm karma... Yet it's normally the first comment on this sub

Inb4, take my upvote

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George has some of the best zingers to far right hot takes

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