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Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 style rifle used in Kenosha shootings

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Issue The rain is way too loud and long


I can’t hear people 20 feet ahead of me let alone talk to my teammates unless I play interchange for the next 16 hours until it’s done

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Social Science Trump supporters exhibit greater cognitive rigidity and less interpersonal warmth than supporters of liberal candidates, study finds.

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Ramee hears a noise from inside his hotel room

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NP Public Meanwhile on the Public server...

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Protect Trans Youth Rally in Indy


Hello! I only saw a few posts about the proposed bill, but not about the rally scheduled for this Monday at the Statehouse at 8 AM. Just wanted to put the info out there. I know there is a lot of discourse about "unfair advantages", but keeping in mind the anti-trans bills trying to be passed, and the constant targeting and bullying trans people face, this seems like another blatant attempt to dismiss trans people. People don't want us to exist; they're uncomfortable and feel like we're not worthy of being treated like humans. There aren't that many trans people in the population to begin with, and an even smaller amount of trans people in sports, however there is continued protest against any trans athletes, despite the ones who lose and who have been beaten by cisgender athletes. Trans people have competed in the Olympics since 2004, and not every trans athlete has won. This is a nonissue that is using the concept of "unfair advantages" to spew and normalize anti-trans rhetoric. Trans kids should be allowed to play, and to feel free and safe to do so in the gender they feel most connected to and align with. Please help spread the word, thanks!


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RatedEpicz Rated Clarifying CGs actions at Casino

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Meme I am anti-trains rights, who's with me?


In case you just immediately downvoted, read it again but slower.

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Great overview of why Crypto doesn't belong in a serious portfolio


Worth a read- really comprehensive and well written piece.

"...a poor and costly form of currency and absolutely ludicrous as a long-term investment. We could dismiss them as a doomed experiment in the “greater fool” theory of investing, in which investors attempt to profit on overvalued or even worthless assets by selling them on to the next “greater fool” — think of it as gambling on a high-stakes game of musical chairs — if the rising price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were simply a function of demand. This isn’t the case. Price manipulation plays as much or more of a role than demand in driving prices higher."


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I'm one of the people that haven't gotten vaxxed yet


I'm not one of the people that think any crazy conspiracy theories over it, I'm just terrified if needles. I've done my best to avoid it. I don't go out unless needed, always wear my mask, social distance when needed, but haven't taken the plunge to actually get the shots yet. Realistically I know it's not going to be that bad I've gotten shots before and what not but I just can't stand the thought of it. I feel very guilty since there's people out there that can't get it even if they wanted it and yet I could walk in to any Walgreens and get mine any day and I just choose not to. Rationally I know it'll take all of five minutes too, but just the thought of the needle getting close to me makes my stomach churn.

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Humor Ireland formed by 1453

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“Childfree” weddings are not nearly as fun as regular weddings


So for seemingly most Americans, weddings are seen as “your most special day” when the bride and groom should get anything they want, indulge themselves, and it should be this expensive fairytale type thing.

The couple gets to be treated like celebrities or royalty, and they end up focusing on themselves rather than their guests.

As a result, it’s becoming more common to exclude children from wedding celebrations because they’re seen as an inconvenience on a day that should be all about “me.”

I grew up in a Mexican-American culture, so I view things a certain way. And to me, “childfree” weddings feel empty…off in some way.

Personally, I LOVED going to weddings as a kid. A whole day of hanging out with my cousins, aunts and uncles and other family, running around, and going wild on the dance floor? Hell yeah!

Honestly, thinking back, some of my favorite memories as a kid were at weddings. They were basically big family reunions.

My wife has a similar fondness. As a kid, seeing the bride was like seeing a real life princess. And during our own wedding, she made sure to dance with every little girl or boy who wanted to!

And I loved having kids at my own wedding. They added so much fun and life to the party, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Obviously, my opinion is based on my experience. But to me, weddings without kids are just missing something.

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Trade Just made my first BotD , GG roll too! might consider selling for good offer

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Discussion What else could I have done better?

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Opinion Piece Opinion: It's Big Oil, not environmentalists, who are foreign-funded

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HUMOR Ha a háború hallatán az első gondolatod, h elmenekülsz az országból, akkor az az ereje teljében lévő fiatal eMigráncs férfi vagy, akit amúgy gyűlölsz, mert ők meg Mo-ra jöttek ingyenélni. Így nem lesz kormányváltás sem smh-zom a fejem


Az gondolom magától értetődő, h én első szóra ugranék és szétütnék minden ellenséget puskatussal és sznájperrel le tudnék szedni egy teljes osztagot (így hívják az emberek csoportosulását a háborúkban).

Csak Csanádok írhatnak ebbe a threadbe.

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CIÊNCIA Intubou, mas não houve agravamento dos sintomas

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This Is a scene from the movie "Network"(1976) That sadly describe the reality we live now.

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I want to post this photo to my tinder) What do you think?)

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A quick way to assess if a man has some internalized misogyny


Spoiler alert: he probably does.

Ask him what his favorite female-lead movie is. Musician. SHOW (shows a really good one, because it’s more extensive)

For some reason, most men will say kill bill bc I guess that’s the movie they can like without being less of a man.

But I like this easy assessment bc women will watch movies and enjoy music by either gender, but men often think listening to women or their stories is beneath them.

Which means your story or expression is probably beneath them. I understand its common to like characters you can relate to more and that’s fine but it’s actually quite statistically improbable that they wouldn’t like any music, art, movies, or stories about/by women with out a bias operating

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OMG guys did you hear!?!!? Stalin and Mao killed over 1000 BILLION people!!101!11 YOU ARE DEAD BECAUSE STALIN AND MAO HAVE KILLED YOU111!!!$@

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WTF was Cannondale thinking with the new Synapse???

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Lactose intolerant Redditors how did you feel when you found out you lived in the Milkyway galaxy?


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Discuss I'm tired of misogyny creeping into certain character discussion posts (mostly Pierre and Clint)


This sub gets lots of posts discussing how much people like or dislike certain characters, and when Pierre gets mentioned, inevitably someone will comment that they married Abigail to spite Pierre, earning them double or triple digit karma. When Clint comes up, someone will comment that they married Emily to spite Clint. A recent commenter added that they married Emily on Clint's birthday (bazinga! /s).

Do people not see the misogyny in these type of comments? By marrying a woman to spite a man, they are treating the woman as a possession or object to be taken away from the man. It is about as patriarchal and disrespectful of women as it gets. The hypocrisy is rich for the people who married Emily to spite Clint, because they usually do so claiming Clint is an incel or misogynist. Yet these people are acting no less misogynist.

By the way, I am not bashing character hate threads. If you hate Clint or Pierre, I'm not arguing against you! But show your hate for your least favorite characters in a way that is not disrespectful of women, please!